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I love performance. Features are nice, but if they are not fast, then I consider them unusable. The point of performance is to allow someone to accomplish a task in the minimum amount of time. If you are operating on a multi gigabyte file (ie a file that is larger than the memory you have available), the fastest solution is to have a fast RAIDed harddrive for scratch. If all of your work is large but fits within memory, then the best speed ups probably come from highly optimized code. If you are working on many small files, then a clean UI with quick access to functions that you want to perform is where you will find wins.

What can I do? Well, I can offer advice for the first case, but it is a pretty well defined space already. For the third case, features that combine operations or ease accessibly, I’m not much of a feature man. But, for the second case, I can do something about this.

What do I want? I want to help people. I want their experience with Photoshop to be the best that I can make it. If there is a performance issue in Photoshop, it bothers me. If I find someone on the team has introduced a slowdown, I can darken their door until it is fixed. If there is a key algorithm than can be optimized for a specific processor, I can write that assembly code. This is my area, and I will do what I can to make sure that users of Photoshop are having the fastest experience that we can give.

Sure, it is a large project, lots of code written well before I even heard of Adobe, but I want to make it better. Quality first. This is where this blog comes in for you and me. I want to find out what I can do and let people know that someone is focused on this area. And I never sleep. Okay, up until that sleep part, I’m serious, I will do what I can, as will the rest of the team.