Adobe Reader for Android update (10.2.1) now available

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Adobe Reader for Android update, version 10.2.1, on the Google Play Store. All issues mentioned on this post are fixed in this update, so we encourage you to go ahead and update!

Gaurav Jain
Engineering Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets

10 Responses to Adobe Reader for Android update (10.2.1) now available

  1. Sri Nune says:

    I am having issues with viewing portions of a construction drawing that has comment blocks added by a reviewing engineer. The comment seems to obscure the rest of the drawing details. I am using a samsung galaxy tab 2, 7.0 loaded with ice cream. Any idea how to overcome this?

  2. Mark Harmon says:

    I can’t seem to figure out how to save my comments and notes made to a pdf file on my Android 4.0 Asus Transformer Prime. I have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on my tablet. I also use Google Drive to store all my documents since I work off of my phone, tablet and pc. I thought maybe I needed to save the file to my Tablet rather then work off of the Google cloud but there when I close the file and open it back up none of the changes are saved. There is a save button after I make a comment but I have no idea where it’s being saved and have checked everywhere in my file manager. Any advice? I am in school so making notes on textbook material is crucial but pointless if they aren’t saved.

    • dgriffin says:

      This issue seems to be caused by the fact that Google Drive downloads all of the files to the device marked as read-only. We have updated Reader to not allow users to attempt to annotate PDFs that are read-only, and will be making another update in the future to save a writable copy that we can save your changes to in this case.
      Dennis Griffin

  3. Atanu Dhar says:

    Congratulations Gaurav


  4. i am avinash. I am using Symbian s60 v2 mobile………but i dont have any good PDF reader for this Editions mobile…please kindly launched Adobe Reader for this old but good edition mobile because most most of the people used this editions mobile and facing problem while PDF file.

    • dgriffin says:

      Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to further update the Symbian version of the Adobe Reader.

  5. Anurag Gupta says:

    How to submit Adobe Livecycle designer-based forms on Android Platform?

    • dgriffin says:

      Adobe Reader for Android and iOS does not currently support LiveCycle Designer Forms. You will need to continue to use your desktop computer to fill those forms out.

  6. Patricia Torres says:

    Having issues highliting, it can only be done on full sentences now, this is a problem when only 2 words need to be highlighted, does anyone know how to fix this?