Load plug-ins at launch of Photoshop Elements

Here is one quick, easy and dynamic way to install or load your favorite third-party plug-ins during launch of Photoshop Elements (PSE) Editor with a keyboard shortcut key.

  1. Quit Photoshop Elements Editor if already launched.
  2. Double-click on desktop icon for Adobe Photoshop Elements which launches the Welcome Screen.
  3. Press Ctrl (Cmd) + Shift, and in the Welcome Screen click Edit (or Editor for older versions). Keep it pressed until you see the below window (you might have to click on blue screen as sometimes it appears behind welcome screen)
  4. Navigate to desired third-party or any other plugin file location. Select and click Ok.
  5. Now Photoshop Elements Editor will be launched with your plug-in loaded with app.













How to confirm if plug-in is loaded or not:

In PSE Editor navigate to Edit->Preferences->Plug-ins window (Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor->Preferences on Mac) and your plug-in location should be present there as seen below (for one of the plug-ins I loaded):



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