Updated Reader for iOS and Android

Today we are releasing an updated Reader for Android. We also have an iOS version ready, but it is currently awaiting Apple’s App Review process. We will release it as soon as Apple approves it, but decided to let our Android users have access now, rather than being forced to wait!

[Update 11/8/2012] Apple finally approved the Reader and the Reader is now also available on iOS devices via the App Store.

Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Cloud Storage with Acrobat.com files

The biggest addition we’re making in this update is adding Cloud file storage with Acrobat.com. You can share documents between all of your devices and computers over Acrobat.com from directly within Reader. If you’re reading a document on your laptop, but need to leave for the train, just save it to Acrobat.com, and then open it on your phone or tablet. And if you make comments on the document, we’ll automatically save it back to the cloud from your device, as well. There are a lot more cool things we’ll be able to do with this capability over time now that we have it in place, so let us know how you want to use it!


See, there really is an iOS version!


Forms Interactivity

We’ve enhanced our forms interactivity in this release as well. We introduced Field validation, calculation, and formatting on iOS in the summer, and have added it to our Android version in this update. It wasn’t ready on Android back in July, and we didn’t want to make everybody wait, but now both iOS and Android are caught up! We also added support for Field Hierarchies as well.

For more information on Field Hierarchies and how to use them, see this document on devnet: http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/naming.pdf

FormsCentral PDF
If you haven’t used FormsCentral to collect data, you should give it a try: https://formscentral.acrobat.com/
One of the great things that FormsCentral added this year was the ability to create PDF forms that talk back to FormsCentral for data collection. We are now able to add support those PDFs in Mobile Reader now that we have support for Form interactivity on both iOS and Android.

Better Support for Selecting and Highlighting Asian Text 

We’ve significantly improved our handling of Asian and Vertical text, so you can now use the full range of text selection and highlighting features on Japanese, Chinese, and Korean text. This is something that a lot of our users have been asking for, so we’re happy to deliver this improvement.

Better Printing of Comments and Forms on iOS

One of the great things about iOS is the built-in printing and PDF support. However, one of the unfortunate things is that the iOS PDF engine (unlike Apple’s desktop PDF engine) doesn’t support the whole PDF specification. In particular, it can’t handle PDF Comments or Forms properly, so when users printed out their marked up documents from Reader for iOS, they’d get the document without any markup. That’s not good. We’ve worked around this limitation in our latest update, so now if you can see it, you can print it.

BTW, we’re working on getting printing working on Android, too! Stay tuned for a future update there.

Rights Management: Watermarks

A lot of our customers who are using Rights Management place dynamic watermarks on their documents to tie the document to the person who is reading it. With our latest update, Reader for iOS and Android now supports these watermarks, expanding the range of documents that can be viewed on mobile securely. Contact your LiveCycle support specialist for more information on how to configure this for your enterprise.


Dennis Griffin
Principal Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones