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Configuring LiveCycle Application Server Clusters using WebLogic (PDF, 1MB)

This document explains how to deploy an Adobe LiveCycle server product individually in a clustered environment using WebLogic.

Applying multiple digital signatures to a single document in the right order

Apply a policy, certify the document, and sign the document.

# Sample: Validating field content in a form hosted in Adobe Acrobat

This sample demonstrates how to use the Acrobat Scripting API within an XFA form to make invalid fields flash red when you attempt to submit the form.

Sample: Exposing LiveCycle workflows in BEA WebLogic Portal (ZIP, 46.9M)

Learn how to integrate LiveCycle Form Manager and LiveCycle Workflow in the BEA WebLogic environment.

Sample: Adding subform instances at runtime (ZIP, 148k)

This sample demonstrates how to add subform instances to your form at runtime and include the new subform as well as its child objects in any form calculations.

Compatibility of Adobe LiveCycle Designer 6.0 form designs with Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.1 (PDF, 269k)

This document describes the issues that you may encounter when working with LiveCycle Designer 6.0 form designs in LiveCycle Designer 7.1.

Sample: Creating data-nominated subforms (ZIP, 22k)

This sample demonstrates how to map specific subforms to specific data records by using the new Data-Nominated Subforms feature in LiveCycle Designer 7.1.

Adobe LiveCycle Assembler FAQ and Datasheet

Create a single, consistently formatted PDF document by retrieving pages and formatting from multiple PDF files.

LiveCycle PDF Generator samples (ZIP, 717K)

Download sample implementations that use the LiveCycle PDF Generator web service API.