3D PDF Support on iOS

With our recent update, we now have support for 3D PDF from our iOS version of Adobe Reader! We’ve been working with Tech Soft 3D to enable mobile users to experience the full richness of their 3D data without needing to be tied down to a workstation. All you need is the latest version of Adobe Reader for iOS, and the Tech Soft 3D PDF Reader on your device.

Experiencing the 3D content is incredibly simple. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader, browse to the 3D model, and tap to open it in the 3D PDF Reader! From the 3D PDF Reader you have full access to view and interact with the model. This is a great capability for our AEC customers who aren’t always at a desk need to have the details with them anywhere in the field or on a factory floor.

See the 3D PDF Reader here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/3d-pdf-reader/id569307672


If somebody develops a 3D visualization app for Android that will open U3D and PRC files, we can add this to Android, and if other apps add support for opening PRC and U3D on iOS in the future, this should work with those apps automatically, as well.

Dennis Griffin
Principal Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones

4 Responses to 3D PDF Support on iOS

  1. Gazzzz says:

    Hi Dennis,
    What part does the reader play if Tech soft installs as a standalone app?

    • dgriffin says:

      Users will use Reader to read the PDF. What we have added is the ability for users to view the 3D annotation component in Tech Soft’s app. You still need Reader to open and view the PDF that the 3D model is a part of.

  2. Michail Vidiassov says:

    Dear Dennis,

    what information from the 3D annotation dictionary is passed to the Tech Soft 3D viewer and used by it?
    Camera position, lights, background color, node positions, 3D JavaScript – there are many settings there, are they all supported?

    Sincerely, Michail

    • dgriffin says:

      Currently all that is passed is the actual model data. The metadata in the PDF outside of the model is not passed. We understand that this isn’t ideal, but we also thought that at least bringing the model across was an improvement. I am sure that with enough customer demand, TechSoft could implement support for more, and we could add that to what we pass them.