Adobe Reader now available on Windows Phone 7

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Adobe Reader 9.0.0 on the Windows Phone 7 platform.  If you have a Windows Phone 7 handset, you should be able to install Adobe Reader from the Zune Marketplace right away.

Some of the key features in this release are:

  • High-quality rendering of PDF documents
  • Open PDF files from email, web and device storage
  • Zoom using Pinch-zoom and double-tap gestures
  • Reorient the PDF in portrait and landscape views in accordance with device orientation
  • Page navigation using UI buttons, and pan and flick gestures

For more details, refer to the Release Notes.

185 Responses to Adobe Reader now available on Windows Phone 7

  1. Louis says:

    Found a bug..if the filename has a “+” in it, the reader says File Path Invalid and won’t open the file.

    • Varun Khaneja says:

      Hi Louis,

      Thanks for reporting this issue.
      This is a known issue with the browser (and email client) and we have already reported this to Microsoft. We expect it to be fixed in the next Windows Phone 7 OS release.


      • Alex Steinberg says:

        I am now not able to view ANY PDF files from the browser. It always comes up with the message “INVALID FILE PATH”. I can still view PDF files from email attachments though.

        I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the reader app and rebooting the phone but it did not fix the problem. Also, once you uninstall the Adobe reader app I noticed that all the PDF files I had listed were gone. I assume they are still in storage on my phone somewhere but I have no way to get to them. That seems to be a pretty bad design. Finally, there is no way to DELETE PDF files from the phone with this APP as far as I can see. So how are you supposed to manage PDF’s?

        I am using an HTC HD7 phone and the carrier is T-Mobile. T-Mobile support was not particularly helpful.

        Any responses would be appreciated.

      • Akhilesh Kumar says:

        Just want to know if there is further development of adobe reader for WP7. It is missing many important features. Attaching documents to mails and go to page number to name the few.
        Please let all of us know if updates are planned.

        • dgriffin says:

          We do have an update in the works, but the two features you mentioned will not be included. Unfortunately, the WP7 SDK does not allow a way for a third party app to send an email attachment, so we were not able to add that.


    • Vicente Mota says:

      I am using the pdf reader for WP7. It is ok but useless if you have pdf documents with sevral pages. I have some important PDF document with more the 1000 pages, and it is just impossible for me to read it. Every time I want to use I need to scroll and scroll and scroll hundreds of time. When can we expect GOTO, TEXT SEARCH and BOOKMARK for PDF reader for Windows Phone 7.

      In november 2010 you folks said that there was not roadmap to share, any news now?

      I have several products from ADOBE all legal, including Acrob Read Pro I feel more than frustated for not having these basic functionalities for Windows Phone 7.

      • Gordon says:

        Just bought Nokia Lumia 710 with Windows Phone 7.5. Very happy, but lack of SEARCH function within Adobe PDF viewer is very disappointing. You’ve got to think that the MS/Nokia combination is going to be a popular option, especially for the massive number of people out there with dumb phones looking to upgrade to an entry level smartphone. Missing a trick here I think.

  2. Travis says:

    Is there any way to open password protected PDF files?

    • Gaurav Jain says:

      Hi Travis,

      Password protected PDFs are not supported in this release of the Reader on Windows Phone 7.

      Thanks & Regards,

      • Travis says:

        Any plans for the future?

        • Gaurav Jain says:

          Hi Travis,

          This feature is already present on our internal feature tracking list, but we don’t have any time lines to share with you at the moment.


          • Nathan says:

            Can we expect an update in the near future that does allow us to open password protected PDF’s?

          • Gaurav Jain says:

            We do not have a roadmap that can be shared at this point. Please stay tuned to this blog for any such updates in the future. Thanks.


          • Pradeep G says:

            Any update on offs with password reading.

            Its almost 2years that the below comment was raised.

          • dgriffin says:

            Our upcoming update for Windows Phone 7 will include support for opening Password Protected PDFs

      • David says:

        This is ridicculos…it’s not a big feature…it’s just a box where we can type the password…are you joking??

        • Amit Handoo says:

          Can anyone tell me how company can launch product with missing already known important features. Adobe has brought into the pasworsd protected feautes way ago and now this feature is not available in adobe windows mango platform. this is really absurd and irritating.

          • Sue says:

            Well, here we are with the same problem of password protected documents and unable to remove the password or have any control with our document and Adobes Software in 2013. I believe since there is no option of password protecting your document in a pdf/Adobes format, maybe your asking the wrong software developement as to how you can open a .pdf doc from Word or where ever. Purhaps the question would best suit the person who created this doc prepared with a password using this Adobe Reader program/software company and look where this doc came from? Perhaps if you look at docx coming from a Government Office, for example “Income Tax Office” emailing your T4 in the format needed to protect from changes; Or purhaps being a Educational .pdf file for you to use as a template in the classroom? In this case, the creator using the Adobe Software doesn’t want anyone changing the Educational teachings, being a producat that was created, not necessarily by a teacher, but in some form a teaching tool. When people want to open a document they feel is their prossession from a source helping them, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the authorization to make changes or add to, without the creator of the product/the form format, of which you would need legally. Just maybe this answer will remove the emotional, irritating display in your request for something which just may be a simplistic solution, like adding a toggle button to a questionaire. The toggle for those that don’t know is the tiny little check box you select as a answer to a question needing multiple choiced answer. Good Luck, and sorry for making this a little long and time consuming.

            Sincerely, SAC

  3. mike says:

    This is a good phone I have the samsung focus n windows should allow you to use mp3s as ringtones like all other pdas and the volume could be louder on the ringer and alarm and pAssword protected pdfs should be supported if u want these window phones to be equivelant to the blackberry and droids. Just some input as a former droid n bb user. Unfort i think I’ll be going back to droid it seems to be the best pho e functionally and feature wise. The market could be improved as well

  4. Zhi Wei says:

    i think its a great think that we have a reader app. but i really think that a few more features really need to be added to improve the practicality of the app.

    for eg, basic search functions, perhaps sticky notes, and other commonly used functions etc..

    will we get to see this in the nx update hopefully? :)

  5. Daniel says:

    This might be a silly question, but how do I copy a pdf file from my desktop to my Windows Phone 7 to open it on Adobe Reader? (I already installed Adobe Reader on it) :)

    • On Windows Phone 7, Adobe Reader can be used to open PDF documents either by navigating to a URL in Internet Explorer, or by tapping on PDF attachments in emails within Outlook Mobile. Currently there is no direct way to sync files between your desktop and your Windows Phone 7 phone.

  6. stephen says:

    consistently, have blank screens when opening pdf files. only solution is to remove application then re-install, then the pdf files open as expected ‘not blank’. Is there another work-around to this issue?

  7. Paul says:

    Is there any timeframe on additional functionality – specifically, ‘search’, ‘bookmarks’, and ‘goto’?

    At the moment, reader is good enough for short documents, but very difficult to use with long ones (eg tech manuals).

  8. ivan says:

    Adobe Reader for WinPhone 7 renders PDFs extremely slow for some reason.

    I open PDFs on my iPhone and they work fast, using Apple’s PDF reader for iPhone, but on WinP7 PDFs work slow using Adobe Reader made by the company which invented PDFs in the first place. Very ironic :(

    Are there any plans to improve performance. I have Samsung Focus and a 2 page PDF file.

  9. Vlad Dmitriev says:

    Does it work with big .pdf files like 30Mb files? I tried to open on the phone the book of Charles Petzold (, but the application only hangs up and nothing could be seen on the screen. Do you have tech specs which PDFs could be used with this application?

  10. Alex says:

    Does this version support 3d pdfs? Tried loading one and all that shows is a text box with ‘enable 3d’, how do you enable 3d viewing in the windows phone 7 reader?

  11. Sajid says:

    this app sucks big time. can only use it for 1 page pdfs anything bigger and you just keep scrolling white pages zoom in zoom out is pathetic and has a mind of its own. MS should write there own pdf reader like Apple did of iOS

  12. John G says:

    I just downloaded the app and I was able to use it to view Charles Petzold’s book ( It rendered pretty quickly, was very readable. Zoom in and out worked fine. I’m guessing that there’s been an update to the app. Otherwise, I have no idea what these other people are talking about.

    My only disappointment is that I can’t load a file onto my phone and use his app to read it. There’s no way (that I have found) to sync a pdf file to the phone. You’re stuck with reading PDFs from the net or an email attachment. I’ve got a bunch of ebooks in PDF format that I can’t read unless I set up a website and load them on that.

  13. Zoltan says:

    Hi there,
    I have a PDF, it is 700 pages long,I would like to read it from the 322th page.
    Any idea how to do that?

    • Justin says:

      I’m also getting pretty tired of scrolling through hundreds of pages in my large documents. Incredibly frustrating when the program doesn’t save your place when you back out of the app either.

      No “jump to page” function…are you kidding me?

  14. Timothy Choi says:

    Please add “go to page #” feature. Thank you.

  15. Loch says:

    This app REALLY need Search and GoTo functionality! Otherwise, it’s useless for anything bigger than a couple pages. Adobe Reader LE 2.5 on my Windows Mobile 6.1 phone had those features years ago.

  16. mukayama says:

    Is there a way how to install reader without that stupid marketplace (not allowed in my country)? Thanks.

  17. Jon says:

    Same problem as Zoltan.

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to scroll multiple pages at a time, kind of frustrating when you must press the down button a couple hundred times instead of a ‘navigate to page x’, function.

  18. John says:

    Is there any chance to release new version of app with search function in a short time ?

  19. Rink says:

    Please put a go-to page feature. This is a nice app, clearly not perfect, but without that feature it turns to be an unusable app for me since I am not into brochures.

  20. Jason says:

    Please! Put a go-to or bookmark feature.

  21. liz says:

    I can’t figure out how to delete a PDF once I’m finished?

    • trevor hunt says:

      how do you remove files or pages from adobe reader from a nokia mobile don’t want to save just get rid of them for good

  22. Ignacio says:

    Is there any other way to install it besides Zune Marketplace? (Not available in my country – Argentina)

    • Ionut says:

      When you create your windows live account, specify your country to be US or UK, or one of the supported countries.

  23. Search says:

    No Search??? How come there is no search option for the pdf reader? that is a severe lack… windows phone 7 seems to have so many missing things that keep it from being excellent.. ????

  24. Please add a go to page x feature. or a way to set a bookmark. without these features the app is useless to read multiple page pdf docs.

  25. Kevin says:

    Need “Go to page” !!!! Thanks.

  26. Allan says:

    Downloaded application, but cannot open attachment via Gmail connection. Click on attachment and get “Can’t open attachment: Opps we’re not sure what’s wrong, but we’re unable to open this file. Surely the reader can open attachments from emails other than Windows live!! Is this a “feature”?

  27. Slowmo says:

    Adobe reader is not a good program at all. It is too slow and without go to page feature almost unusable. So plead Adobe, update the program. The current version is a shame for such a big company as adobe.

  28. Claude VERNIER says:

    I am too, waiting for an improved version of the Acrobat Reader for WP7.
    On WM 6.5, I was using the Lite version that enabled to resize the text to fit horizontally the pages and scroll only from top to bottom.

    I have a 400 pages PDF I am trying to read and it is very difficult, I do need the move to page feature but another feature would be useful, could be that the reader remembers for the last ‘x’ files, the last page read and go back to this page directly and remember any settings like the zoom, for example.

    I have other PDF that were ok on my WM 6.5 and that I can’t read anymore on WP7, the reader just won’t display them !! I can send them to you if you want.

    I would be more than pleased to help in testing and to be warn when anything new happens toward a new version of the reader for WP7.

    Another question, can software developpers can provide a PDF reader to users inside their application ? Is there a control that I could incorporate inside an application to create my PDF reader ?

    Thanks a lot for any help,
    Claude VERNIER

  29. JronMaiden says:

    I’m yet another person who is frustrated that there is no way to book mark or select specific page. When I search for info on an update I only find articles for Oct. 2010. This would be so great if these features were added

  30. vic olson says:

    I have several password protected pdfs but don’t see how or where to type in that password in the win7 phone Reader app. Any clues? Thanks.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      The Win Phone 7 version of Adobe Reader currently does not support Password Protected PDFs.


  31. Adobe Reader Challenged says:

    How to you delete .pdf files from your phone? In addition, how do you uninstall the program. There appears to be no documentation concerning these 2 items. Please advise. Thanks

  32. Vishal joshi says:

    I was just wondering when can we open the password protected files on windows phone.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      At this time, we don’t have a date to share. If there are developments in this regard, we will share them on this blog.


  33. Kumaravel says:

    need serach and go-to page feature badly . other wise this app is useless. thanks.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      These are on our list of feature requests. Please stay tuned to this blog for updates on these and more.


    • Totally agree. If there is no search and go-to page feature, it’s totally useless. Nobody reads one page PDFs… !!! Top feature request.

  34. Him says:

    Adobe, its time for a new update with all the above very imp. functionalities covered. Please release it asap.

  35. Abdo4Adob says:

    Please add GoTo page# and Search functionalities as soon as you can, Symbian and other phone OSs are already have these features. Thank you.

