Introducing Adobe Reader on iOS, and 10.1 update on Android

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of Adobe Reader – the global standard for reliably viewing and consuming PDF documents – on iPads, iPhones and iPods. Also, simultaneously available is the Reader 10.1 update on Android tablets and phones. Reader 10.1 is fast, secure and brings in lots of new features and capabilities. See below for a summary of the new features in this release.

All-new iOS Support

Reader 10.1 is now available on iOS devices, including iPhone, iPod and iPad. The UI has been designed to provide an optimal experience whether you’re using an iPhone or an iPad. The iOS Reader is at feature parity with the Android version of the Reader, and in addition to the features new to 10.1 (described below), it includes features such as:

  • Text Search
  • Viewing Password-protected documents
  • Sharing documents via the “Open In…” command
  • Multiple Viewing modes
  • Viewing PDF Portfolios

Also check out the Adobe Reader on iOS Video Tutorial on Adobe TV for a quick overview.

For more information about these features, refer our earlier blog post.

Getting Started with Adobe Reader on iOS
iPad UI – Portrait
iPad UI – Landscape

Tablet friendly UI

Even on Android, this update brings a customized UI on Tablets versus Phones, and provides an optimal user experience on both form factors. The UI has been redesigned to provide a more engaging experience.

Please Note: Options available via the system menu on Android have now moved to the menus on the top-bar, which is accessible via a single-tap gesture near the center of the screen (refer screenshots below).

Android UI – Tablet (1)
Android UI – Tablet (2)
Android UI – Landscape

Navigation using Bookmarks

This has been one of the most requested features, and we’re pleased to bring Bookmarks support to this release! Documents that contain bookmarks present an easily accessible UI entry point (at the extreme right of the bottom-bar) to bring up the Bookmarks pane. You can use the navigational buttons to expand and collapse the Bookmarks hierarchy, and just tap on a Bookmark to navigate to the target location in the document.

Please Note: The Bookmarks button is only visible if the document contains Bookmarks, and is hidden otherwise.

Bookmarks – iPad
Bookmarks – Android

Text Selection and Copy

Reader 10.1 introduces the capability to select and copy text from the PDF document to the device clipboard for use in other applications. You can access this feature very easily via the tap-and-hold gesture on top of the desired text, and use the text selection grabbers to adjust the selection that needs to be copied. In case you got worried, Adobe Reader honors the permissions settings in the document, and text copy is not enabled for documents that are copy-protected.

Text Selection – iPad
Text Selection – Android

Print on iOS

On iOS, Adobe Reader lets you print your PDF documents wirelessly via the AirPrint framework. Note that, just like copy, Print is disallowed for documents if they have been authored to be print-protected. Also, Adobe Reader on iOS will disallow printing documents whose print settings have been set to ‘Low Resolution’ since AirPrint does not support this setting. For more information about AirPrint, check out Apple’s AirPrint page.

Print Menu
Print Dialog

View Comments

Also new in Reader 10.1 is the capability to view existing comments that are part of the PDF. Just tap on the desired comment and you’ll see a pop-up UI that will show all the comment text, including embedded replies.

Viewing comments on iPhone
Viewing comments on Android

Performance & User Experience

We continue to focus on performance and user experience, and expect users to see a visible difference as they consume PDFs in Reader 10.1. Some of the key areas we’ve addressed in this release include:

  • Faster document open time, and faster page flips.
  • Always responsive UI.
  • Smoother pinch-zoom experience, with pan-as-you-pinch support.
  • Visibly less ‘white’ as you navigate the document.
  • Intermediate rendering feedback for complex documents, such as Maps (see example screenshots below).
Intermediate Feedback
After rendering completed

Scrubber Thumbnails

Jumping between pages was never that easy – Reader 10.1 introduces Page Thumbnails that are shown as you drag the slider bar to jump between pages. You can now easily preview the page that you want to navigate to before making the decision to do so.

Scrubber Thumbnail on iOS
Scrubber Thumbnail on Android

And that’s not all!

Some other key new features in this release include:

  • Support for viewing PDFs protected by Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management (*).
  • Support for viewing PDF Packages (in addition to PDF Portfolios.)
  • Higher quality image rendering.
  • Better security and robustness.
  • Support for deleting PDFs from the file list on iOS (using the swipe gesture.)

(*) Note: Reader 10.1 on Android requests for Network Permissions during installation. This is required for validation of user credentials for PDFs protected using Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management.

Try it now!
We encourage you to install or update to Reader 10.1, and look forward to your feedback. Some key links below:

Reader Links

Give us feedback

  • Post on the User to User Forums for Android and iOS.
  • Write to our support email for Android and iOS

Note: You might want to review our FAQs for Adobe Reader on Android as your question may already be answered!

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14 Responses to Introducing Adobe Reader on iOS, and 10.1 update on Android

  1. Larry says:

    This is great, but it would be even better if it preserved portfolio home pages and linking!

  2. Paul says:

    Does Reader on iOS support Reflow view?

  3. Aaron says:

    Does Reader on iOS support embedded or linked video / hyperlinks / or other interactive pdf features? If so, how can I create interactive pdf’s that function like they do in a desktop environment? The interactive PDFs I’ve created using CS5 do not function correctly on the new reader for iOS. I’ve only tested on iPhone, not iPad yet.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      Adobe Reader on iOS currently does not support interactive features such as PDF Links, but these are on the roadmap and you should these coming up soon.


  4. Geoff Bennett says:

    I’m sorry – I don’t understand why I can’t create bookmarks on the tablet. How do I save my place in a long document? Other PDF readers have had this feature for a long time – and I think your claim to “support bookmarks” in this release is very misleading.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      As mentioned in the post, Adobe Reader only supports bookmark navigation. Having said that, the feature you’re requesting is on our list of features that may be considered for a future update.


  5. Dave Andrews says:

    It seems odd there is no way to mark a page with a bookmark for later reading. When the app is closed, it defaults to the first page upon start up. What page in the that 200 part doc was I on? What are called bookmarks in the app are just re-branded table of contents.

  6. John Bilello says:

    I have installed Adobe Reader on my Motorola Droid (Verizon) – it reads PDFs clearly. But I don’t understand the “Bookmark” function. There were a number of booklets which seemed to be already there when I installed and I cannot find out how to erase them. Neither can I make new bookmarks. What is the point of a bookmark function where you cannot add or erase the bookmark. Even the simplest Bible App has this feature. Bottom-line how do I make and erase bookmarks on this App?

  7. Marcelo says:

    I have just dowloaded and installed the adobe reader from apple store and I cant select and copy text in my Ipad, from pdf files that I can do it on my notebook, so the files are not protected. How can I solve this? Thanks

  8. Brendon says:

    I just downloaded reader for iPad. I am not able to open PDF forms on the web. I use safari and it will not display the content of e PDF as it opens it in the iPad PDF viewer first. The website I was on uses adobe as its default hence why I can’t opened. Can u please tell me what I need to do to fix this.


    • dgriffin says:

      When the iPad PDF viewer shows the PDF by default, you should be able to tap the screen to have it show a title bar. In that title bar is an icon that will let you use “Open In…” to open the PDF in Adobe Reader