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JRun 4 Updater 6 : Hot fix for ‘Duplicate class definition’ error invoking EJB when load-system-classes-first is false

(Hot fix) JRun throws a ‘Duplicate class definition’ error when doing a lookup for EJB when load-system-classes first is set to false.

JRun 4 Updater 6 : Hot fix for JSP compilation errors for deprecated methods with JDK 1.5

(Hot fix) JRun throws a CompilationFailedException error when compiling JSP’s with deprecated functions when using the Sun JVM 1.5 JDK.

JRun 4: Configuring the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver

(TechNote) This TechNote describes how to configure JRun 4 to use the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database. This driver is distributed by Microsoft and is available at no charge in localized versions for Windows and Linux/Unix.

JRun 4 or ColdFusion MX Multiserver: JMC does not show the correct status for the Server Instance after enabling Microsoft Port Filtering

(TechNote) After enabling Microsoft Port Filtering, the JRun Management Console (JMC) does not show the correct status for the server instance regardless of whether the server instance is running or is offline.

JRun sticky sessions fail with custom cookie name

(TechNote) When using clustering in JRun, sticky sessions do not work if a custom cookie name is used instead of the default ‘JSESSIONID’ in jrun-web.xml.

URL containing the word cluster in a directory name returns 403 or 404 error

(TechNote) When using the word “cluster” in a URL with ColdFusion 7.0.1 on JRun with Updater 6 and IIS, a 403 forbidden error or a 404 page not found error is thrown.

JRun 4 Updater 6 : Hot fix for getBlob not working with remote clients

(Hot fix) This TechNote provides a link to the JRun4 Updater 6 hot fix JAR file that contains the fix for the following JRun defect:
61591 – getBlob() function used to retrieve blob from the resultset doesn’t work properly with remote Java clients. It works properly with local lookup.

JRun 4.0 Updater 6: Hot fix available for multiple Microsoft IIS connector issues

(Hot fix) Several issues are addressed by this patch to the JRun Updater 6 connectors for Microsoft IIS 5 and 6.

Distributed JRun or ColdFusion MX for J2EE on JRun: Manually configuring the web server connector for JRun

(TechNote) This TechNote demonstrates the steps required for manually configuring connections to Apache, IIS and iPlanet web sites in a distributed environment

JRun 4 Updater 6 connector installation on IIS 6 throws benign error 165

(TechNote) After installing JRun 4 Updater 6 connected to IIS 6, you may encounter a non-fatal error – 165.