Where’s Reflow in Adobe Reader for Android 10.1?

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, installed, and provided feedback on the most recent update for Adobe Reader for Android 10.1. While many users are happy with the updates we made in the release, we clearly made a mistake in removing the Reflow feature. We hear your comments and it’s our top priority to bring this feature back as quickly as possible. Stay tuned to this blog for updates regarding this.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

On Behalf of the Reader Mobile Engineering Team

11 Responses to Where’s Reflow in Adobe Reader for Android 10.1?

  1. Ali says:


    Thanks for this feedback. May I add some other stuff that I would like to see

    1) There is this Button saying “1st Page” or something. Should probably be an error.
    2) I have a resistive Screen Touchpad. Whenever I scroll my PDF documents (by touching the screen) it sometimes start to “zoom” into it rather than scrolling. Maybe there is a possibility (Setting) to disable zooming with the fingers.
    3) Tapping the Screen left or right should go on one page or back one page.
    4) Better Bookmark support
    5) Remeber last read book and position (page)

    • Gaurav Jain says:

      Thanks Ali. We’ve noted these points for consideration in a future update.


  2. Michael Potter says:

    Would consider porting to WebOS?

  3. brian e says:

    I’d like the reader to remember the current location in a document per document. Jumping to bookmarks helped alot but I wish I could just quickly reopen A.R. and have it in the same state as I left it. It must be a side affect of the vm unloading A.R. because it does bring up the previous state occasionally. Congrats on the big improvements in the last release.

  4. Marian N says:

    Nice job, team!

    Nonetheless, I’d like to point out one extremely useful feature and that’s the Accessibility Document Colors Options. Guys, choosing my own background and document text style should be a must have feature. Reading on tablets for longer periods on black font with white backgroud makes your eyes like pancakes so at least daylight/night mode colors should be added.

    Keep the good work and cheers!

  5. mrx says:

    Please make Reader for Android remember the position for the last books – people tend to continue reading from where they left not from the page one each time. It’s ultra basic functionality, no idea how this can miss from the very first alfa version…. Regards!

  6. dave says:

    Still after all this time nothing has been done on free flow a eta or a downgrade link isn’t beyond care for fellow users without pdf reading app

  7. Arun says:

    You should immediately release an update with reading position remembering feature