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Flex Data Services 2: “Unable to access UserTransaction in DataService” error

(TechNote) When running Flex Data Services 2 deployed on Tomcat, the message “Unable to access UserTransaction in DataService” generally indicates that your transaction services are not properly set up. This TechNote provides some general guidelines and recommendations to diagnose the issue.

Hang or “Failed to connect; session timed out” error when using the fdb command-line debugger

(TechNote) After you start the command-line debugger for Flex, you receive the message “Attempting to launch and connect to Player using URL”. After two minutes, a timeout message appears and returns the error message “Failed to connect; session timed out.”

Top 10 reasons to attend MAX 2006 in Las Vegas

MAX 2006 offers the Adobe community an unprecedented opportunity to learn about Adobe software, interact with industry experts, connect with peers, and have lots of fun.

Automatically generating code for Flex 2 data access

Use DAOFlex to generate, compile, and prepare the required files for data-driven Flex 2 applications.

Using Flash 8 SWFs with Flex 2 Applications

(TechNote) Flex 2 applications are compiled into SWFs that require the use of Flash Player 9. There is a problem when you want to have a Flex 2 SWF dynamically load or embed a Flash 8 SWF. The example in this TechNote explains how to include SWFs that were created for Flash Player 8 (or earlier) into a Flex 2 application.

Flex community sample applications

Check out what developers in the Flex and Flash community are building with Flex 2, Flash Player 9, and ActionScript 3.0.

Four new Flex Quick Starts

Learn Flex fundamentals such as controlling the cursor, using Repeaters, skinning components, and using item renderers.

Flex Data Services 2: Flash Player incorrectly redirects to the Adobe Download Center instead of the initial MXML page

(Hot fix) When a user does not have the required version of the Flash Player and browses to an MXML application, the Express Install process prompts the user to install the current version of the Flash Player. After the Flash Player is updated, the user is incorrectly redirected to the Adobe Flash Player Download Center instead of the initial MXML page.

Flex 2: textSelectedColor style is not set within the mx:DataGrid

(TechNote) The textSelectedColor style fails to display when set on the mx:DataGrid tag. This happens when you set the style using the mx:Style tag or as a property for the mx:DataGrid tag.

Flex 2: What’s in it for Flash developers?

With all the buzz surrounding Adobe Flex 2, many Flash developers are wondering “What’s in it for me?” Michael Koch has the scoop.