Feature Preview: Accessibility support

We are working on adding basic accessibility support in Adobe Reader on iOS. To see this in action, enable VoiceOver from Settings->General->Accessibility->VoiceOver on any iDevice. For more details on VoiceOver, please refer to iPad user manual available here.

Adobe Reader for iOS will be using standard iOS VoiceOver gestures in VoiceOver mode. In VoiceOver mode, a user can

  1. Bring focus to UI elements in the file browser, using left and right swipe. Select a specific tab or open a document using double tap.
  2. In document view, move around using standard VoiceOver gestures and use most of the tools i.e. search, upload to acrobat.com cloud, commenting, etc.
  3. In document view, navigate all pages of a document using either three finger left/right swipe or by using scrubber tool.
  4. In document view, Adobe Reader will start reading content of page as soon as page is brought in focus either using left/right swipe gestures or with a single tap.

This support will be available in the next Adobe Reader release for iOS.  Accessibility support on other platforms will follow soon.We believe that this is just a small step towards making Adobe Reader accessible on Mobile platforms but it’s our first and probably most important step in this direction. Please send us your valuable feedback on this feature.

Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Mobile devices


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