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Adobe Reader for Android (10.4.2) update

We’re pleased to let you know that we just released an update to the Reader on Android (version 10.4.2) on the Google Play Store. This update includes Smart Zoom feature that Dennis talked about in the previous post, plus some bug fixes, and we’d love to hear feedback on the same!

Gaurav Jain
Engineering Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets

Feature Preview: Smart Zoom

What is a Feature Preview?

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the progress we’re making regularly, rather than having each update come along with a surprise batch of features, starting today! Expect to see a posting like this on some new feature that the team has finished a few times a month.

I won’t comment on when these features will be available, but we have regular releases. We have significant updates planned roughly quarterly, with bug fixes or minor updates in between as needed, so none of the Feature Previews I show over time will take a terribly long time to be available.

Enough explaining what I’m doing, and on to the fun!

Smart Zoom

When you’re reading something on a tablet or phone, sometimes the content isn’t at a great size to be readable, and fiddling with pinch zoom can be annoying. So we’ve implemented a Smart Zoom to make this all a little easier!

When you double-tap on a document, we look at the area of the document where you tapped, identify the “interesting” area under that and then zoom to fit that to the screen for maximum readability. It’s as simple as you tapping on what you want to look at, and we focus your view on what you want to see. And when you want to zoom back out, just double-tap again and we’ll reset to your original zoom.

It’s hard to show such a feature since there’s no visible UI, but I’ve taken some screenshots of the feature in action that should give you an idea how it works.

Say you’re looking at this document, and want to read the column of text. Just double tap over the second paragraph in the column of text:

We then analyze the document to identify what you’re interested in seeing (I highligted it in red)

And then we zoom in to fit the column to the display, so can read it!

Once you’re done, double tap again, and return to your original view!

This is a great feature, and should make reading documents a lot easier, especially on a phone where pinch zooming can be very frustrating. Let us know what you think!

Dennis Griffin
Principal Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones