Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 8 adds Comments and More

We have just released Adobe Reader Touch version 1.2 for Windows 8. This update adds some of the most requested features from our users, so I’m sure that people are really going to be excited to see it!

Here’s a quick look at what we’re adding, along with a few screenshots to illustrate.

Go To Page

Navigating long documents can be challenging, even with the Semantic Zoom feature, so we’ve added Go To Page. Just tap on the page number indicator in the lower left, and you’ll be able to type your new page number. Simply tap enter on the keyboard to go to the new page, or tap away to stay on the current page. And we show a handy red background if you enter an invalid page number!

Highlight, Strikeout, and Underline text

This is one of our most popular capabilities on our other platforms, and has been the most popular request for Windows 8 since we added printing earlier this year. You can add these text markups two different ways, depending on which you are most comfortable with.

Selection: Select a range of text, and then choose the markup option from the contextual menu. To show the context menu using touch gestures, tap the selected text again. To show the context menu using a mouse, right click.

Markup Tool: There’s a new icon in the app bar that brings up the comment tools. Tap it, and you’ll see the text markup tools and the Sticky Note tool. Select the text markup too, then tap/click and drag across the text you want to mark.

Add and Edit Sticky Notes

In addition to marking up text, Sticky notes are a great way to add more information to the document you’re commenting on. We also have two ways to add notes to a document.

Long Press: Long press a spot on the document where you want to add a note, and choose “Note” from the context menu

Note tool: Just as with text markup, choose a the note tool, then tap on the document where you want to add the note.

After you’ve placed the empty note, just type the note you want to add and tap outside the sticky note to add your note to the document. You can later tap or click the note to edit it.

Save and Save As

Once you’ve made changes to a document, you’ll want to keep your additions, so we’ve also added the ability to Save your document. You can save a copy, or save back to the original file, whichever you choose. And if you open a temporary file from the internet and want to keep a copy, you can just Save As…to store it in your documents folder.


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