2-page-up viewing, User created bookmarks, and more in Adobe Reader for Android!

We recently released an update for Adobe Reader on the Google Play Store that includes a bunch of new functionality, including an all-new 2-Page-up viewing mode, the ability to create user bookmarks (or dog-ears) and more. Here’s a summary of some of these new features:

Two-page-up Viewing Mode

On Android Tablets you can now view pages side-by-side in a 2-page up view, which is especially useful in wide-screen landscape orientation. This was a top requested feature, and we’re happy to make it available!

2 page up viewing mode

Pull-in Animation while Swiping Pages

In Single-Page or Two-page-up viewing modes, you can now swipe pages horizontally with a very smooth “pull-in” animation that allows pages to flow as you swipe your finger on the screen. This is a major improvement over the earlier “swipe and wait” method, and is similar to the experience on our iOS version.

Pull-in Animation

User Created Bookmarks (“Dog-ears”)

This was the most popular feature request on our forums and on the play store comments, and we’re happy to bring it with this release. You can now bookmark pages of interest while reading documents, and navigate to those pages when you come back to the document later, and even view/manage the list of marked pages very easily. As an additional bonus, if your document is already on the cloud (on Acrobat.com), your bookmarks are remembered and retrieved even if you switch devices! Note that these are distinct from the author-created bookmarks that are stored inside the PDF itself, which are now listed under the “Table of Contents” in the Reader UI.

User Created Bookmarks

Improved Accessibility, with Read-out-loud support

We invested a lot on making Adobe Reader more accessible, and are pleased to share that this version of Reader has enhanced accessibility support including the ability to navigate pages and reading-out-loud page content in the accessibility mode.

Telephone Links

If you’ve ever missed the ability to tap on a phone number that you see in a PDF to directly start a call to that number, you should like this feature. Adobe Reader now detects telephone numbers that have been authored in the PDF as tel: links and allows you to dial the number by simply tapping on it.

Telephone Links

More Action Bar!

We continue to enhance the Reader UI to bring it closer to the new Android design principles, such as ActionBar. In this release the document viewing screen has been enhanced with the support for ActionBar and should be much more seamless to an Android user.

And that’s not it! This release includes a bunch of other enhancements and bug fixes, and we encourage you to go check it out! For any feedback, you can write to us on our user to user forums, or directly comment on this post.

On behalf of the Reader Mobile team

Gaurav Jain
Sr Engineering Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets

Update on stability issues with Highlighting Text in Reader on iOS

Since the last update we’ve been hearing a number of users report stability issues with highlighting text in PDFs, and the team has been working hard to identify the root cause. Refer this forum page for more information.

The team has been working closely with a number of our users to get test files, etc. as the issue was extremely elusive and almost never showed up locally. Thanks to the teams’ diligence and the outstanding help from our users, we have identified and resolved the issue in our latest version of Reader that we just released on the App Store. We’re also continuing to further strengthen the stability of the product as we go along.

You’re encouraged to update to the latest version on your iOS device, and as always, let us know if you see any issues.

Gaurav Jain
Sr. Engineering Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets

Adobe Reader for WP 8 – Update on issues in version 10.4

We recently released Adobe Reader 10.4 for WP8 . Some of our users have reported that they are seeing a crash as soon as they launch Adobe Reader (flashing issue as reported by some users).

I want to upfront apologize for the inconvenience caused because of this issue. We are actively working on fixing this issue. Till we are able to find a fix for this issue , I would like to suggest a workaround which might fix this issue on your device. Again this is just a workaround and may not work on your device.

  1. Go to Settings -> language + region in your device settings.
  2. If your “Regional Format” is either Taiwan or Singapore(Chinese (Simplified)), change this to any other region except for “Taiwan” and “Singapore(Chinese (Simplified))”.
  3. Restart your device by tapping on “Restart Phone” in “language + region” in Settings.
  4. Make sure that you have an active internet connection available on this device. You can check that by accessing any website from your web browser (Internet Explorer).
  5. Launch Adobe Reader. It should not crash now.
  6. If you want you can revert your “Regional Format” back to the original value.


Please note this may or may not fix the issue you are facing and we are working actively on providing a proper fix for same. We also need your help in identifying root cause of this crash. If you want to help Adobe Reader team in fixing this issue, please email us at “adobereader-windowsphone@adobe.com” .

If you need any other support, please send an email to “adobereader-windowsphone@adobe.com”.

