Adobe Reader for Android (10.4.2) update

We’re pleased to let you know that we just released an update to the Reader on Android (version 10.4.2) on the Google Play Store. This update includes Smart Zoom feature that Dennis talked about in the previous post, plus some bug fixes, and we’d love to hear feedback on the same!

Gaurav Jain
Engineering Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets

10 Responses to Adobe Reader for Android (10.4.2) update

  1. I’ve just tried it and have to say that smart zoom feature is really nice!

  2. Klausmann says:

    If you are filling out a formular you can’t scroll down to the bottom of the document. You have to hide the keyboard before you can click into a formfield wich is located on the end of the document – this bothers me a little bit. (OS: Android)

  3. Atanu Dhar says:

    Gaurav and team, congratulations to all of you!! .. just tried 10.4.2… awesome


  4. Scot Jaynes says:

    With this update we have lost the ability to fill in standard text fields created using Adobe LiveCycle Designer; it’s like the program does not even acknowledge that a text field is there.

    • dgriffin says:

      The prior version showed the fields, but did not properly save the contents, so we turned off the fields until we can store the entered data correctly.

  5. Jon says:

    Can’t clear a form in adobe reader on Android. I have to fill a lot of the same form multiple times. Please fix! Also, I want to save as different names for different forms. Now i have to submit via email and then empty 140 fields manually.

  6. костик says:

    лучше нету

  7. Cirillo says:

    Does it feature the audio function?
    I can see the speaker icon on the pdf, but actually the sound doesn’t play.
    Thank you for your reply.

  8. Lubos says:

    Is it possible to hide the gray background of all the fields in the pdf document? I created the pdf with embeded hyperlinks, which works fine but it also displays gray frame around all my fields. Thank you in advance for you reply.