Adobe Reader now available on BlackBerry PlayBook

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Adobe Reader 10 on the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you have a PlayBook, you should be able to get going with the Reader right away, as it should be pre-installed on your device!

Adobe Reader on the PlayBook brings with it:

  • High-quality rendering of PDF documents
  • Open PDF files from email, web and device storage
  • Zoom using Pinch-zoom and double-tap gestures
  • Reorient the PDF in portrait and landscape views in accordance with device orientation
  • Page navigation using scrubber interface, and pan and flick gestures
Adobe Reader on the BlackBerry PlayBook

If you have any feedback or comments on this release, please feel free to post your comments here or on the User-to-user forums. You can also follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest.

On behalf of the Reader Mobile Engineering Team

97 Responses to Adobe Reader now available on BlackBerry PlayBook

  1. David Buhler says:

    “Heroin” may not be the best article with which to demo Adobe Reader on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

  2. Larry Goodridge says:

    How do you search within a PDF?

  3. michele says:

    How do you delete a pdf file in adolbe reader on bb playbook

  4. We are evaluating the BB Playbook for our organization as a standard issue to our management teams. One concern we have is that when you download a pdf file to the playbook, the only way to remove it from the playbook is by connecting it to your PC. When will the capability to delete pdf files directly from the playbook be available?(would be nice if you could achieve this task as easily as you can with documents).

  5. Yanis Sauvé says:

    Please add search to the reader ASAP! That’s a deal breaker for me…

  6. Are we able to fill out pdf forms that are residing on the Playbook?

  7. Menola says:

    Is there a find or search feature? If there isn’t that would be a huge bonus if you could add one.

  8. Wan Sang says:

    Thanks for the reader, but currently it has no bookmark which make it very difficult to jump around the chapter. Scrolling is fine but difficult to use since we don’t know the page number. I also would like the commenting capability such as the one for desktop version. Thank you.

  9. ahmed osman says:

    Thank you

  10. torch says:

    Seeing that you have successfully made adobe reader available for the playbook! When are other bb users gonna be able to download the app?

  11. Eid says:

    The Adobe PDF reader becomes unusable if the PDF is bigger than a few thousand bytes. It only keeps 2 or 3 pages in memory, and page-turn times can exceed 20 seconds.

  12. Eid says:

    To be specific, a 16Meg PDF (52 page full-colour magazine), just took 20 seconds to show the first page. Flipping to the second page was normal. Flipping the third page did nothing (app frozen). After trying to flip continuously for 15 seconds, the thrid page eventually showed up. Un-useable.

  13. Rob Mycroft says:

    object lines of pdf file drawings, generated in AutoCad Inventor, do not show up on my play book.
    To see the drawing object lines I print the AutoCad generated pdf with Abode pro. It would be great to not have to note have to print the pdf a second time!
    r m

  14. Shriharsh says:

    why cant you provide a acrobat reader for other BlackBerry devices? Please do so! Its really frustrating when you spend so much on a smart phone and end up not reading your pdf files…now that you have it for playbook, please make it an app and give it the other BB users as well.

  15. Ussene Issufo says:

    How I can delete a pdf file on play book

  16. Andrea says:

    Hi I have a PB, I download a file in the Adobe folder, but is impossible to cancel, any help?

  17. Steven says:

    Horrible product on Adobe’s part. Lacks bookmarks, highlighting, continuous scrolling, search features. Thus far, it deserves less than the two out of five stars it gets on AppWorld.

  18. Mike Hicks says:

    Adobe Reader 10 on my Blackberry Playbook does not open my AES-256 .pdf files. I get the following message: ERROR ‘there was an error opening the document’. These are protected files which allow viewing but not printing.
    These files open just fine on my Windows and MAC computers user Adobe Reader 10.
    These files are eComics and are the reason I purchased the Playbook tablet. I can Email you an attachment of one of these files if you like.
    Thanks for helping,
    Mike Hicks

  19. Sam says:

    Why doesn’t it show PDF bookmarks? It makes using any larger document organized by bookmarks impossible to use.

  20. Felix Léon says:

    How can i book mark on the app?

  21. Daren Keates says:

    Why on earth isn’t there one for the smart ‘phones. I just bought a bold and find this a huge gap and have to pay £10 for an App for it. Madness.

  22. Richard Lalonde says:

    I use my Blackberry largely for business purposes. This includes the frequent need to download, transport, and consult PDF files. I specifically bought the PlayBook to extend the functionality of my Blackberry smart phone. So far, the PlayBook is not the business tool I was expecting, largely because the Adobe Reader is not sufficiently functional. Whenever I open a multipage PDF, the first page displays in a reasonable period of time, but then I frequently cannot seem to get any other pages to appear; when I do, I can’t seem to scroll back to a previous page. Is there a more recent and more functional version of Adobe Reader for PlayBook than the one bundled with the device at the time of purchase? If so, how do I obtain it?
    Thank you,
    Richard Lalonde

  23. Jeff says:

    when is this app getting an update?!? So many missing features, it is practically unusable for business purposes and viewing/navigating through large reference manuals.

  24. Walter Benotto says:

    Adobe Staff:

    I like your program but I am having issues with saving items from outlook emails on my reader on my playbook. Any ideas would be appreciated.


  25. Ed says:

    Will PDF Forms and javascript work on the playbook? Does it perform like reader on a desktop or laptop?

  26. w scott says:

    my playbook does not display pdf documents. does anyone know shere i can download the reader?

  27. JP says:

    Any idea when the adobe reader is going to be updated to add new features like search, bookmarking, or allow you to read secure pdfs?

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      Thanks for posting your feature requests – these have been entered in our internal database and would be considered for future updates.


      • frustrated says:

        I’m surprised that Adobe had not considered this prior to JP’s request. These are BASIC functions. Any update as to when we might expect them?

  28. Cal Ledsham says:

    I bought the PB mostly to read PDF scans, some quite large, of old public domain books. The PB seems to do well on large scans (60-70mb) of 19th c books which are ok with OCRing. It really falls down on pre-19thC non-standard typesetting. And it is something about the complexity of the image/file, not the size. And the sort of docs I am talking of are pages that take about 1.5 seconds to render on Acrobat. 9 on a 3 month old fully juiced PC. The 32G PB doesnt crash, it just cant render them accurately.

    For example, this short treatise on 18th C materialism is about 6mb (not large at all), but comes up smudgy on the PB, and never renders. Whereas on a PC it is quite readable.

    A philosophical enquiry into the physical spring of human actions, and the immediate cause of thinking – Strutt, Samuel (1732)
    ASC copy: from the Yolton Library Rare Book Collection


    • Gaurav Jain says:

      Hi Cal,

      Thanks for sharing the test file. We’ve recorded this as a bug in our database and will consider it for a future update.


  29. Ron Toews says:

    We need to utilize interactive pdfs created in LiveCycle ES2 in a non-enterprise environment. (No LiveCycle Servers) Adobe Reader X on the Playbook does not appear to work for this type of file. Will this support become available in the near future?

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      This support is currently not available, but may be considered for a future release. Please stay tuned to this blog for any updates in this regard.


  30. JP says:

    So any idea when an update will be released? It has been roughly 6 months since the playbook was released and no update from Adobe.

  31. Rick says:

    I took my playbook back because there was no way to search through large PDF files. Definitely a deal breaker. If I had know that searching was not possible I would not have purchased the item.

  32. perrie says:

    i tried to open several pdf files downloaded via pc and i keep getting file path is nor valid i give up can anyone help?

  33. perrie iles says:

    I can’t even get it to work !
    No test article was included, so i dropped a couple in documents via PC
    all i get is “the file path is not valid” .. huh , what file path, didn’t know i could alter it FTW ???
    can anyone help ?? – also how do you tell what version reader you have ??

    • Erb says:

      I had this very same problem. Here is the Solution: Go to the Settings Gear Icon (right of Battery Icon in upper right corner). Tap on Security. Tap on Application Permissions. Tap on Adobe Reader. Select Files “Allowed.” Tap on Back to save settings. I can now open PDF files!! Thank goodness!

      Now if I could just figure out how to DELETE my pdf files after I’m done reading them….ugh.

  34. Tom says:

    I have a PDF file on my playbook that has 0 bytes and I still can’t delete it is connected to my desktop as I can’t even see the file with my Blackberry Desktop Manager. I can see the file on the Playbook. I tried and drag over the same file name using my Desktop Manager and it ask “This folder already contains a file named….Do you want to replace it the existing file?” and I choose yes but it still doesn’t transfer the file. How can I delete this PDF file when I can’t see it on my Desktop Manager and only on my Playbook???

  35. Nick M. says:

    Another disappointed PB buyer discovering the inability of Adobe’s product offering…
    Shame really, had such high hopes too.
    Boxing my unit back up and sending it back….
    RIM, are you listening?

  36. Jukka Terho says:

    Any plans to add we snapshot tool with copy and paste functionality on the Adobe Reader for Playbook. As a Project Manager I use this function a lot for my Project Reports – i.e. to copy a certain area of drawings to highlight the area of problem or change. Out of all functioalities available on Adobe this is the one most useful for me and I cannot wait to have it uncluded on the raeder for PlayBook since that will then make this a true business tool for me.

  37. Rick Conley says:

    You have had since April 2011 to update the Adobe reader for playbook. I cant even search my e-textbooks. What gives?!

    If I cant do what I need to do, whats the point of using the playbook?


  38. Tom Denholm says:

    I have pdf files that have been created from swf files. They open as a “normal” pdf on a PC but not on the Blackberry Playbook with Adobe Reader installed. Should these files open?



    • Gaurav Jain says:


      Please share the PDF file in question at gaurav at adobe dot com, and we will investigate and get back to you.

      Gaurav Jain
      Engineering Manager, Adobe

  39. vmeadows says:

    I am completely disappointed that Adobe advertised that they had a PDF reader for the playbook one of my major decisions for this device was the ability to carry product tech manuals with me. the “reader” that came with the PB is a joke . it barely qualifies as a reader, i feel like i got duped on this. Technically its my fault for not reviewing the specs for the reader, i just never dreamed that Adobe would put there name on such a lackluster product i have been patiently wating for an update, but my patience is now thin.. maybe its time that a new standard for document reading is established as the market leader Adobe has an obligation to fulfill the implied functionality by advertising this product at launch

    please update as to when we will see this update?

    The next step would be a class action lawsuit

  40. Andrew says:


    Please, please can you update this Reader with the basic features that are so conspicuously lacking? (Search, bookmarks, etc.). It reflects poorly on your organisation that you have released a product that seems only half-finished.

    Thank you for considering this.

  41. Lee says:

    The adobe reader can not read the comments you can add on the std adobe reader.
    This give it a disadvantage over the Ipad2 which can do this function.

  42. Jan says:

    Awesome app! I can read my tintin and asterix comics perfectly on my playbook! Thank you adobe <3 <3 <3

  43. junaid says:

    hello how do i delete a file on adobe???? nobody is answering this question.

  44. Graham says:

    I can not delete a file on the playbook without plugging it in to a computer. Please add this function. Very frustrating.

  45. rohm says:

    it not support more than 50 mb pdf file

  46. alan says:

    ok so deleting on the playbook is non existing and trying to find it on bb desktop manager is kinda a joke. you need to find away for us to remove pdf on the playbook.
    please remedy, or atleast show me how to delete these pdf files

  47. Nabil says:

    I am using BOX to upload my files to my Playbook. Unable to open any as I always receive an error as the pdf path is not recognized
    any help

  48. js says:

    search please

  49. steve says:

    most of my pdf’s are password protected….when can we see adlbe fixing this problem?

  50. Eva says:

    I bought the playbook so I could read my many textbooks on it but find that Adobe is lacking basic functions………. so I’m back to carrying my heavy books everywhere. No wonder the Playbook didn’t sell well. I’m extremely disappointed.

  51. Dennis says:

    I am unable to open and read the following PDF files on my Playbook. They range from 3-6 M in size an can be opened on my PC.

  52. mike says:

    Adobe: if you are readying this please update the Adobe Reader for Playbook! As it stands now, it is a terrible apps – just read some of the customer reviews and look at the app’s average rating. I don’t think it is an stretch to call it one of the most hated apps available for the Playbook. No bookmarking, no annotation or mark up capabilities, no way to delete a document in app, frequent crashes on large documents… Everyday I go to Playbook App World, fingers crossed, hoping to see an update, or maybe another app to read pdfs available. (Oh, how Good Reader would be a god send!) And people wonder why the Playbook tanked? Available apps and alternatives. I do a search for a pdf reader in iTunes I get roughly 75 hits including Apple’s own free iBooks. Right now the Adobe reader is the only app available, free or paid. And Adobe obvious could care less about improving or implementing what their customers want. Shameful.

  53. sellekotic says:

    same prob. can’t delete my pdf file. and i dunno y some PDF files cannot be viewed here. ugh! really disappointing. and don’t let me get started on its other features. ugh!

  54. Robert says:

    initially I was impressed with the look and feel of the reader but as many of the comments above, the lack of basic functions such as search and book marks make the reader pretty much unusable if you are viewing anything other than a 2 page document. Please let us know is there an update in the works, and if so is there an estimated realease date?

  55. Dennis Seufert says:

    I have downloaded the Adobe for my Playbook but it will not open any pdf that is “Secure’ what is the issue.

  56. Eric says:

    The app reads well, and all PDFs I have tried work fantastically but PLEASE allow the program to keep folder organization, right now I have like 300PDFs all in one place sorted only by name. Some times I want to look by folder (read category), so keeping the hierarchy would be fantastic. Maybe have a mode to display with that or not, like DLNA devices do for media files…?

  57. chung says:

    This Adobe Reader does not support Chinese characters.

  58. Cheryl says:

    I am not able to open any pdf files; I keep getting the following message: “file path not valid.” please help!!!!

  59. Priyang Tanna says:

    Bookmarks PLZ !!!! its a deal breaker for me on the playbook !!!

  60. Brenda says:

    how do i delete a pdf file from adobe for BB playbook

  61. nathan says:

    how come adobe reader on the blackberry playbook doesn’t have read out loud.

    • dgriffin says:

      That’s a great suggestion, and we’ll consider adding that to a future BlackBerry update!

      Dennis Griffin

  62. blacky says:

    A background color change feature will be a big +.

  63. Sebastian says:

    Most of my pdf files are secured and for this reason I can not open them on my playbook. I was so disappointed when I first noticed this.
    Adobe, please do something about it!

  64. Conrad S. says:

    Hi, how to reinstall adobe reader in blackberry playbook which does not exist in app world. Thank you.

    • dgriffin says:

      Reader is supposed to be built into the OS now, so you may just need to ensure that your playbook is updated to the latest version of the OS.

      Dennis Griffin

  65. Frank huse says:

    Please incorporate the following into the next update
    -multiple pdf documents open at the same time
    -search feature
    -bookmarking feature or open at last page visited when re-opened
    -legends that have quick access hyperlinks within the pdf file
    -loose the one list shows all of files on each tire playbook and replace with a file manager style to open files in various folders.
    Thanks so much

  66. I’ve just bought a playbook with Reader installed and the first problem I’ve found is that on PDFs produced in AutoCAD (by AutoCADs own PDF writer), none of the drawn objects are visible, only text. This is probably overcome by using an alternative writer, but the problem I have is with years worth of legacy drawings that I was hoping to keep on the Playbook. Please sort this as soon as possible as there are millions of AutoCAD users who would need this functionality. By the way, these PDFs have always read fine on Adobe Reader on Windows, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you guys to correct. Please sort it out fast.

  67. JP says:

    Adobe will just admit you are not going to ever update the playbook app!

  68. Tawus says:

    No search or Bookmarks. I really saved a lot to buy this product. I’m so sad that this is the deal I get. I’m at a loss as to what to do….

  69. Greg Brown says:

    Adobe Reader for playbook would be tremendously better if there were
    a) search capabilities
    b) bookmarks
    c) capability of putting PDF files in folders.

  70. LJB says:

    Since my play book up dated to OS 2.0 the Adobe reader can not open any pdf files on the memory card on my BlackBerry bold and it did before. I have asked blackberry for help and they say they know of the problem but have not give me a solution, can you help?

  71. ben says:

    Is there a way to highlight. I can on my ipad but can’t on the playbook am I doing something wrong

  72. gregg says:

    When will you and the Search feature to the reader. Until then it is useless to me

  73. Leandro Parente says:

    I have this program in my tablet but there are some books in pdf that it doesn´t read. It is the locked one that we can´t copy or change. I´d like to know how I´ll open those books. I really like to read my e-books.

    Thank you.

  74. Derek D says:

    Needs highlight and bookmark features.

  75. Esteban says:

    If I had known there was no search tool on the adobe for playbook I wouldnt have bought it, its near to useless for work

  76. Alex says:

    qPDF a lot better, and even does open password protected files..

  77. Ronald Cameron says:

    As a playbook user for work I would agree with the lack of functionality with the Adobe Reader as documented above. It is clearly time for an update with the ability to file, annotate, and search as minimum.
    Is there an update planned in the near future?

    • dgriffin says:

      We don’t have a timeline for when we’ll have a playbook update available, but there is work being done on a Blackberry update!

  78. I agree with the above comments. Adobe for playbook is so basic and all the pdf's are on one Page which makes it hard to scroll through. It also goes back to the beginning of the pages everytime you delete somethinget says:

    Could you please improve on this as it is a good reader apart from all the comments

    • dgriffin says:

      Thanks for your feedback…we’re working on something, but I can’t say when it will be available.

  79. Anne-Marie says:

    I purchased this for the pdf reading abilities. I was looking to purchase an advance adobe reader that would allow for adding highlighting and commenting which this does not. Do you have such an app?

  80. Ammar Borsadwala says:

    Can anyone help me in installing the acrobat reader in my blackberry bold 9700 handset.

    • dgriffin says:

      Adobe Reader is not available for the Blackberry Bold. It is available on Blackberry 10, so newer devices will have it as they become available.