Rahul Bansal

Senior Product Manager, Adobe Reader for Mobile devices

All New – Adobe Reader for iOS7

We recently released the latest version of Adobe Reader on iOS, and this time the Reader has an all-new look with iOS7! In addition, we’ve enhanced and improved many other features. Here’s a quick look at some of these features.

Revamped Home Screen

The home screen of Adobe Reader has been revamped with the new iOS7 look and new color scheme. You now also have easy access to your most recently viewed files directly on the home screen.


In-App Help (Handbook)

Adobe Reader now has an in-built help section that can be accessed at any time to learn more about the features and capabilities of the App. So go ahead and navigate under Help > Handbook to learn more!



Sleek iOS7 UI

You’ll notice the Reader app now has a sleek UI with iOS7 compatible icons and interface elements. The scrubber that is used to navigate between pages is also sleeker and complements the new look of the Reader.



Faster Single File Operations

You can now take multiple actions on a single file directly from the file list view by using the new horizontal swipe gesture (right-to-left) on any row. The available actions show up right on the row for quick access (such as Share, Rename and Delete).


Improved Text Selection

We’ve introduced a “magnifier” view to help with more accurate text selection for highlighting or striking out text. This could be especially useful on iPhones and iPods where the text may not be easily visible in the default zoom state.


And there’s much more! You’re encouraged to update the app from the App Store now and give it a spin! We’re continuously working to improve the product and address issues reported by our customers. Please feel free to report any issues you may find in the Reader by sending an email to our support forums at adobereader-ios at adobe.com or post a comment on this blog post.

On behalf of the Reader Mobile team

Gaurav Jain
Sr. Engineering Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets

Adobe Reader for Android – Clarifications on paid services

Since our last update of Adobe Reader for Android, some of our users are complaining that Adobe Reader is no longer a free application and you need to buy subscriptions to use Adobe Reader. We would like to clarify that thats not true at all.

Adobe Reader is still “Free” and best reader to view and annotate your PDF files on Android.You only need to purchase a subscription if you want to use our file conversion tools i.e. Word to PDF or vice versa.
Also, some users are complaining that they are stuck at the screen given below :

Now, this screen would have been encountered if you had clicked on a non-PDF file. Wherein, we display the option to enroll into our ‘Convert to PDF’ service and convert the document into a PDF file.




If you selected ‘Create to PDF’ in the above option, then on Adobe Reader version 11.1.1, you will be prompted by the following dialogue :



Wherein, you can proceed to enroll into ‘Convert to PDF’ service and get the document converted to PDF file, or if you wish to enroll later, you can simply choose ‘Switch Apps’, which will bring you back to the previous screen and present you other alternatives to open your document.

Note : If you pressed ‘Always’ in the first screen then you will continue to see the  ‘Convert to PDF’ screen ( on version 11.1.1 ) or Adobe PDF Pack screen (on version 11.1.0 ) whenever you click on similar kind of files.

In order to change that, please follow the following steps :

Go to system settings and select Applications Manager / Apps / Applications

Select Adobe Reader

Click on ‘Clear defaults’

This will reset the association of Adobe Reader with the given file type.

Update :  

A lot of people are commenting that they have performed the above steps (or that there is no defaults set in Adobe Reader), yet whenever they click on a file they see this screen.

We think that you might be trying to open a document for which you don’t have any supporting application installed.

And so when you have Adobe Reader installed, the system only has one app to open the document with, hence you end up with our ‘PDF Pack’ screen.

We request you to please try installing an office application, like ‘QuickOffice by Google’ –https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quickoffice.android

For further queries please reach out to us at : adobereader-android@adobe.com


Adobe Reader Team

Acrobat.com services coming to Adobe Reader for Android

Over the last few months we have been working hard to bring a bunch of new features and services to Adobe Reader for Android. Today we released an update for Adobe Reader on Android which will have following features

1. Integration with EPDF and PDF Pack – With this release users will be able to convert other file formats to PDF as well as export PDFs to editable formats. Users can use these services with their existing subscription or purchase new subscription from within Adobe Reader.

Convert to PDF Export

2. New search experience – We have completely overhauled text search experience in Adobe Reader on Android. In this new search experience, users will be shown text near the instances found in the document. With this users will be able to get some context around the results found in the document. Please share your feedback and suggestions with us on this new search experience.


3. Multi-window support – Lot of our users have asked for multiwindow support for their Samsung devices. Adobe Reader will start supporting multiwindow from this release onwards.

Multi-Window Screenshot

4. Online help – Starting this release, users will be able to find detailed help on most of Adobe Reader features without leaving the application. We will continue to improve and update this help based on user feedback.

Screenshot_2013-11-07-18-15-16 Screenshot_2013-11-07-18-15-32 Screenshot_2013-11-07-18-15-53

And there are many more improvements and bug fixes. Please continue to send your feedback and requests. Thanks for all the support you have given to Adobe Reader for Android.


Rahul Bansal,

Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones

Adobe Reader Mobile for iOS now incorporates Create PDF and Export PDF services

This week we released an update to Adobe Reader for iOS (11.0) that adds in-app subscriptions to Adobe’s Create PDF and Export PDF services.

We are very excited to bring these popular services that have been available from the Desktop Reader and Web browsers to Adobe Reader for iOS. The really great thing is that a customer can buy the service anywhere, and use it everywhere. You can buy on the Web, and use the services in Reader on your iPad, or buy it from iTunes and then use it in Reader on your Windows or Mac computer. The team is also working on bringing the same capabilities to Android, and we should have that out later this year. There are a few things you can do on the web that we don’t yet have in our iOS Reader, like combining files together into a single PDF, but those are all available via the browser with your subscription.

If you are already a subscriber, you can now use your subscription from Adobe Reader on iOS in a seamless and delightful way. Just login with your Adobe ID, and you’ll be able to convert PDFs to Word, Powerpoint, or Excel, or open any convertible document in Reader to turn it into a PDF.  Just tap on the conversion icon in the toolbar!

To learn more about all that Adobe Create PDF and Export PDF have to offer, go to : https:\\createpdf.acrobat.com and https:\\exportpdf.acrobat.com.

Rahul Bansal,
Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones

Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 8 adds Comments and More

We have just released Adobe Reader Touch version 1.2 for Windows 8. This update adds some of the most requested features from our users, so I’m sure that people are really going to be excited to see it!

Here’s a quick look at what we’re adding, along with a few screenshots to illustrate.

Go To Page

Navigating long documents can be challenging, even with the Semantic Zoom feature, so we’ve added Go To Page. Just tap on the page number indicator in the lower left, and you’ll be able to type your new page number. Simply tap enter on the keyboard to go to the new page, or tap away to stay on the current page. And we show a handy red background if you enter an invalid page number!

Highlight, Strikeout, and Underline text

This is one of our most popular capabilities on our other platforms, and has been the most popular request for Windows 8 since we added printing earlier this year. You can add these text markups two different ways, depending on which you are most comfortable with.

Selection: Select a range of text, and then choose the markup option from the contextual menu. To show the context menu using touch gestures, tap the selected text again. To show the context menu using a mouse, right click.

Markup Tool: There’s a new icon in the app bar that brings up the comment tools. Tap it, and you’ll see the text markup tools and the Sticky Note tool. Select the text markup too, then tap/click and drag across the text you want to mark.

Add and Edit Sticky Notes

In addition to marking up text, Sticky notes are a great way to add more information to the document you’re commenting on. We also have two ways to add notes to a document.

Long Press: Long press a spot on the document where you want to add a note, and choose “Note” from the context menu

Note tool: Just as with text markup, choose a the note tool, then tap on the document where you want to add the note.

After you’ve placed the empty note, just type the note you want to add and tap outside the sticky note to add your note to the document. You can later tap or click the note to edit it.

Save and Save As

Once you’ve made changes to a document, you’ll want to keep your additions, so we’ve also added the ability to Save your document. You can save a copy, or save back to the original file, whichever you choose. And if you open a temporary file from the internet and want to keep a copy, you can just Save As…to store it in your documents folder.


Give us feedback!

Remember to visit our forums if you have anything you want to share with the team, and hear from other community members

Windows 8:  http://forums.adobe.com/community/adobe_reader_forums/metro

iOS:  http://forums.adobe.com/community/adobe_reader_forums/ios

Android:  http://forums.adobe.com/community/adobe_reader_forums/android

Adobe Reader (10.1) now available for Windows Phone 8

We are happy to announce that Adobe Reader (10.1) for Windows Phone 8 is now available. We are excited to extend reach of Adobe Reader to Windows Phone 8, and hope that you are as well! Here is a summary of what is in this version.

View Modes

Using Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 8 you can view your PDF documents either in Single Page or Continuous mode.


Search, Select and Copy Text

You can search for words and phrases in a document. In addition, you can select text and copy it to paste into other applications.

wp_ss_20130524_0007                             wp_ss_20130524_0003

Navigate using Scrubber and Bookmarks

We have added ability to navigate using Bookmarks in a PDF document. If there are bookmarks available, you will see an icon on lower right hand corner of the document. Clicking that icon will display the bookmarks in this document. Tapping on a bookmark will bring you to the right location in the document.