  36. Lars says:

    Could you please set this application as ‘Worldwide Distribution’ so that we in other markets can get it aswell. Thanks.

  37. Nate says:

    It’s been almost a year since we had an update on the secured pdf file topic. I am not able to open secured pdf files with my wp7 mobile and would like to see this function added. Is there any updated information on this?

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      We don’t have an update on this at the moment, but please stay tuned to this blog as we will post here when we have an update.


  38. Andy says:

    I’m the same as most of the other comments on here. The app is incredibly slow to scroll from page to page.

    There is a lack of even basic functions such as goto page, search, remember last page visited etc. The amount of time I’ve ended up scrolling through 400 pages to try find the last page I left off this isn’t easy given how slow scrolling is.

    Are there any updates in the pipeline for this?

  39. John Mike says:

    Will this app be available for us that live outside of US?

  40. Jakob says:

    Arghh… Why the heck did you come up with the brilliant idea, not to allow download in Denmark??

  41. casey says:

    I am still getting invalid file path when using ie, above says it will be fixed soon but that is dated 11/9/10. Anyone know anything else about this issue?

  42. Hikari says:

    Please be so kind and add Adobre Reader to new countires recently covered by Mango update. I live in Poland and still I can get no Adobre Reader for WP7 using my Polish Live account.

    Thanks in advance.

  43. It’s not available in Norway, so I have to sideload it.

  44. NikM says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    If the device has no G-Sensor, then does the Adobe Reader app still support orientation in landscape? Or is it dependent on OS capabilities ie. Does Windows Phone 7.5 support it?

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      Adobe Reader depends on OS capabilities, so if the device and OS support orientation change APIs, Adobe Reader should be able to support them.

      If you’re running into a specific issue, please send us the details.


  45. Krzysztof Kawa says:

    Search and goto feature are really basic stuff. Without it reading longer pdf is just tragic!

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      The features you’ve requested are on our priority list, and rest assured Adobe is committed to providing a good user experience to its customers.

      Please stay tuned to this blog for updates on future versions of the Reader.


  46. Scott says:

    So I’m thumbing through this blog & one year later you STILL don’t have a search or go to page option for Reader. Can someone at Adobe:
    A) Explain the logic in leaving that out, and
    B) Explain the holdup for such a vital functionality.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      The features you’ve requested are on our priority list, and rest assured Adobe is committed to providing a good user experience to its customers.

      Please stay tuned to this blog for updates on future versions of the Reader.


  47. shahed says:

    I can’t download acrobat reader in Bangladesh. Here is no excesses in market place. Can any one help me please in this regards.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      At this time, the Reader is not available in all countries, but we’re working on this issue.

      Thanks for reporting,

  48. Caroline says:

    I’m hosting a PDF on a webpage. I’ve created a QR code that scans to the webpage where the PDF should appear. The QR code works on Black Berry and iPhone, however on a Windows 7 phone (Samsung), the QR code scans to the correct URL, asks if I want to download the PDF, and when I click ok, it looks like it loads, but then the screen turns black when loading is complete and “invalid file path” appears.

    This also occurred when I entered the URL for the hosted PDF into a browser on the same phone. Is there a certain specification we need to follow for PDFs and Windows 7?

  49. I want to thank the Windows phone team for the outstanding phone that I have. I can not survive this days with out my HD7. Ok it does have minor kinks but overall it is the best phone out there. I go to school and work nights. I love the option of taking my phone out any where and writing a 500 word essay on My window phone . Now tell what phone comes close to that but that feature alone. Don’t want to slam the Android system but it is just a illegal copy of windows.

  50. Demoll says:

    Hi, When is planned update to mango version ? when added share option to adobe rader for wp7? why the platform WP7, by you deliberately ignored is ?

  51. Rob says:

    Similar to a posting 5 months ago, I am also unable to open pdfs from gmail. Are there any plans to fix this?

  52. Michael says:

    When are you planning an update for Windows Phone 7? You have already abandoned Windows Phone?

  53. Jesse Cook says:

    We’ve had some issues viewing some PDF’s created by Autodesk products, like AutoCAD and Civil 3D 2011.

  54. iosu says:


    Please update the reader for wp7, is slow very slow, no page fit , no search etc etc, adobe is time to update, think on your users a forget the company wars!
    Thank you

  55. manolis says:

    guys it’s been over a year.

    Update the app. Don’t just look at other OS. Improve it on wp7. Otherwise remove it at all

  56. andrew says:

    Hi Guarav,

    this software has not been updated for over a year: as far as I’m concerned this does not show commitment from Adobe.

    Please at the least offer us users a product roadmap. Just saying you are working on something is just hollow words.

    Thanks in advance


  57. Scott Michael says:

    After some time working properly, no PDFs will now open from the browser–a tap on a link will show downloading message and when complete the Acrobat icon with “Tap to open the file ” Upon tappng, Reader’s botton tool buttons (- + up down) very briefly appear, followed by the “Invalid file path” message. Files are not password protected or large in size (<200 KB). The error is consistent across various websites. PDFs sent as attachments open upon tapping and can–once opened from the mail client–be found listed in the Reader opening screen.

  58. wearymadness says:


    All I’m saying, is that there seems to be little appetite from Adobe to update this software, despite what is being said by the “official” poster.

    • Gaurav Jain says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Let me clarify that your post of last week was never “removed”. I just hadn’t gotten to it yet due to large number of comments. I just approved it.


  59. Matt Allgood says:

    any indication of when the Reader app will be updated, Gaurav?

    • Gaurav Jain says:

      Hi Matt,

      I’m sorry, but I do not have anything to share at this time.

      Thanks & Regards,

  60. Kevin says:

    We need “goto” or “bookmark” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Otherwise, it’s a piece of junk.

  61. Henry XU says:

    Dear Gaurav Jain,

    Adobe Reader is essential in daily life, and vital for Windows Phone 7, as a necessary part of office app.

    But the application on Windows Phone 7 platform is pretty suck. I hav no idea how Adobe could make such half-way buggy product? The pinch-to-zoom is buggy and sluggish, the speed of redding and rendering is bloody slow, and there is no way to send pdf file within email.

    How does this come?? Look at iPhone or Android, they are having Adobe Reader X, but Windows Phone 7 is still having a buggy ver.9.0. The most pathetic part is, it’s the only avaiable pdf reader on this new platform.

    Dear Adobe guys, do you know, WP7 platform is on it’s way of rising, if u dont update this buggy pdf reader, some people will just kill their mind of buying Windows Phone.
    Look at the iPhone pdf reader… that’s called a reader! And look at Adobe Reader on WP7, it’s more like a dummy app or a preview app…. any1? any1 who ever compared it w/ iPhone version? stand out and tell me I’m wrong!!?

    Dear Adobe, you are a big and reputed company, who created a lot of great products. u did owned my gratefulness before.
    When user needs you, and the world need you! Please don’t sort of ignore this new platform, please make an update for Windows Phone platform. Dont kill such an elegant
    platform, please.
    Now windows phone os just now had a os update, called Mango, you should update your app with fast switching, with 32 bit color, with gpu acceleration, with searh on document, jump to page, bookmark, encryption, share function, reflow mode etc. supports.

    At the current speed of rendering page, Adobe Reader is not useful, man…..
    Please give it your best shot, dear Adobe!

    Looking fwd your reply.

  62. Phil says:

    Come on Adobe give us an update to make this app usable. As others have been saying for over year you need much better large PDF navigation. Goto and bookmark at the very least.

    • Amit Handoo says:

      I am still waiting for the most required solution for oopenning pasword protected files on adobe windows mango phone.

  63. Paul says:

    there are problems with windows phone 7.5 “Mango”, in particular rendering and it’s slow.
    Why don’t you implement a method to scroll very quickly pages? A box in which to insert page at least.
    I hope an update comes out soon…

  64. awaiK says:

    please provide an update to support searching and better zooming and scrolling performance.

  65. WP7.5user says:

    It’s ridiculous. How can it be so difficult to add a simple “go to page xxx” feature and a search box? These features are essential, it’s impossible to read larger books (>100 pages) without them. Every godd*** reader for pc has it, even the old reader for Windows Mobile supports it!

  66. BlulSiht says:

    Cannot open password protected pdf file… apparently this feature was ready (according to a previous post here) on November 17, 2010… It is now 2 years later, where is it?!?!?

  67. David b says:

    Most of the PDFs that I try to open with my phone say “there was an error opening this file”. There is nothing wrong with the PDFs themselves as i can open them on my laptop. I have tried reinstalling the app and it doesn’t matter, it still won’t work. I also would like another way to use pdfs other than email since the size is limited. My phone is a Samsung focus and this has been a problem before and after mango is installed.

  68. KaiTenus says:

    I have HTC HD7 T9292 with WP 7.5 Mango (OS v7.10.7740.16 – latest) with Adobe Reader v9.0.0 (build 34430 – latest). I can´t open encrypted pdf files (for example : annexes in my e-mail messages). Do you plan to implement this functionality to new version of this reader ? Do you work on a new version of this reader for WP7 at all ?

  69. Sunny says:

    I would like the feature of Navigation by Entering the Page Number. Rather than Panning throught the whole PDF.

  70. Basim Daoud says:

    If I have a PDF file on my hd7 phone, I’m unable to attach it to an email if I need to send it to someone. Please fix this.

  71. Kekstier says:

    This app is a shame for the whole company.
    I don’t wanna talk about the missing funtions, because the ones that are implemented don’t work as well.
    For example, the “next page” button doesn’t bring me to the next page, but only half of it.
    The scrolling funtion doesn’t work either, as the view jumps back a bit when the new page is rendered.

  72. courtney says:

    When I try to use my program to open and read a book it doesn’t save my ending spot and there is no way to skip chapters. Any plans for this?

    • dgriffin says:

      Hi Courtney,

      We have that function on our Android and iOS readers, and when we update our Windows Phone Reader, it will get that functionality as well. We don’t yet have a timeline for that, however.

      Dennis Griffin

  73. Anton says:

    Doesn’t display text in Russian. All characters except letters are shown.

  74. Allen says:

    Every email I get with a PDF attachment will not open and states “There was an error opening the document”

    These have been from several different sources and servers.

  75. Michael says:

    On my Samsung Focus I get this error “There was an error opening the document” but I can open the file in my laptop.

    The file is more than 100 pages and not password protect. Is this the reason why?

  76. Erik says:

    If Adode says File Path Invalid and won’t open the file,you just have to rename it without a
    “-” “+” or diacritic like hooks and commas

  77. Ricardo Oliveira says:

    Is there any timeline yet?

    • dgriffin says:

      We are working on it, but don’t yet have a timeline I can discuss

      Dennis Griffin

  78. Michal says:

    Please add Slovakia to list of available countries (Marketplace). There is no other way i can open *pdf on wp. Thank you.

  79. Very excited to see what you do next :)

  80. hessam says:

    how can i install adobreader on my windows7 mobile?

    • dgriffin says:

      You should be able to go to the Marketplace, search for Adobe Reader, and download/install it. I just verified that this is still working by installing on my Lumia running Windows Phone 7.5
      Dennis Griffin

  81. Jure says:

    This application is not available from the windows phone marketplace.

    • dgriffin says:

      I just verified that this is still available in the Marketplace by installing on my Lumia running Windows Phone 7.5. What version of Windows Phone do you have?
      Dennis Griffin

  82. Serkan says:

    hey guy,
    Please help us, fix that reader. Believe me, I dont want anything more. I just want to have same functions that Adobe 2.0 does on my WinPhn 7,5… thats all.

    • dgriffin says:

      Thanks for the request…Since there has been so much interest, we are working on an updated Reader for Windows Phone, but we do not yet have a date when it will be available.

      Dennis Griffin

  83. Jan says:

    Before releasing a new version, at least make your current app avaiable in all the new WP7 marketplaces (like Slovenia, Slovakia etc.). It really sucks not having a pdf reader to install…

  84. Boris says:

    Yes, please make current app available in (not so) new marketplaces: Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Israel, Thailand, and Vietnam. The procedure for that is very simple ( I understand that publishing the app to new marketplaces probably is not the technical issue but more an organizational issue andI hope you will be able to manage it as soon as possible. It’s a bit frustrating when you know that there is an app and you can not use it…


    • dgriffin says:

      Actually, we had changed the publishing to include these countries several months ago when they were added, so we are in contact with MS to see why it seems to not be present. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

      Dennis Griffin

      • Jan says:

        Good to know that! :) Hope I will be using my own copy of Adobe reader for WP7 soon. I am also excited by the prospect of a new version of Adobe Reader coming up. Kudos Adobe for listening to your customers.

      • Boris says:

        Thank you for this information. I will patiently wait :)


  85. lexir says:

    New region (Slovenia)
    Finally, today 5.5.2012 is possible to download Adobe Reader in SLOVENIA.

    Thanks Adobe

    • lexir says:

      But not on a mobile phone or online Marketplace.
      App is not yet there
      I got Adobe with the application AppFlow App Discovery-region Germany.

  86. Jose Martin says:

    Hi, is there any size limitation for PDF in current version for Windows Phone ? I am using a Nokia Lumia 800. Thank you.

