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Lightroom 5 is now available for download

Lightroom 5









Following our legacy to offer best to our users here we have Lightroom 5 available for download via Lightroom 5 is also available as a standalone license and as a free update for Creative Cloud members.

Lightroom 5 is an intuitive, all-in-one solution for bringing out the best in your photographs. It includes powerful yet simple automatic adjustments and features as well as state-of-the-art advanced tools, allowing you to achieve amazing image quality. Lightroom 5 is coupled with lot of power pack features:

  • Advanced Healing Brush
  • Upright
  • Radial Gradient
  • Smart Previews
  • Video slide shows
  • Improved photo book creation
  • Share photos using the Behance Publish Service and many more…

To receive regular tips, tutorials, inspiration and more, join the Lightroom communities on FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus , YouTube channel and Lightroom forum. Additional materials can be found on the Lightroom product pages  and on  Adobe TV.  If you have any questions regarding the product please review FAQ.

Adobe GroupPix is now available

I think we have all had this experience – you go to a party, everyone is taking pictures and maybe a few are shared on Facebook but what happened to the rest? A lot of us here at Adobe can really relate to that- and that’s why we introduced Adobe GroupPix, a new mobile app for iOS. When you and your friends use GroupPix on your iPhone, all the pictures that everyone takes are saved to one shared album. During the event you can add comments, ‘like’ your faves, and view the photos as they’re being snapped. After the event’s over, you can add more pictures and view them on your iPhones or computers. GroupPix means you’ll never miss another great shot! Check it out. Download GroupPix to your iPhone:

Photomerge in Photoshop Elements 11

With Photoshop Elements 11 release most of us are wondering about Photomerge options being removed or lost or moved to some other point in applicaion. Below is the information on where you can find the Photomerge options in Photoshop Elements 11 Editor and Elements Organizer 11.

  • In Photoshop Elements 11 Editor you can find all the Photomerge options in Enhance menu under Photomerge category. You would have to navigate to Expert mode to see some of the options active which are not activated in Quick or Guided Edit modes.


  • In Elements Organizer 11 you can find all the Photomerge options in Edit menu under Photomerge category. You would have to select file(s) to make the options active as per your choice of workflow.