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ActiveX content does not load automatically in Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows)

TechNote: When you view a web page, Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows displays a box around ActiveX content and a tooltip which reads “Click to activate and use this control.” ActiveX content may or may not play as expected.

Gradients that contain spot colors are recognized by Acrobat as a process colors

TechNote: Gradients that contain spot colors are recognized by Adobe Acrobat as process colors.

Why are font names being renamed to Gen_[fontname] in EPS files exported from FreeHand?

TechNote: When exporting EPS files from Macromedia FreeHand with the “Include fonts in EPS” option selected, the embedded fonts will be renamed. For example, the AvantGarde font will be renamed to Gen_AvantGarde. This will cause some applications to ask for these fonts when importing the FreeHand EPS file.

Potential Security Risk with Macromedia eLicensing Client Activation Code

(Security Bulletin): Windows versions of the Macromedia installers and eLicensing client install a service with permissions that allow any member of the “Users” group to modify the service settings. This may allow local users to obtain the permissions …