Accelerating Shift to the Creative Cloud

Today’s update to Creative Cloud is packed with features, reimagining the creative process through a new set of “CC” desktop applications and enhanced cross-device collaboration and publishing capabilities . Adobe also announced that the company will focus creative software development efforts on its Creative Cloud offering moving forward. More details info on press release here.

Also there have been major updates to Cloud in terms of :

  • Desktop, Web and Mobile Access
  • Integration With The World’s Leading Creative Community
  • Synchronize, Store, Share and Collaborate
  • Seamless Publishing

There have been host of new feature additions in other flagship products like Illustrator etc. For more info click here.


5 Responses to Accelerating Shift to the Creative Cloud

  1. bob carter says:

    With CC, I now have to pay $600.00 a year for the use of Photoshop (I currently use CS5) which I only paid $600.00 in the first place. Since I don’t use other Adobe products this is rather stiff don’t you think? I know you give a first year discount, but man, after that it is so expensive. Three subsequent years will cost me $2,400 …

    I will stick with my current CS5 and let you stick it to other users. Your greed is so obnoxious. This is as bad as cable TV where you have to buy the bundle to get the few stations you might actually want. Why don’t you offer al a cart subscription service for those that just want one product on the CC.

    All 1100 members of our photo group are stunned by your move and share my thoughts.

    If there is any good news here is that your new high prices will open the door for competitors to come in and create a competitive produce for sale at a much better price.

    It’s your business model and thus you will bear the consequences of your actions which include diminished customer loyality. And at the end of the day, that loyality is EVERYTHING!

  2. bob carter says:

    Your new subscription service is a rip off… No thanks

  3. Hi Garry!
    I haven’t been able to find much information on the plans for Photoshop Elements beyond 11? Is there a plan to push it to the Creative Cloud? Continue offering it in its current “perpetual license” form with yearly upgrades? Or will it be retired altogether?
    Thank you!


    • Garry says:

      There is no official update from Product Management on this but you can review the discussion here It might not be a final verdict so stay tuned till next release of PSE and future plans. Hopefully the fog would clear faster as we now move close to our next PSE release.

      I will share if there are any official announcements around this. Hope it helps.

      And yes browsed through your site and it`s really nice.