  87. Boris says:

    Well that was quick :) – Adobe reader is available in Croatian marketplace, I’ve downloaded it through the Marketplace app today! Thank you very much Adobe!


  88. Dimitar Todorov says:

    Adobe reader is available in Bulgaria.When downloading gives error 8000ffff

    • dgriffin says:

      This sounds like an issue with your device connecting to the Microsoft Store, because Adobe is not involved in the download or installation process. Does the error re-occur? If so, I would suggest contacting Microsoft for help on understanding why your device cannot connect to the store correctly.

      Dennis Griffin

  89. Dan B. says:

    Is there any way to open a password protected PDF in Windows Phone 7 ? I used to be able to on a BlackBerry 9700.

    • dgriffin says:

      We do not have the feature to open password protected files in our current Windows Phone Reader.

      • Anton says:

        When this feature will be assailable?

        • dgriffin says:

          I don’t currently have a date for when this update will be in the market, but I have seen opening password protected PDFs working!


  90. Two_fishes says:

    Is there a way to print a PDF from my Windows Mango on Samsung Focus?

    • dgriffin says:

      It appears that Windows Phone Mango does not include any built in printing capabilities.

      Dennis Griffin

  91. Jon says:

    How do I attach an Adobe pdf file from my HTC Windows Phone to an email or how can I sync it onto my laptop?

  92. Ash says:

    Is there a timeline for an update? The other platforms have already received version 10 with major enhancements, while we’re still missing some basic features. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!

  93. Serkan says:

    come on guys, what are you doing? I have check android phone couple days ago, they have many pdf readers that are much better than adobe… And, we are still wating for you guys…. So sad…

  94. Missing a Reflow mode, otherwise the Reader isn’t very useful on devices using small displays.

    Reflow Mode was available for the Windows Mobile version and should be available for Windows Phone too.

  95. Angelo Giannoudakis says:


    First of all, I would like to say that reading PDF’s is a great need of mine. I need to read at least a few hours a day.

    This program is simply not what this company can do.

    1) How exactly can you not implement a way to save where you last left off? Reading a 1500 page pdf, I have to scroll by hand to the page I want.

    2) No way to jump to a page? Why? How could that take so much time programming?

    3) No bookmarking? Again, why?

    4) The rendering speed wouldn’t bother me, if it didn’t jump back up a bit every time you scroll or zoom.

    My final thoughts are, I am very sad indeed, that nobody from Adobe can stand up, and take responsibility. My comment here will remain unanswered, and no effort at all will be made into it. I know it, just from the sheer fact that this application has not recieved a single update for at least a year. I bought a phone that can’t do something even at basic levels that Android and iOS can do almost perfectly.

    I may sound like I care too much, but this function is vital for me.

    We are real people. We paid money for our devices. You don’t seem care at all about our needs.

    God, I wish someone would prove me wrong.



  96. waytwotall says:

    Any updates coming – seems to open about 1in 3 PDFs and unfortunately none of the work ones – would really like to see an update

  97. André Fernandes says:

    I’m very disappointed with adobe reader. Missing the following functionality that existed in my Treo 680 which was launched 5 years ago (!): Search, Reflow, Go to Page. And no update since 2010.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      A new version of Adobe Reader on Windows Phone 7 would be available soon! Please stay tuned to this blog for an update.


  98. Serkan says:

    Whoever is reading this, pls tell me “should I sell my win. phone? I cant handle. It make me crazy all android users are using their devices with no problem but I have to wait for u…. no DATE, ıts been 2 years almost but you dont even have date………

    What can ı do, should ı rıght e-mails to Microsoft? what is the way ?

  99. Nathaniel says:

    Still no update after nearly two years? I normally am a great admirer of Adobe products and have been for years; however, the lack of attention to customer interests and complaints in this case is absolutely unconscionable (and rather out of character for Adobe).

    Are there any other PDF readers available on the Windows Phone platform? Perhaps, given that you have shown no interest in making any sort of improvements this app, you would consider opening the format for third-party development.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      Your wait would be over very soon. Please stay tuned to this blog for the next update announcement.


  100. kurotsuki says:

    I found that I can’t attach PDF files on Windows Phone email client as the file system can’t did not allow user to browse to your apps directory. Is there any plan to add a “Share” feature where we can chose to email it to other people? I think it won’t be that hard. PDF is still essential when we need to pass over a read-only documents.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      Apologies for the delay in responding. Thanks for your feature request – we will review it for consideration in a future update.


  101. Serkan says:

    guys ıts too late, ı sold my windows phone….
    Now I have adroid because of you….

  102. shani Sanyal says:

    I bought Nokia lumia 710.and download new adobe PDF reader but I disappointed with this app because there is not search or find is very loose app.kindly update this tools.

  103. erik says:

    Cant use search in A.Reader
    That is the main thing that must be

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      Yes, you can search for text in a PDF as highlighted in the blog post. Are you facing some issue with search?


  104. Paul says:

    I too am amazed that I can’t attach PDF files on my Nokia 800 to an email

    You need to listen to us and get this sorted before we all head for android replacements

    • dgriffin says:

      This is unfortunately a limitation of the Windows Phone 7 OS. The API to create email attachments is not available to third party applications.

  105. Andrea says:

    All this talk of missing functionality and I can’t even delete any of the documents, can anyone help me with that?

    • rahulban says:

      You can delete the documents from Adobe Reader application by long pressing on the document name in the “documents” list and then tap the delete pop up which appears after the long press.

  106. Abhishek says:

    had an update promopt for adobe reader to update it from 10.1. to 10.1.1 As soon as i updated it, it rolled back to 9 and wouldnt let me update it to 10 anymore. seraching through external means and trying to open it through zune has been to no avail.
    it says the app is not listed for your region, funny when i was using it for the entire month with the updated version

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for reporting this issue Abhishek. We received couple of similar reports over the weekend. From the first look of it, it looks like a Windows Phone marketplace issue. We will get in touch with Microsoft and try to resolve this asap. We will get in touch with you offline to debug this issue at our end. Thanks for using Adobe Reader and giving this valuable feedback.

  107. duddi says:

    Updated from v 10 to v9??? This is crazy, this version (v9) doesn’t support find text, go to page, its very dumb, its almost useless, besides you can’t attach a PDF to a email, i was a little satisfied with v10 (only needed attach email support), but this “update” doesn’t make sense, already uninstalled because it has no use.

    • rahulban says:

      We have just released a fix for this issue. Can you please try to upgrade now? You should get version 10.1.1 now.

  108. Mark says:

    Is there a way to get version 10.1 back. I had 10.1 but the last update made it go back to version 9. Doesn’t look like it will be fixed in the marketplace.

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Mark,
      We have just released a fix for this issue. Can you please try to upgrade now? You should get version 10.1.1 now.

  109. Friggy says:

    After updating to v10.1.1 build 20120919 I am unable to open one single file (File path is not valid) or delete the same file (Unable to delete selected file as it is still being used. Please re-launch application and try again.). Any suggestions wold be appreciated.

  110. Mayur Sirwani says:

    Is the SDK out for wp7?
    I want to render pdf file from app, Possible??

  111. jam says:

    Hi, does anybody know how to install Adobe Reader on the HTC 7 Pro under Windows Phone 7.5? The marketplace says that this app cannot be installed on this phone. This means I cannot open PDF files on my WP7 device, as there are no other PDF readers. Can anybody help?

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Jam,
      With current version of Adobe Reader for Win phone we have stopped support of Win Ph version 7. You need a minimum of Win Ph ver 7.5 to install Adobe Reader on your device.

  112. Jim says:

    Why can I not rename pdf files in the newest version? WinPh7.5

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Jim,
      Renaming is not yet implemented in RM for Win Ph 7.5. This is already included in our product backlog.

  113. John says:

    Implement PDF sharing, especially via email attachments!!!

    “WP7 doesn’t have a file system that is exposed, and Mango won’t change that. The spec is for application developers to write the ability to see their own files and if they should be emailable, then build the hooks from that app into the email system. Perfect Scan does that. Adobe doesn’t.

    when you see word docs and photos, that is because the Word/Photo app allows that, and both have an email/share command that allows you to send it.

    Adobe is the one here that must make the change, at least as things are now. WP7 doesn’t have an open file system like Winmo did, just as the iPhone doesn’t. “

    • dgriffin says:

      I would really love to do that, but as it stands, the Windows Phone 7 SDK doesn’t give our app access to attach a document to an email. We’ve discussed this with Microsoft, and have no resolution from them. Unfortunately, this will need to wait for Windows Phone 8 for us to support it.

  114. nie says:

    How do I transfer files to another phone? I have a windows phone.

  115. Rebecca Karen Hammett says:

    Have you an adobe player for the new htc windows phone

    • dgriffin says:

      We do have Adobe Reader, but are you asking for Adobe Flash Player? Adobe no longer makes the Flash Player available for phones.