You can also navigate to any page quickly using the Page Scrubber at the bottom of the display. Just tap and drag the Scrubber, and you’ll be shown thumbnails of the pages, so you can identify and go directly to the page you are looking for.

Scrubber_WP8_Portrait                           wp_ss_20130524_0005


In addition, you can also open password protected documents using this release.


Try it now!
Install or update to Adobe Reader 10.1 for Windows Phone 8 and send us your feedback via Adobe forum listed below.


[Update] New version of Adobe Reader (10.2) for Windows Phone 8 is now available with SD card support. With this release, you can now read PDFs stored on your SD card. Please continue to share your feedback with us.

Rahul Bansal
Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets



Reader Mobile update

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest update for Reader on Android today. The iOS update would be available very soon, pending iTunes processing. We’ve got a lot of great new functionality in this update that we’ve added based on feedback from you, our users.
Update 3/9/2013:The iOS update is now live and available on the iTunes Store.

General Usability

Go To Page One of the consistent requests we’ve had is to allow users to go directly to any page in the document. We’ve found a way to enable this in a really intuitive way, so we’ve added it now! Just tap on the page number, and you’ll be able to enter the new page you want to display.

Night Mode This is a multi-faceted feature. It is helpful for night-time reading, to generate less light pollution, it can extend your battery while reading by having your display use less electricity, it can help reduce eye strain, and it’s even good for people with some vision issues! Switch this on in the View Modes menu.

Smart Zoom Double-tap on a column of text, and Reader will zoom straight to that column making maximum use of your screen.

Screen Brightness Lock  If you’ve ever been reading something and had your screen switch to the lock screen or dim when you’re in the middle of a sentence, you’ll appreciate this. When Reader is in the foreground, we’ll keep the screen active for an extended time so you can keep reading. It will still time out eventually, but not so quickly that you need to keep tapping your device to continue reading.

Undo in Freehand Annotation Drawing a freehand Annotation is natural on a touch-screen device, but until now making a mistake has meant canceling and starting over. Now we have an Undo and Redo so you can just fix your mistakes easily!

Performance We are always looking into improving performance, and have been able to make enhancements on both iOS and Android that should make Reader more pleasant to use.

Bug Fixes We’ve been able to make bug fixes in Forms entry, as well as fixed some stability issues in this update. We’re always monitoring the forums, blog, and reviews to learn about the issues you’re encountering, and fix issues as we learn of them, so please keep communicating any problems you encounter!

Sync Last Position on Acrobat.com

We’ve added a great update  recently to our Acrobat.com file sync that you might not have noticed. Now when you read a document that is stored in Acrobat.com, we save the page you’re on in the cloud so that whenever you go to read that same document in Reader on another device, it not only makes sure that the file is the same version, but it automatically brings you to the same place you were. For users working in a multi-device world, this is a great help.

FormsCentral PDF Validation

We’re regularly adding enhancements to keep pace with FormsCentral, as well, so we’ve updated Reader to support the FormsCentral Client-Side form validation. For more information on FormsCentral, and how it can help you with creating and distributing forms, and collecting the data, read here.

Android Specific Enhancements

Google Cloud Print With Google Cloud Print integration, Adobe Reader for Android catches up to Reader for iOS, and allows you to print your PDF documents from your Android device. You’ll need to get a Google Cloud Print account and set up your printer to take advantage of this.

“Back” after  clicking an internal link or bookmark For anybody who has read a long reference document with internal links, this will be a welcome addition. After you tap on an internal link, we’ll show a “back” arrow icon next to the page number display. If you tap that, you’ll go back to the location you were on when tapping the link or bookmark. This is a feature that we only have on Android because we just ran out of time. It’ll be on iOS in our next major update in another quarter! 

iOS Specific Enhancements

VoiceOver support for Accessibility We’re really happy to say that Adobe Reader for iOS is now accessible. Low vision and blind users can now navigate through the app using the VoiceOver gestures, and Reader will read the page content out as well. There is certainly some more work that we can still do to improve this, but our Accessibility experts said that this was good enough to release, and is a major improvement over not being accessible. We are looking into bringing Accessibility out on Android during 2013 as well, but we don’t have a date for that yet.

Keyboard Support for Form-field navigation iOS users can now use the ‘Tab’ & ‘Shift+Tab’ buttons on bluetooth keyboards when filling PDF forms to navigate between fields. This improves form filling speed and efficiency.

Dennis Griffin
Principal Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones