Bug Fix Coming for Adobe Reader for Android

We recently had a pretty big update to Adobe Reader for iOS and Android, and at the same time, Google released the Nexus 7, and Android 4.1. Between the two of these releases, some users have reported issues, and we are preparing an update for our Adobe Reader for Android to address them very shortly. We’ve already identified fixes for these issues, and we’re doing the final testing. The update should be posted in the next day or two, as soon as we can finish validating the update.

The issues we’re addressing are:

Some Documents with Italic Fonts not rendering correctly : For documents that referenced an italic font, but did not include the font in the PDF, Adobe Reader would choose a Regular, rather than Italic typeface to display the text. This issue did not affect any document that included the fonts needed to render the document, so only affected a minority of users

Occasional Crashes when clicking to view the Documents or What’s New items : Some users reported this issue, and from the feedback we were able to track down the issues and resolve them.

Display Flicker, “Fuzzy” or Blank rendering on some new Android devices : With the new OS update, and some new devices that just came out, some users reported issues with parts of their document flickering between a very fuzzy image and the final display, getting stuck on a fuzzy image, or in some cases just remaining white. This issue seems to primarily affect newer Android 4 or 4.1 devices , and we have been able to reproduce and fix the issue.