Adobe Reader (10.1) now available for Windows Phone 8

We are happy to announce that Adobe Reader (10.1) for Windows Phone 8 is now available. We are excited to extend reach of Adobe Reader to Windows Phone 8, and hope that you are as well! Here is a summary of what is in this version.

View Modes

Using Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 8 you can view your PDF documents either in Single Page or Continuous mode.


Search, Select and Copy Text

You can search for words and phrases in a document. In addition, you can select text and copy it to paste into other applications.

wp_ss_20130524_0007                             wp_ss_20130524_0003

Navigate using Scrubber and Bookmarks

We have added ability to navigate using Bookmarks in a PDF document. If there are bookmarks available, you will see an icon on lower right hand corner of the document. Clicking that icon will display the bookmarks in this document. Tapping on a bookmark will bring you to the right location in the document.

You can also navigate to any page quickly using the Page Scrubber at the bottom of the display. Just tap and drag the Scrubber, and you’ll be shown thumbnails of the pages, so you can identify and go directly to the page you are looking for.

Scrubber_WP8_Portrait                           wp_ss_20130524_0005


In addition, you can also open password protected documents using this release.


Try it now!
Install or update to Adobe Reader 10.1 for Windows Phone 8 and send us your feedback via Adobe forum listed below.

[Update] New version of Adobe Reader (10.2) for Windows Phone 8 is now available with SD card support. With this release, you can now read PDFs stored on your SD card. Please continue to share your feedback with us.

Rahul Bansal
Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets



50 Responses to Adobe Reader (10.1) now available for Windows Phone 8

  1. srikanth says:

    I have installed adobe reader on WP8, there is a documents tab but not sure why it isn’t displaying the documents that are present on my phone.

    • rahulban says:

      Adobe Reader for Windows Ph 8 can only open documents available in applications private memory. You can stream in pdf documents from Office hub, email attachment or Skydrive application. Just tap on one of these sources of pdf documents and choose Adobe Reader to open these documents. Once a document is opened in Adobe Reader, you can always access it from documents list within Adobe Reader.

      • Ima Godfrey says:

        Thanks for the app. But I feel the app should have a way to search through all the pdf documents on the phone/sd card and list them in its library. That would be very nice. Thanks.

        • dgriffin says:

          Thanks for the request!

        • Ivan says:


          i vote for the request that pdf reader should be able to open pdf files from sd card as well.
          i think the tool private memory you referred to is somewhere in the built in memory. what happens if this is full?
          thanks, i hope you’ll include this feature soon!

          • rahulban says:

            We have added this feature in latest version of Adobe Reader (10.4) for Wp8. Thanks for your feature request.

  2. Avinash says:

    Sharing via Bluetooth option is not available in this app. Will this feature be added in future?

    • dgriffin says:

      This wasn’t on our near term roadmap, but we are always interested in hearing what our users need so we may consider it. I can’t promise whether or when it may appear though.

  3. hwtan says:

    How to add a bookmark in the pdf file through this Adobe Reader for WIndows Phone 8?

    • dgriffin says:

      We don’t have the ability to add bookmarks yet, but this is something we hear from users occasionally, so we are considering it.

  4. Ima Godfrey says:

    Thanks for your reply as regards the app having the ability to search phone/SD card. I hope a very near update adds the functionality.

    Also I would like to know what the minimum RAM requirement is for opening large files. I tried opening a textbook which had about 2800 pages on a Lumia 620 and the app closed altogether (without the ability to recall the page I was viewing), when I tried to scroll through the document.


  5. Ian says:

    We always used adobe reader in our office using Desktop Computer Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating System where we can used one of its features like that can add text or your signature and send it thru E-mail. On iOS and Android this feature was already updated. We hope this will bring up also on Windows Phone 8 or Next Update.

    • dgriffin says:

      We are regularly updating our mobile apps to add the most used features, and your feedback is important to let us know what matters most.

      • chad morris says:

        I use adobe reader x on my android tablet for work to have my customers e sign pdf work orders. I bought windows 8 phone assuming it would have the same ability. but nope!!!!!!!! have this will be added to the adobe app soon for windows 8 phone!!!

        • dgriffin says:

          We are working to bring all of the features to all of the platforms, but it will take a little time for us to get there.

  6. jimwongkan says:

    hi,the wp8 adobe reader is not support chinese,i hope that it will support chinese as soon.thanks.

    • rahulban says:

      We are working on supporting other languages. As a policy, I can not comment on when this support will be available. Thanks for your continued support for Adobe Reader.

  7. Juraj says:

    It would be nice if the reader could remember the last viewed position (page+zoom) for each document. When reading long documents it is not very convenient to always have to scroll and find the last read position manually.

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for this feature request. I have added this request in our backlog and we will prioritize this with other feature requests we have received.

  8. HK says:

    Add features like sharing of pdf doc over bluetooth & email. Without thease features, this app is nothing for me.

