Reader Mobile update

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest update for Reader on Android today. The iOS update would be available very soon, pending iTunes processing. We’ve got a lot of great new functionality in this update that we’ve added based on feedback from you, our users.
Update 3/9/2013:The iOS update is now live and available on the iTunes Store.

General Usability

Go To Page One of the consistent requests we’ve had is to allow users to go directly to any page in the document. We’ve found a way to enable this in a really intuitive way, so we’ve added it now! Just tap on the page number, and you’ll be able to enter the new page you want to display.

Night Mode This is a multi-faceted feature. It is helpful for night-time reading, to generate less light pollution, it can extend your battery while reading by having your display use less electricity, it can help reduce eye strain, and it’s even good for people with some vision issues! Switch this on in the View Modes menu.

Smart Zoom Double-tap on a column of text, and Reader will zoom straight to that column making maximum use of your screen.

Screen Brightness Lock  If you’ve ever been reading something and had your screen switch to the lock screen or dim when you’re in the middle of a sentence, you’ll appreciate this. When Reader is in the foreground, we’ll keep the screen active for an extended time so you can keep reading. It will still time out eventually, but not so quickly that you need to keep tapping your device to continue reading.

Undo in Freehand Annotation Drawing a freehand Annotation is natural on a touch-screen device, but until now making a mistake has meant canceling and starting over. Now we have an Undo and Redo so you can just fix your mistakes easily!

Performance We are always looking into improving performance, and have been able to make enhancements on both iOS and Android that should make Reader more pleasant to use.

Bug Fixes We’ve been able to make bug fixes in Forms entry, as well as fixed some stability issues in this update. We’re always monitoring the forums, blog, and reviews to learn about the issues you’re encountering, and fix issues as we learn of them, so please keep communicating any problems you encounter!

Sync Last Position on

We’ve added a great update  recently to our file sync that you might not have noticed. Now when you read a document that is stored in, we save the page you’re on in the cloud so that whenever you go to read that same document in Reader on another device, it not only makes sure that the file is the same version, but it automatically brings you to the same place you were. For users working in a multi-device world, this is a great help.

FormsCentral PDF Validation

We’re regularly adding enhancements to keep pace with FormsCentral, as well, so we’ve updated Reader to support the FormsCentral Client-Side form validation. For more information on FormsCentral, and how it can help you with creating and distributing forms, and collecting the data, read here.

Android Specific Enhancements

Google Cloud Print With Google Cloud Print integration, Adobe Reader for Android catches up to Reader for iOS, and allows you to print your PDF documents from your Android device. You’ll need to get a Google Cloud Print account and set up your printer to take advantage of this.

“Back” after  clicking an internal link or bookmark For anybody who has read a long reference document with internal links, this will be a welcome addition. After you tap on an internal link, we’ll show a “back” arrow icon next to the page number display. If you tap that, you’ll go back to the location you were on when tapping the link or bookmark. This is a feature that we only have on Android because we just ran out of time. It’ll be on iOS in our next major update in another quarter! 

iOS Specific Enhancements

VoiceOver support for Accessibility We’re really happy to say that Adobe Reader for iOS is now accessible. Low vision and blind users can now navigate through the app using the VoiceOver gestures, and Reader will read the page content out as well. There is certainly some more work that we can still do to improve this, but our Accessibility experts said that this was good enough to release, and is a major improvement over not being accessible. We are looking into bringing Accessibility out on Android during 2013 as well, but we don’t have a date for that yet.

Keyboard Support for Form-field navigation iOS users can now use the ‘Tab’ & ‘Shift+Tab’ buttons on bluetooth keyboards when filling PDF forms to navigate between fields. This improves form filling speed and efficiency.

Dennis Griffin
Principal Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones