Now Available: Comments, Forms and more on Adobe Reader for iOS & Android

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest update of Adobe Reader on iPads, iPhones, iPods and Android phones and tablets. This is a major update, and brings with it major functionality including Commenting, Form-filling and more, and all this for free! Watch the Adobe TV video below for a quick overview of the new features in this release, and read on for further highlights of what’s new in this release.

Sticky Notes

You can now create sticky note comments and place them anywhere on the document. You can modify existing sticky note comments, or move them to a different location on the page, or delete them. And all this with simple touch gestures! Simply long press on any location of the page to add a sticky note at that location, or go via the dedicated Commenting Toolbar at the top.

Creating a new note on an iPad
Moving an existing note on a Motorola Xoom

Text Markups

Reader 10.2 supports creation, modification and deletion of text markup annotations, including Highlights, Strikeouts and Underlines. The easiest way to add these is by selecting some text (via the long-press gesture) and then choosing Highlight, Strikeout or Underline from the context menu. If you’re looking to use multiple Commenting tools in succession, you can use the Commenting Toolbar, and very easily create multiple comments in a single session. Also, the Reader allows you to change properties such as color and opacity of text markup annotations, or clear/delete a comment, by simply selecting it and using the context menu.

Highlight & Underline on an iPad
Changing opacity of Strikethrough on a Motorola Xoom

Free-hand drawing tool

Did you miss the scribble or drawing tool on your tablet or phone? Wait no more! Reader 10.2 brings with it full support for creating free-hand annotations – just choose the ‘Freehand’ option from the context menu, or the Pencil button from the Commenting Toolbar, and you’ll be presented with a full-screen canvas where you can showoff your artistic talents! You can also modify properties of an existing drawing such as color, opacity and thickness, and choose to move/resize or delete a drawing that you no longer need. And all these changes are saved back into your PDF document seamlessly in the background!

Creating a Freehand drawing on an iPad
Resizing/Moving a Freehand drawing on a Motorola Xoom

Ink Signature

Reader 10.2 also brings in a very useful feature that lets you place your signature on documents right within the Reader, that would otherwise require you to go via the Print > Sign > Scan workflow. Again, you can do this by choosing the Signature button from the Commenting Toolbar, or via the ‘Signature’ option from the context menu. Pretty easy!

Creating an Ink Signature on the Canvas
After placing the Ink Signature on the Page

Acrobat Forms

PDF forms are widely used by end users, enterprises, government, and other sectors for reliable data exchange, and Adobe Reader 10.2 brings all new support for filling and submitting these forms right from your phone or tablet device! Note that in this release only PDF forms created by Acrobat are supported, and not those created by Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

Fill-able form on iPad (initial view with highlighted fields)
In the process of filling the form

Adobe EchoSign Integration

With Reader 10.2, you can now get your PDF documents signed in minutes using Adobe EchoSign. Simply choose the ‘Send for Signature’ option from the menu and you’re ready to go! For more information about Adobe EchoSign, click here.

Menu for Send for Signature
The EchoSign landing page

PDF links

Reader 10.2 introduces support for both intra-document links (like Table of Contents) and web links. Also, it’s easy in Reader 10.2 to identify such links as they’ll show up with a light blue background.

Intra-document Links on Android
Weblink confirmation alert on iPad

Document Security

For document with certain restrictions, Adobe Reader honors those restrictions. For example, if the author of the PDF document has disallowed commenting, then Adobe Reader 10.2 will honor that and will not allow commenting on it.

Security alert on an iPad
Security Lock icon on a Droid

Search files in File Browser

In this update we’ve also added the neat little feature that lets you quickly search for files in your Documents list. On iOS, just scroll the documents list down and you’ll see the Search Bar emerge from the top; and on Android, tap on the search glass icon on the top right to bring up the Search Bar. As you start typing the name (or part of name) of the document you’re looking for, the search list will be filtered based on that text. So, no need for frantic scrolls in long document lists any more!

File Search filter on an iPhone
File Search filter on a Droid

Thumbnails in File Browser

Another neat enhancement to the File Browser is the display of thumbnails for files recently opened in the Reader. This makes it easy to identify recently viewed files, and provides for a richer experience.

Thumbnails in File Browser on an iPhone
Thumbnails in File Browser on a Droid

Other enhancements

Some other enhancements in Reader 10.2 include:

  • Enhancements to performance and responsiveness
  • Email attachments opened in Android Reader are now stored on permanent storage, and are available for view/modification even after the document is closed.
  • The last viewed position in a document is remembered and restored when the document is re-opened at a later time. This is new on iOS with Reader 10.2, and already exists on Android since Reader 10.1.1.
  • Enhancements to Portfolios list and File Attachments on iOS: You can now view non-PDF children in PDF portfolios, and PDF File attachments on the iOS Reader. These capabilities already exist on Android since Reader 10.1.1
  • You can now delete files from within Adobe Reader’s File Browser on Android. Just tap and hold on a file, and then select the option menu item! On iOS you can delete files by the horizontal swipe gesture on the file row.

Note: On Android, Adobe Reader now requests for the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission in order to save changes back to PDF documents.

Try it now!
We encourage you to install or update to Reader 10.2, and look forward to your feedback. Some key links below:

Reader Links

Give us feedback

  • Post on the User to User Forums for Android and iOS.
  • Write to our support email for Android and iOS

Stay in touch

On behalf of the Reader Mobile Engineering Team

120 Responses to Now Available: Comments, Forms and more on Adobe Reader for iOS & Android

  1. j.t says:

    What about WP7?

    • dgriffin says:

      We are working on a Windows Phone update, but don’t have a timeline for when it will be available.

      Dennis Griffin

  2. Is there a strategy for supporting XFA forms on mobile?

    • dgriffin says:

      We know that XFA is important to many customers, and we are looking into how to support XFA on mobile. There are challenges to doing so, and we don’t yet have a plan for when this will be available. I apologize for not having a more positive answer.

      Dennis Griffin

  3. Mike k says:

    Is there an undo when editing documents?

    • dgriffin says:

      Hello Mike,
      We don’t currently have Undo, but it should be very simple to select and then remove an errant comment.

  4. H.Muns says:

    Way to go! Finally hyperlinks, forms, and bookmark support! We can finally publish our rich navigation PDFs on tablets.
    Great Work – now get to work on supporting calculated fields and add a Previous Page button!

  5. Evandro says:

    Finalmente l’ultimo aggiornamento (10/04) di Adobe Reader per IOS ( IPad ) ha introdotto nuove funzionalità nella gestione dei documenti in PDF,di cui si avvertiva la necessità.Devo purtroppo constatare che la EVIDENZIAZIONE delle frasi e le NOTE apportate e salvate in un documento PDF, una volta chiuso e riaperto il documento stesso, risultano CANCELLATE. E’ un inconveniente spiacevole che vanifica la possibilità di inserire in modo definitivo nel documento in PDF le nuove funzionalità. Auspico un Vostro pronto intervento.

    • dgriffin says:

      We are working on an update that should be available soon, that should address your issue.

      However, in addition to the issues we discovered with certain files, the issue you are experiencing may also be that in the iPad and iPhone, Apple’s built-in PDF functionality cannot properly display comments and forms. You’ll need to open it in a fully featured PDF application like Adobe Reader to see the modifications.

  6. Charlien Purl says:

    Love this!!

  7. Dan Eveland says:

    You failed to mention that this app allows you to fill out forms, BUT THE FORMS PRINT OUT WITHOUT THE DATA! Typical Adobe half-solutions.

    • dgriffin says:

      Saving filld out forms usually works, but some customers have reported files that cause the save operation to fail, and we are preparing an update that should remedy these issues.

      In addition, if you are trying to view the form contents on an iOS device using Apple’s built in PDF viewing, please note that Apple’s PDF code does not properly support rendering PDF forms or comments. You’ll need to open the file in a fully functional PDF reader like Adobe Reader, or the many others.

      • Deborah says:

        What do you mean by “using Apple’s built in PDF viewing”? I thought when I downloaded the Adobe Reader app I was using Adobe Reader. But now you’re telling me that I need to use Adobe Reader? I don’t get it.

        All I want to do is save the document that I spent time highlighting on my iPad so that I can go to my desktop and retrieve it. I use Dropbox so I figured I’d be able to save it there. But when I tried to “Open In…” Dropbox, all the highlighting is gone.

        I can email it just fine even though I get a warning saying that “Apple’s built in PDF support does not properly render PDF comments or forms.”

  8. Summa says:

    Thanks for the link feature. Now how do I turn off the freaking blue background that is ruining the beautiful layout I’ve created in Undesignated?!?!

    Don’t make me use Ex pdf Reader!!!!!

  9. maksim says:

    what about adobe reader update for windows phone?

    old version is not even available in new regions, e.g. in Estonia! could you please set checkbox in apphub, so we can open pdfs at least?

    • dgriffin says:

      We thought that we had enabled the full range of regions when MS recently added them, so we’re checking with MS now to see why this is not working.

  10. Yevhen Yaremchuk says:

    We are trying to use new iPad App for viewing DRM protected PDFs created in LiveCycle ES2 using AES256 encryption. It crashes when we are trying to open a document. After re-launch it shows a warning message “The document is empty (size 0KB)”.

    It looks that everything is fine for DRM document encrypted by AES128.

    • dgriffin says:

      Hello Yevhen,
      When, exactly, do you experience the crash?
      We have an open bug with Apple because their built-in PDF preview, which is used by the Safari browser, iBooks, and their mail application, crashes when encountering certain LCRM encrypted files. Is this what you are seeing? Or are you seeing the issue in Adobe Reader itself?

  11. Jeff says:

    One thing that would be extremely helpful is the ability to change the font size in sticky notes.

    • dgriffin says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Jeff. To clarify, are you asking for this font size just for the display on your phone or tablet, since the text in a sticky note is, in general, unformatted text?

  12. Tong Peng says:


    Thanks for the blog and for bringing us this new version. One feature I have been looking for is the ability to add bookmark from the PDF reader, this is very useful when reading a long PDF file. On desktop version, I can add a sticky note, then from the Comment sidebar, I can directly jump to the page with the sticky note. In the Android version, although I can add sticky note, but I don’t find a way like the Comment sidebar in the desktop version that allows me to see all the sticky notes and directly goes to it. It will be great if the Andoid version supports that.

    Tong Peng

    • dgriffin says:

      These are some great requests, and we’re always looking for ways to make our mobile Reader better. There are tons of good ideas, so we’ll be busy for a long time implementing them all!

      Dennis Griffin
      Principal Product Manager
      Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets

  13. Fatih Erbay says:

    I can’t saved the changes. When i close the PDF document all of the changes are gone.

  14. Jason Gee says:

    If the forms.pdf document is password protected, I cannot fill in the fields… No functionality
    Also is the app hipaa compliant?

    • dgriffin says:

      Hello Jason,
      Our app does not allow saving of encrypted files, which also means that you can’t fill and submit encrypted forms.
      Regarding HIPAA, I’ll need to check on what that means for an application before I can say definitively.

  15. Sanja says:

    No entiendo porque nö funciona en iPhone y iPad? I can not understand whay doesn’t work en iPhone and iPad????!!!!

    • dgriffin says:

      I’m not sure that I understand what you mean by “Doesn’t work”. Can you elaborate?

  16. Marthese Xuereb Baiada says:

    Cant open PDF email attachments.

