Upcoming Adobe Reader Update for iOS and Android

We added some great new functionality in our latest update for Adobe Reader on iOS and Android, and we’ve heard a ton of feedback. Most of that feedback has been positive, but we’ve also learned about a few issues that users are having in the wild that we hadn’t seen here at Adobe. It’s great to hear from customers both about what you love, and about the problems that you are having, so we can react quickly to make your day better!

Below is a sample of the customer reported issues that we are addressing in this update (and forum posts about them where relevant). The update is now in final testing by our team prior to submitting to the App Store and Google Play, and should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Form Data Entry or Comments Lost
There was a specific case of PDF formatting that would cause our PDF save code to have an error when writing the changes out, which led to some people losing their changes. Most documents aren’t structured this way, so the vast majority of users were able to use the features successfully.

PDF files opened from SharePlus on iOS are not editable
Some applications, like SharePlus, were sending us files to us with the permissions on the file to make it read only. We were not expecting this, so Reader was honoring those pre-set file permissions, and would not save the file after the user made modifications. Since the file that Reader is opening is actually a copy that is owned by Reader, we are now changing the file permissions to allow us to save your modifications.

Some PDFs corrupted when saving changes
There was a user who sent us a pdf that became corrupted when saving the comments that they added and couldn’t be re-opened. This file was very unique, so we do not think this was widespread, and we are fixing it to prevent anybody else from encountering the issue.

Incorrect date on Sticky Notes on iOS
Some users noted that the date we put into the sticky note to indicate when the comment was made is incorrect. This appears to be caused by a bug in the iOS SDK, but we have worked around it.

Submit button not working in some forms
There were some PDF forms that did not include an optional PDF element that our code was treating as required. Because we were treating this as required, our code would not process the submit for forms structured this way. We are now properly treating this element (the FS key) as optional, and submit is working for these files.

Multiline form fields with auto-text size do not work properly
If an author had created a multiline text entry form field with auto-sizing text, Reader for iOS and Android would not display user entered text correctly.

Linked Field appearances not updated
A Form author can set up their form to have two fields which share a single value, so that entering data in one updates both immediately. We were only updating the field when the user clicked into it until this fix.

User Entered Text displays the wrong direction on rotated pages
For some forms that have landscape pages that appeared to be rotated, Adobe Reader would show the user’s form entry so that it was rotated by 90 degrees.

Localization Issues
There were some errors in the German localization which we missed in the initial release, and which we are now fixing.

Stability and Performance
We also found some ways we could improve pinch zoom performance on iOS, and fixed a couple of stability issues that we discovered under low resource conditions.

Dennis Griffin
Principal Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets


18 Responses to Upcoming Adobe Reader Update for iOS and Android

  1. Dear Adobe developers,

    it will be possible to automatically fill PDF forms with data from FDF files? Enabling this feature (like the one in Adobe Reader for Windows) would be a very great future for websites which currently generates FDF files in order to automatically fill PDF files with data from HTML forms or from a database.

    Best regards

  2. Antonio Miron says:

    My present paper is to indicate the discrimination that occurs by
    Play the Google Market to only allow downloads to devices
    expensive in the market. Unable to download (even through all the possible sites) Adobe Reader if not from the aforementioned Play Google.
    you can download from any website ask me to do so.
    Thank you.

    • dgriffin says:

      I do not believe that Google has any discrimination here, but the maker of your device may have chosen not to abide by the agreement needed to install the Google Play store on their Android device.
      However, you do not need Google Play to install Reader. If you want to download the Android installer from Adobe to install yourself, you’ll need to have a computer of some sort, though.

      On your PC (or mac/linux/etc) Browse to here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/
      Choose Android / English / 10.2 in the three dropdowns
      Download the Adobe Reader.apk (this is the installer)
      Email the APK to an email address that you get on your phone or tablet
      On your Android device, Open the email and tap the attachment to download it. If you do not have your device set up to allow installs from outside Google Play, Android should prompt you to turn the setting on before it will install.

      Let me know if this works for you!

      Dennis Griffin

  3. In addition to the above issues, I have a form prepared with Acrobat Pro X (PC). Form fields formatted as number some places bring up the number keypad and other places bring up the letter keypad. No difference in settings.

  4. charley says:

    hey Adobe developers,
    just wondering whether it is possible to sdd a feature to display more pages on the screen, given that I read lecture slides quite often, I would enjoy a feature like 2,4,6 pages on the screen at once


    • dgriffin says:

      This is an interesting request, and thanks for letting us know what you’d like to see!
      Dennis Griffin

  5. charley says:

    also thanks for supporting the software, I find this app to be the fastest PDF viewer on iPad at the moment, and is great to use on the whole

  6. Laurie says:

    Dear Adobe, I have enabled my PDF document (created in Acrobat X) to allow for notes and comments, but disallowed copying text. The end result on a desktop PC using Adobe Reader allows the user to add comments, notes, highlight etc. just as I intended. However, when viewing the same document on an iPad with the latest Adobe Reader, comments are disabled due to restrictions. Is there a way that I can allow this on the iPad without removing the restriction for copying the document? Is there a setting in Acrobat that I am overlooking? When I save the file I choose Save As – Reader Extended PDF – Enable Additional Features.

    • dgriffin says:

      Our Mobile Reader is currently not able to make changes to documents with any protection applied. So if you want to enable commenting, you will need to also have everything else allowed. Note that we do not require Reader Enabling the PDF to allow commenting.
      We have enabling commenting on documents with some form of protection on our list of things to get to, but we do not yet have it on a particular release roadmap.

      Dennis Griffin

  7. have just been ‘installed’ : http:// get.adobe.com/reader/completion/? installer=-ReaderX

    what is the next step to read an attachment of a newsletter.PDF in my inbox which I cannot open without Adobe Reader’s help (I think)….

    Please be simple – I’m an 87 – newcomer to this problem…….thanks very much……B.

  8. ROYMD says:

    I LIKE

  9. Dan says:

    Have searched the net and only adobe has the auto scroll that a lot of musicians desire and would be great in the app but has been omitted. Please consider having this option on future versions. It will most definitely bring new customers to your product.

  10. hrvoj says:

    Dear Developer,

    I have Toshiba AT100, android and adobe reader 10.2.1

    An idea about editing, note, coment, highlight etc. is great,
    but please notice that reader do not save changes into a document.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Best regards,

  11. ED says:

    Do you plan on supporting the HTML form submit action in mobile versions soon? This would seem to me to be a very asked for feature. I have a requirement to make this work and it works great in IE and on Windows Desktop reader but I would like to be able to use it on the iPad to submit the PDF POST data only to a php script.

    • dgriffin says:

      Hello ED,
      Thanks for the request and suggestion. This capability is definitely one we are interested in adding, but we do not yet have a schedule for when we’ll have it completed.

  12. roror says:

    Great program, but, badly need an ability to organize pdfs. Take a look at the collections feature of iBooks.

  13. Burnsy says:

    When will the Blackberry playbook have updates and features like these? Right now the reader is:
    1. limited in features. What can you do with reader? READ! That is it. Every single platform can at least highlight, add some text and make sharing of a document easy right from the program.
    2. Limited in design. The UI is very simplistic (well when you have a bare bone program I guess you can’t have much of UI anyway) you don’t use the swipe down gesture to add more to your Application.

    Honestly your application is like the Internet Explorer of the playbook. Used and kept on the device only because you can’t remove it. Will you at least give us something good later this year or make a good and versatile version for BB10 that will be released next year on the device? Reading about such features makes me hungry for more from Adobe and I know you can make a better reader for the device.

    Sorry for being off topic and thank you for reading.