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Adobe Reader for Android update (10.3.1) now available!

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Adobe Reader for Android update, version 10.3.1, on the Google Play Store. All issues mentioned on this post are fixed in this update, so we encourage you to go ahead and update!

Gaurav Jain
Engineering Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets

Bug Fix Coming for Adobe Reader for Android

We recently had a pretty big update to Adobe Reader for iOS and Android, and at the same time, Google released the Nexus 7, and Android 4.1. Between the two of these releases, some users have reported issues, and we are preparing an update for our Adobe Reader for Android to address them very shortly. We’ve already identified fixes for these issues, and we’re doing the final testing. The update should be posted in the next day or two, as soon as we can finish validating the update.

The issues we’re addressing are:

Some Documents with Italic Fonts not rendering correctly : For documents that referenced an italic font, but did not include the font in the PDF, Adobe Reader would choose a Regular, rather than Italic typeface to display the text. This issue did not affect any document that included the fonts needed to render the document, so only affected a minority of users

Occasional Crashes when clicking to view the Documents or What’s New items : Some users reported this issue, and from the feedback we were able to track down the issues and resolve them.

Display Flicker, “Fuzzy” or Blank rendering on some new Android devices : With the new OS update, and some new devices that just came out, some users reported issues with parts of their document flickering between a very fuzzy image and the final display, getting stuck on a fuzzy image, or in some cases just remaining white. This issue seems to primarily affect newer Android 4 or 4.1 devices , and we have been able to reproduce and fix the issue.


Now Available: Add Text Tool, File Management, and more in Adobe Reader for iOS & Android

A couple of days ago we released the latest version of Adobe Reader for iOS and Android, and we’re pleased to share a summary of the great new functionality in this update.

All New Look!

Adobe Reader now sports a brand new look, with a split panel that makes it extremely easy to navigate across different functions, such as viewing Recently viewed files, browsing the list of all documents, as well as taking a look at what’s new in this release. On Android phones, given the smaller screen space, the split pane animates to the left when you select an item. On iPhone and iPod Touch, the Reader UI provides a tab bar at the bottom of the screen instead of a split pane view, just like a standard iPhone app. All in all, it’s a brand new look and an engaging experience across devices and form factors!

Split pane view on iPad

The animated split-pane on an Android Phone

Manage your files and folders, all within Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader now allows you to manage your documents right within the Reader. You can create & manage folders, and rename, delete and move files seamlessly on both Android and iOS (*). On Android, we’ve provided two viewing modes – while we’ve added the new Folder View that allows you to browse folders up and down the hierarchy just like any file browser, we’ve also retained the existing flat-list view that gives you very convenient view of all your PDF documents on the device storage. What’s more – you can manage files from either of the views. See below a series of screenshots illustrating some of these new capabilities.

(*) On iOS, file management is available on devices running iOS 5 and above.

Creating a folder

Renaming a file

Deleting multiple files
Moving multiple files

The two file viewing modes on Android

Field Validation of forms

With this update of Adobe Reader, we’ve enhanced support for forms that have Field Validation, Calculation, and Formatting built in the form fields. Refer the screenshot below that illustrates this with a simple numerical form field.

Form field validation

Add Text Tool

Adobe Reader now supports adding arbitrary text using the Add Text tool (also popularly known as the ‘Typewriter tool’). This is available in the Commenting Toolbar along with the rest of the commenting tools, and can be very useful in filling static forms as well as adding text to arbitrary locations on the page.

Adding text on Android

Adding text on iPad

Dictionary Support on iOS

Adobe Reader on iOS now allows you to look up definitions of selected terms in a PDF by invoking the built-in dictionary. This feature is available on all devices running iOS version 5 and above.

Looking up a word on iPad

Try it now!
We encourage you to install or update to Reader 10.3, and look forward to your feedback. Some key links below:

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