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LiveCycle Designer scripting sample: Adding a table of contents to a form (Dec 4) (ZIP, 155K)

Learn how to use layout techniques to add a dynamic table of contents to your forms.

Productivity Kit for LiveCycle APIs

Download a collection of Java classes that implement common programming tasks when using the Adobe LiveCycle APIs.

An advanced approach to task reminders and escalations (PDF, 158k)

Learn how to use Adobe LiveCycle Workflow to send notifications and reminders to task assignees as well as to manage escalations and deadlines.

Deploying 2D barcoded PDF forms (PDF, 740k)

Learn how Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions helps to get a barcode-enabled form licensed and prepared for deployment.

Adobe Acrobat 8 and barcoded forms (PDF, 1M)

Learn how to capture user-supplied data from printed forms in Acrobat 8 using Adobe 2D barcode technology.

Implementing core parts of the SOA Reference Model

Read about a real-world implementation of each component of the SOA Reference Model. (Last of four parts.)

Creating image hotspots on PDF forms (ZIP, 102K)

Learn how to create hotspots on images by using JavaScript objects from Adobe Acrobat.

Building a project with Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional Collaboration Builder SDK

Use the MVC design pattern to build a Flash-based application with the Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional Collaboration Builder SDK.

Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions turnkey installation

Watch this presentation to learn why LiveCycle Reader Extensions is required and how to install its turnkey for use with barcoded forms.

Portable Document Rights Language (PDRL) specification (updated)

Learn about Portable Document Rights Language (PDRL), a language for expressing rights and conditions for accessing digital content.