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Using ARC in native extensions

Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) is a compiler-level feature. If you enable ARC in your code, the compiler will insert appropriate method calls to garbage collect your objects at the end of their lifetimes. If you are targeting iOS versions 5 and above it is enough to simply enable ARC in your Xcode project. The rest of the development workflow remains the same. The problem comes when you want to use ARC but want your application to run on iOS 4.x. This feature is not fully backward compatible with older versions of iOS. iOS 4.3 or earlier do not support the full range of capabilities ARC offers. To use ARC but at the same time target iOS 4.x, you would have to do a few more things. Continue reading…

Enhanced developer workflows in AIR 3.3!

It took some doing but it’s finally out! AIR 3.3 packs in a lot of features, and by lot I mean a LOT. Especially for iOS developers. We have been focused improving the development experience for iOS for quite some time now and it shows. Let’s see what’s new in AIR 3.3 for iOS.
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China Game Developer’s Conference

Ni Hao China!

Ni Hao China!

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Hello world!

            import mx.controls.Alert;
            <!-- My first post here. -->
            public function welcomeHandler(evt:Event):void {
      "Hello World!", "Greeting");