  9. kedar says:

    I think there is a request for Bluetooth transfer but why not email or any other sharing? If the reader can browse and read phone/memory for PDF files and list them in documents, we should also be able to share it with Bluetooth WhatsApp email or any other sharing that’s available on windows phone. Email should be a priority though. Not even on Microsoft pdf reader app.


  10. Dat Vo says:

    I cant open file larger than 100mb,please help me.Thanks!

    • rahulban says:

      There is a limitation on Windows phone on the amount of memory available for a specific application (Adobe Reader). Adobe Reader application can not enhance this limit. There is no solution to the problem of opening of these large files on Windows Phone 8.

  11. Burak says:

    When ? Acrobat XI Pro full version for windows phone 8

  12. Craig says:

    If I Bluetooth multiple files, then I can’t find then. It would be nice if the reader could find the PDF files on my phone.

  13. John Myerson says:

    Would be nice if the Reader could share the files (downloaded though Internet Explorer) with my Sky Drive. Then I could open them on my desktop later.

  14. Arn F says:

    It surprises me how computer people think things should work. Having been in the computer business for 30 years, I dare tell you how I mean it should be:

    On a Lumia 920 I should be able to easily install Adobe Reader (which I did). Connected to my PC the phone should easily accept PDF files that I place in the DOCUMENTS folder (which it did). And the Adobe Reader should find it without right away (which it did not do at all).

    The explanation to why it did not was: “Adobe Reader for Windows Ph 8 can only open documents available in applications private memory.” And it makes me shake my head in disbelief. Ever heard about “user friendly software”? How many “ordinary” mobile phone users can get their phone to read PDF files after having read this description?

    I have some PDF files I would like to transfer to my phone to read on the bus, on the train, while waiting… and so on. Why do I have to search internet for 20 minutes before I get this message: “Adobe Reader for Windows Ph 8 can only open documents available in applications private memory.”? I need a drink…

    • dgriffin says:

      We are working on adding support for documents that are stored on an SD card. This update should be out soon. This may be what you are experiencing, but if not, we will look into this issue as well.

  15. Arn F says:

    Solution found: Transfer PDF files to your Windows Mobile 8 phone. Put them in the DOCUMENTS folder. Start OFFICE for Windows Phone 8. Select DOCS ON PHONE (or similar).You will see your PDF files. Select file, and you are given the possibility to select with which software it should be opened – if you happen to have several PDF readers isntaleld.

  16. Guru says:

    It would be nice if hilighter , sticky notes , and share via e mail features in upcoming updates

  17. Marcelo Sanchez says:


    i’ve downloaed the 10.1 Version Build 76837 of Adoe Reader for WP 8

    how can i save a file in mi phone or sd card?

    i opened a pdf att file, and i could’t save it (or i didn’t kow how)

    isn’t available? is considered this function in next versions?

    • rahulban says:

      We are working on this feature and you can expect this in a one of our future releases.

  18. drabhaygaur says:

    pdf files of lager size cant be opened on my lumia 620. showing error message invalid document path.. pls help

    • rahulban says:

      This is a known issue because system memory limitation on these devices. If the file size is really large, Adobe Reader application does not get enough memory to render this file. Unfortunately, there is no known solution or workaround for this issue.

  19. Salman Shaikh says:

    Adobe reader is great on wp8.But do add the options or maybe a default folder either on sd card or internal memory for adding documents rather than uploading to skydrive and downloading,etc…

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for using Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 8. We continue to work on adding features to our product. You can expect some of these in our future releases.

  20. Brad M says:

    Is signing the PDF and being able to return signed doc via email a possibility in the future?

    • rahulban says:

      Yes. We are trying our best to make Adobe Reader on Windows Phone 8 at par with other Adobe Reader. Thanks for using Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 8.

  21. panu says:

    I store datasheets, manuals etc in SD card (gigabytes of them) for offline reading. How to open them in wp8?
    during flight, travel in Asia etc a data connection is impossible.

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for your request. We are actively working on this feature. As policy i can not comment on when this feature will be available.

  22. Andrew says:

    Can’t seem to fill in pdf form’s, should i be doing something different?

    • rahulban says:

      Form filling is not yet supported in Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 8. We are adding features to Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 8 and Form filling is definitely on our radar.

  23. duncan says:

    i installed the adobe app on my lumia phone excited to use it to read documents while on the go but was hugely dissapointed that i couldn’t simply read pdf files located in the sd card or phone memory. adding that feature would go a long way in improving the usability of the adobe app. make it use friendly

    • rahulban says:

      We are actively working on ability to support SD card. This support will be released soon. Thanks for using Adobe Reader and providing this feedback.

  24. ndeevar says:

    i am not able to share pdf file from my windows phone 8 (lumia 720)

    • rahulban says:

      Sharing is not yet supported. But we are working on this functionality and hope to release this soon.

  25. I am planning to buy a windows phone. I require PDF files the most. Is it possible to rename PDF files ? If not would it be included in future updates ?

    • rahulban says:

      We will continue to add features to Adobe Reader for Windows phone 8. Renaming PDF’s is definitely on the cards but at this point, I can not comment when this feature will be available.