  17. Jodi says:

    Does it allow for calculations? If not, will there be future functionality for that?

    Also, can a form be used as a template and saved? For example, if I need to fill out a work order or bid, can I fill it in as a form, save it (offline) and start fresh on a new one?

    • dgriffin says:

      These are both great requests that we’re definitely considering for a future update. I can’t say when they’ll be available, though.

      Dennis Griffin

  18. Denis says:

    How you delete a file from document

    • dgriffin says:

      if you are on iOS, you can swipe in the file list to see the Delete option. On Android, you can long-press.

  19. Orrin Silverstein says:

    Looking at a portfolio PDF using the latest viewer for IOS (iPad) the linked files are sorted by name. Is there a way to sort the files by date?. I sometimes create a portfolio PDF of various MS Outlook emails and their attachments. When viewing that file using Windows on my PC it can be sorted or searched by subject, sender name, date, etc. Would be helpful it this was available when searching the file using my iPad.

  20. thnaks for sharing

  21. Brad says:

    I know someone already talked about the lack of printing with FORMs filled out, but I wanted to bring this up again as this is a pain.
    When I open a PDF that has forms and drop downs, none of those selections or entries are saved anywhere. If I print it, it prints blank. If I email it, it emails it blank. This seems to be an iOS only problem, I opened this same file on an android device, and when emailed, it emailed it with the entries fine. Funny thing is, it was linked to my dropbox, and it ended up saving the entries when I opened it up next time on my iPad. There is definitely something wrong with the way it handles forms.

    When do you expect this to be updated?

    • dgriffin says:


      I think I can explain the issue you are seeing. Are you trying to print from your iPad using AirPrint? Apple’s PDF engine does not support rendering the contents of PDF Forms or PDF Comments, Which is why PDFs look like all of those things have gone missing when attached as emails in the iPad, or printed using AirPrint. We have logged an issue with Apple about this, but have no insight into whether or when they will fix it. If we were to flatten the document, then the form would no longer be a ‘live’ form that can have the form data pulled from it, and the comments would be made just graphics, and not something that could be reviewed using Acrobat’s comment reviewing tools.

      Dennis Griffin
      Principal Product Manager
      Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets.

  22. Ross Midgley says:

    Like everyone else I am waiting for a version which can handle xfa. Meanwhile, I can live without dynamic forms and data validation – all I want is for my staff to be able to open up a blank form (created in Acrobat X Pro), fill it in, save it, email the form (or the data) to head office and then be able to open up a new blank form. At present I don’t know how to handle the last three steps. Is this possible?

    • dgriffin says:

      As you’ve noticed, we do not have support for XFA in our mobile Reader. Adobe knows that we have customers who are using XFA, and we are looking into how we can provide support on mobile devices. However, we don’t yet have any firm plans or timeframe guidance we can provide.

  23. Ross Midgley says:

    My experiments so far suggest that Reader 10.2 can handle submit form buttons which are set to email the full PDF but not where they are set to email only an fdf file. Is this right?

    • dgriffin says:

      Correct. We do not yet support the full range of ways that PDF data can be submit from Forms, but we will continue to work on adding support for more over time.

      Dennis Griffin

  24. alex says:

    Select word to view define is very basic feature should be provided. iBooks had this for the first born. To implement this feature is not hard, just call API is OK.

    You need to know that, there are many users are not native English speakers. when they read English tech articles, Dictionary is vital important. When you make software for worldwide users, more wider vision is critical.

    • dgriffin says:

      Hello Alex,

      Thanks for the request. I agree that is a great feature that we should have, and soon!

      Dennis Griffin
      Principal Product Manager
      Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets

  25. Red says:

    How do you rename files, folders, and delete files Thanks red

    • dgriffin says:

      Hello Red,

      We do not yet have the ability to rename files, or delete files on Android, though you can delete files on iOS.

      Dennis Griffin

  26. À Mulder says:

    I like to have Adobe reader on my iPad 2

  27. 王驰天 says:

    非常感谢Adobe Reader的软件开发商,给予了我工作和实用上带来很多好处,谢谢.

  28. Dr.Laith AL Kaabi says:

    It’s very helpful for I install it ?

    • dgriffin says:

      Just go to the App Store or Google Play on your device, search for Adobe Reader, and click install.

  29. J Hall says:

    Can I choose links that are NOT blue?
    I want to decide wether or not my layout should contain blue fields. If I can’t control this it is a very user-unfriendly “improvement”.

  30. Bram Alexander Andersen says:

    Hi Reader mobile folks

    Great App! Fast, responsive and nicely designed.

    Big wishes (with commenting focus)
    – More precise placement of comments – when I open in osx the leaders are all over the place. Where is the comment anchor put? Seems random?
    – Folders, sorting or marking of files
    – Placing of the comment icon in the margin, outside the document. It really obscures the text as it is now. Also adding leaders would be nice.
    – Use the same icon for comments as Preview on OSX (don’t know what reader on osx uses)


  31. Mitchell says:

    This update is awesome…
    Except, I have yet to find the ability to “save as”
    When I exit out of the doc it saves the original.
    Which is great except when I want to use the original template and have it stay the same:
    for example signing a contract in “the field”

    • dgriffin says:

      We are adding some document management capabilities in our upcoming release which will allow you to make copies before filling out forms in the field.


  32. Alexander says:


    Thanks for the app! Great stuff! (Using the ipad one). However, i would like to request a feature which would make it perfect in my opinion – the ability to scroll through highlights and notes like you are able to in Adobe Reader for desktop systems (using windows).

    Best regards

    • dgriffin says:

      Hello Alexander,
      Thanks for the request. Adding a comment list is definitely something we have considered, but we don’t yet have a schedule for when we’ll be able to add it.

  33. Rafael says:

    Dopo aver corretto l’ultima bozza di un libro di 600 pagine, ho scoperto che le note e il testo evidenziato NON viene trasmesso allegando in una e-mail! A chi devo mandare la fattura per il lavoro che devo RIFARE? Grazie, Adobe!
    After correcting the final draft of a book of 600 pages, I discovered that the notes and highlighted text will NOT be transmitted by attaching in an e-mail! Whom shall I send the invoice for the work I have to REDO? Thank you, Adobe!

    • dgriffin says:

      The notes and highlights will be transmitted, and shown in any PDF viewer that fully implements the PDF specification for comments. Apple’s iOS Preview display does not, but if you open on any desktop in Adobe Reader, or almost any other competing PDF Reader, including Apple’s Preview on OSX, the markup is properly displayed.

      We are discussing this issue with Apple, but do not know when they will have resolution for their own iOS PDF preview.


    • Pierluigi says:

      Ciao, ho lo stesso problema, in più tutte le modifiche apportate non restano tali. Mi dici per cortesia come posso memorizzare le modifiche fatte? Grazie.

  34. Jason says:

    Too bad you cannot submit the PDF. Works fine on Windows. Emailing & saving a PDF is totally insecure.

  35. Michelle says:

    How do I change the free-hand drawing pen colour from red to black?

    • dgriffin says:

      If you draw an object, then change the color using the context menu, the next time you draw something, the freehand pen should use the new color you chose.


  36. Elisabeth says:

    Is it possible to search the comments? If not could you please add this feature, if yes could you explain me how?

    • dgriffin says:

      Thanks for the request. We have heard this from a few of our users, and it is one that we would like to add, but we don’t yet have a plan for when we’ll do so.


      • Wiktor says:

        Great job creating commenting in documents! Unfortunately if you work with a long book youreally need to come back to what you tagged / commented. Please introduce search at your latest convenience. Thanks!

  37. Michel says:

    I understand Livecycle Designer forms don’t work with the mobile reader but Acrobat forms do. Is there a way to convert a Livecycle Designer form into an Acrobat form so that it can be used on mobiles? The forms I would like to convert all have Javascript code and are Reader Extended (for saving and 2D barcode generation).

  38. Mohammed says:

    I’ve been tried the newest version of Adobe Reader X in my iPad, the app is great but lacks the ability to select a single word in order to define it. Also, comparatively to iBooks, the refresh display is quite slow and the page doesn’t fit the whole screen (there are a grey frame that serround the pages and btw decreases the text size).

    • dgriffin says:

      Adobe Reader for the iPad does include the dictionary feature (I just re-checked that it works), but the dictionary is a feature of iOS 5. Are you by any chance using iOS 4? Or are you saying that you are unable to select text? It could be that the document you are looking at is a picture, which can often be true for documents that have been scanned to PDF and lack the text information necessary for selection.

      • Mohammed says:

        Hi Dennis,
        The built-in dictionary works fine (I tried it within getting started.pdf) the problem consists of selecting a single word. If I focus in the word which I want to define it Adobe Reader select, instead, a couple of words delimited either by a line feed or a non-char like a period, comma or question mark. I have been tried other pdf books (eg. MySQL in a Nutshell 2nd Edition, O’reilly) some of which work but other not especially those generated by LaTeX (eg. The TikZ and PGF Packages Manual, Till Tantau).

        NB: I’ve an iOS 5.1.1 installed on my iPad w/ ADOBE READER 10.3.0

  39. E Snyders says:

    How do I erase or undo highlits in a document?

    • dgriffin says:

      To erase or “undo” a highlight, you can just tap the text highlight, and you should see a context menu that allows you to “Clear” the markup.

  40. i’m using adobe such as photoshop, have good feature for editing picture

  41. joe schaefer says:

    I am using adobe acrobat x pro to make a portfolio. I am then reading the portfolio in Reader X. The commenting and drwing function says I can’t modify because this is an attachment. Am I doing something wrong?

    • dgriffin says:

      Adobe Reader for Android and iOS doesn’t support commenting on the contents of a portfolio, or on attachments to a PDF.
      Dennis Griffin

  42. bern5 says:

    Can you turn off the light blue hyperlink highlighting?
    Also can you force the hyperlink highlighting to not show up by default when exporting from InDesign.

  43. Michelle Chicas says:

    Is there an eraser on freehand? I cant find it but i need it a lot and have to delete my entire annotation just to fix it

    • dgriffin says:

      We do not have an eraser for the freehand tool, so for now your only option is to delete and start the drawing over.

  44. Bill says:

    Is there a comment and highlight search list for the reader app. I have a galaxy tab 2 and the only thing I am missing is a document wide list of my comments and highlights!

    • dgriffin says:

      Reader for Android and iOS does not have a comments list, but it is a request we hear from time to time, so we are considering it. Thanks for the continued feedback!

  45. lee ann says:

    My highlighting function isn’t working correctly all of a sudden. It now highlights the whole line of text instead of just the selected text. Help?

    • dgriffin says:

      This is a known issue that affects some specific files. We are looking into it, so if you could send us your file, we may be able to use it as a sample.
      Send it to with a description of the problem.

      • Pierluigi says:

        how do I save an edited document? sending by email does not show the changes. Thank you.

        • dgriffin says:

          Your edits are automatically saved, but the built-in PDF rendering on iOS is not capable of rendering Comments on a PDF document. If you view the document on any other OS, or in Adobe Reader and many other PDF applications, you will be able to see the comments. We have contacted Apple to let them know, but we do not have any insight into whether or when they will fix the issue.

  46. John says:

    I’m yet another designer who finds the compulsory highlighting of links a pain in the neck. Acrobat has plenty of options to set the style of highlighting the designer wants for desktop Reader, why would anybody think the mobile Reader should ignore these settings!!

    Also when is video support coming to iPad and Android Reader? If EZPDF can support video, why can’t Adobe’s own apps do so??

    • dgriffin says:

      Thanks for the feedback, it is important to us. I’m going to have the team look into your suggestions, but I can’t commit to when or how we’ll change our Mobile Reader.
      Dennis Griffin
      Principal Product Manager
      Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones

  47. Pierluigi says:

    Help! I can not save the changes made on the pdf, when I send mail PDF modicato remains the original. how do I save the changes?

    • dgriffin says:

      Your comments are automatically saved, but the iOS built-in PDF viewer used by Mail does not fully support the PDF specification. If you view the PDF on any other device, or in Adobe Reader on iOS, you will be able to see your comments. We have notified Apple of this issue, but do not have any insight into whether or when they will fix the problem.

  48. David Harris says:

    Hi dgriffin,

    Comments and highlight list.

    First, on 10 September you said you were considering adding a comments list. Where have you got to with your thinking on this please? It is a really useful function on Adobe Reader X for PC, and pretty much essential with large documents. I observe an increasing number of people in the professions and the academic world who read pdf’s rather than paper and I strongly believe that would increase hugely with this function enabled. I use a Kindle for this at present because its anotation support is very good but Adobe Reader X on the PC is better and I would prefer a larger mobile device (the Kindle DX does not yet support this unfortunately, so Adobe still has the chance to get there first!)

    Second, it would also be helpful to be able to synch comments between the PC and iPad, is that on your to-do list?

    Thirdly, the built-in dictionary with the Kindle is a very useful feature. Any plans to incorporate one of those?

    What is a likely timescale for these improvements?



    • dgriffin says:

      Hello David,

      We are still considering the Comments List. We have literally hundreds of thing we want to work on getting into the app, and not everything can get done right away.

      With the cloud integration, you can now sync the PDF file which you’ve commented on between your PC and your device, but I think that there’s more we can do longer term to really enable a great product and experience around reviewing.

      I’ll need to look into the Kindle Dictionary more. We have a similar feature on iOS, which is built into the OS, but I will need to look into what it takes to work with the Kindle Dictionary to have a great experience.

      Regarding timeframe, I can’t unfortunately can’t promise anything other than say these aren’t high on our near term roadmap for the next quarter or two.

  49. Eric says:

    I don’t get the submit button when using adobe reader on my iPad to open forms created with Acrobat XI and sent using FormsCentral.
    Anyone know how to correct this?

  50. Vada says:

    Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but
    I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

  51. Agrippa says:

    Hello there! Great app!

    A few issues I think could make it even better if resolved
    -every time I need to highlight a new section, I have to press the highlight option. As I highlight many individual words in my work, this is annoying, as I might have to do it 25 20 times per page. This is even worse when considering the second issue
    -unless I press the highlight button right on, it interprets a scroll to top action and takes me all the way to page 1! Then I have to manually find my way back looking among hundreds of pages for my last place.

    Issue 1 could be resolved by a “highlight lock” activated by two quick taps on the button, much like caps lock works on the ipad. Issue 2 could be resolved by restructing scroll up to an unobtrusive area (say, top left corner alone) and by adding a “last page” option, which would take you to your most recent position in the past. A “last location” option could be added to the bookmark tap (bottom right) so as to avoid taking up room on the main screen.


  52. ovy says:

    i really would appreciate a pink and orange highlighter or liner color.

    • dgriffin says:

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll consider adding more colors in a way that doesn’t make the app more complex to use!

  53. Cathy Glen says:

    Is it possible to save a pdf picture to as my desktop picture? If yes, how?

  54. We use a form creation, which inputs data into a form field and locks the field. Reader, however, loses the form formatting information, so even thoughfields are set to display as currency ($1,234.56) they show as numbers, left-aligned (1234.5600). Is there any way to correct this?


  55. Leo says:

    It seems that the app can only read password protected PDF, not annotate them, even if “edit” and “annotate” are enabled when creating the PDF.

    Is there any way to do it?


    • dgriffin says:

      We do not support modifying password protected documents on mobile yet. It is on the list of things we want to get to, but I cannot say when it will be in Reader yet.

  56. Hello. I’ve done an interactive pdf that works also on mobile with navigation arrows and menu buttons. If I exports few pages of the file (for exemple, ten pages), the interactivity works as well on the tablet, but if I exports more page, as 55 page – even if in low resolution, generating a file as heavy as the first of ten pages – it doesn’t works anymore.
    There’s some limite of pages that a interactive pdf file may have to works on tablets? Or some other logical that explains it?

  57. Erin says:

    I love this application, but was wondering if there could be a way to increase the font sizes of sticky notes? When I pull up the note I’ve made the text is pretty small and sometimes hard to read. Unless I’m incorrect, I can’t zoom in either when I have my sticky note pulled up.

  58. Bill says:

    OS- Android
    I open .pdf file via dropbox and read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. I markup the document freehand using a stylus. How do I change and save the name of this new file using reader?

    Look forward to your assistance.

    • dgriffin says:

      Reader for Android does not have a “Save As” feature…it always saves back on the original. It is possible to make a copy of a file from within the File Manager in Reader, though, as a workaround.

      1) Launch Reader
      2) Go to “Documents”
      3) Choose “Folders”
      4) Navigate to the PDF you want to open
      5) Tap “Manage” on the top toolbar
      6) Copy the file, giving it the new name
      7) Open the new file.

  59. Omar says:

    A comment and highlight list is very essential feature that should have been included in the first release of this app!! I use that feature so much, that now i feel stuck in using my tablet for pdfs. There is no way to get back to comments that are lost in a 2000 page pdf file!

  60. Anand Sinam says:

    I like this very must, so please send me the download link for this software

  61. jws says:

    It’s great! Certainly the best PDF reader I’ve found (for Android).
    When reading full screen, the “background” is visible round the edges of the document. It’s a pale bluey-gray color. Depending how well the document fits the 16×9 Android screen, there is more or less of the background visible.
    One of the uses I want to make of PDF reader is to display documents and presentations full screen on a large display / TV / projector. Can the background be changed to black, please, or have a “black” option, or an option to set the background color? I could see that there could be a good reason for wanting to set the background color the same as the background of the pages, such as white, or an arbitrary color, so setting the background color would be best, but failing that, a “black” option, please!

  62. jws says:

    Just to add to the background color post above, it suddenly crossed my mind that “night mode” might set it black, but it doesn’t. Certainly I would have thought that it ought to be black in night mode, otherwise the pale blue-gray is actually producing a glare round the black page.

  63. Jim Hanley says:

    I want to be able to open, edit AND SAVE an encrypted file after I edited it on my ipad. How can I do that?

    • dgriffin says:

      We don’t yet support modifying and re-saving encrypted documents, but that is something we’re considering for the future.

  64. Jo Lou Spleth says:

    Is there a concise list somewhere of what can and can’t be done with Reader on Android, as opposed to Reader on a desktop?

    • dgriffin says:

      We do not have such a concise list, largely because Reader on the Desktop has 20 years of features added to it, many which are not on our Mobile Readers. Such a list would inherently be either incomplete or quite long.

  65. KD says:

    I’m wanting to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ for my daughter to use. She wants to be able to underline documents for her school work – this can be either pdf or epub. Can she download Adobe Reader and do this on the Galaxy Tab??

    • dgriffin says:

      Adobe Reader for Android does not support ePUB documents, so will not be able to do this on any books that are in ePUB format. But as long as the PDFs are not text (not scans) and are not protected, then she should be able to open and mark them up in Adobe Reader.

      Additionally, some universities use PDF eBook DRM on the books they distribute which Adobe Reader for Android does not support. Do you know if the school your daughter is going to does this?