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Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 is now available for Photoshop Elements 11

Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 7.4 is now available to download for Photoshop Elements 11. More information regarding the additonal camera support added can be found at link here. For updating your camera raw plug-in in Photoshop Elements 11 follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Photoshop Elements.
  2. Click on Editor.
  3. Click on Help->Updates.
  4. You will be shown availability of new ACR plug-in with version 7.4 in Adobe Application Manager window.
  5. Click to Update.

Photoshop Elements Camera Raw Update

In case you are not able to get it visible in Updates section download the Camera Raw 7.4 from here and run the AdobePatchInstaller file.




How to change the workspace color in Photoshop Elements Editor

While working on varied types of images sometimes we would like to change the gray workspace color in Photoshop Elements (PSE) Editor. Here are easy steps to change the color:

  1. Launch PSE Editor.
  2. Open any image.
  3. Right click on gray workspace area in PSE when you will see below screen:
  4. Choose either Black or click on Custom to set any other as per your choice.

Photoshop Elements Workspace Color

Note: This only works in Expert mode so you need to navigate to same prior to change the color.