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Clipboard attack update

Here’s a quick update to note that we will be changing the way Flash Player interacts with the clipboard to help prevent the potential clipboard attacks that have been reported recently. Please see the following Article on security changes in Flash Player 10 for more information. These changes will be available in the final Flash Player 10 release soon.
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Security Advisory – Illustrator CS2 for Mac

We just posted a Security Advisory for Illustrator CS2 (Mac only). Illustrator CS3 and the upcoming Illustrator CS4 release are not vulnerable to these issues. Thanks to Nathan McFeters for reporting these issues to us.

Thanks to Jeremiah Grossman and Robert “RSnake” Hansen

Robert “RSnake” Hansen and Jeremiah Grossman recently shared with us some information they were planning to include in an upcoming presentation at the OWASP NYC AppSec conference. The presentation centered around an issue that affects multiple browsers and websites, and, as it turns out, one of our products. While they saw this issue as primarily a web browser issue, they showed us that one of their demos included an Adobe product. We worked together with Robert and Jeremiah to assess the impact of this issue, and they determined that it was in our customers’ best interest to refrain from making this issue public until Adobe and web browser vendors have a chance to provide a fix or fixes to our mutual customers. We want to say thank you to Robert and Jeremiah for working with us and other vendors on this issue. We will continue to provide further information about this as it becomes available.
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Security Advisory – Flash Media Server

A new Security Advisory for Flash Media Server 3.0 has just been posted. This Advisory points customers to a recent tech note that describes how to protect Flash Media Server video content from stream capture software, or ‘rippers’.