Adobe Photoshop Express is now available on Windows 8

Adobe® recently released Photoshop® Express on Windows 8 tablets, and is now available for download via Windows Store. Adobe® Photoshop® Express is a little app that packs big fun into every photo you take with your smartphone or tablet. Use easy editing options to fix flaws in your photos. Add some creative juice with eye-catching looks and effects. Upload to Adobe® Revel or share on Facebook.

Coupled with power pack features like basic editing, auto fix, effects there are two premiun features available to try and buy as in app purchase. The most exciting feature is import and export with Adobe® Revel making your photos accessible anywhere anytime acrosss all your devices.

Currently the app allows import of photos from Pictures Library, Adobe® Revel or directly from Camera.

Adobe Photoshop Express












Once you open the photo you would have access to array of great editing features:

Adobe Photoshop Express











Crop which includes Crop, Rotate, Flip, Straighten…

Adobe Photoshop Express








Correct which includes common adjustments like Contrast, Exposure, White Balance…
Adobe Photoshop Express











Looks which has a very cool collection of effects to give that wow to your photos. An addtional set of effects available as an in-app purchase…

Adobe Photoshop Express












Adobe Photoshop Express












Reduce Noise which minimizes unwanted grain and speckling in your photos available as an in-app purchase…

Adobe Photoshop Express











Upload to Adobe® Revel with power to import or export your photos with Photoshop® Express. Share to Facebook…

Adobe Photoshop Express










For more info visit Adobe® Photoshop® Express.


13 Responses to Adobe Photoshop Express is now available on Windows 8

  1. awad malik says:

    Adobe photoshop Express

    • Garry says:

      Hi Awad,
      Not sure but if you specifically have any feedback or need any info here.

  2. awad malik says:

    Adobe® Photoshop® Express.

  3. pat says:

    I know this but NO DELETE button!

  4. Petes says:

    Why is it charging me $2500 USD o.0 ???

  5. Petes says:

    Here, I took two screenshots, the problem is with the paid filters.

    By the way I have installed the Photoshop CS6 trial but the trial already finished, so that may be the problem? I don’t think it would make any sense since CS6 is not even that expensive.

    I was looking for a cheap alternative to CS6 but this really baffles me.

  6. Petes says:

    Hello, I found the problem, it’s not $2500 USD, it’s ₡2500 in my local currency, sorry for that.

  7. sanjib das says:


  8. Jim Baughman says:

    The Windows store web site will not open. Can I obtain the
    Adobe Photo Express App for Windows 8 from you?

    • Garry says:

      Well I tried the link from my pos t and it works fine. Please see.


  9. Luo Xiaowei hurriedly looked up: No, no way, the company running everything is normal.