Posts tagged "Developer Center"

RoboHelp X5 and XML Part 2: Using Handlers to Customize XML Features

(Developer Center) Create your first handler files, which are like scripts, to import and export help topics in XML format.

Integrating Remote Shared Objects with Flex and FCS

(Developer Center) Learn how to use a data-push techniques in your application and keep all your users in sync.

Peldi’s Coding Cafe: Flash Communication Server Best Practices

(Developer Center) Macromedia engineer Peldi Guilizzoni guides you through building an interactive application with streaming video in this Macrochat.

Navigation Bars in Dreamweaver

(Developer Center) Quickly create navigation bars for your websites with the tips in this Macrochat.

Creating Bitmaps with Alpha Channels for Your Director Projects

(Developer Center) Add alpha channels for transparent Flash applications, Director bitmap sprites, and Shockwave 3D overlays.

Developer Center: Introducing COLA

Find out how you can prevent unauthorized use of your commercial Macromedia Central applications with COLA.

Integrating Captivate Learning Objects into WBT Manager

(Developer Center) Track data in courses you build with Captivate-generated learning objects in WBT Manager.