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Adobe Reader Mobile for iOS now incorporates Create PDF and Export PDF services

This week we released an update to Adobe Reader for iOS (11.0) that adds in-app subscriptions to Adobe’s Create PDF and Export PDF services.

We are very excited to bring these popular services that have been available from the Desktop Reader and Web browsers to Adobe Reader for iOS. The really great thing is that a customer can buy the service anywhere, and use it everywhere. You can buy on the Web, and use the services in Reader on your iPad, or buy it from iTunes and then use it in Reader on your Windows or Mac computer. The team is also working on bringing the same capabilities to Android, and we should have that out later this year. There are a few things you can do on the web that we don’t yet have in our iOS Reader, like combining files together into a single PDF, but those are all available via the browser with your subscription.

If you are already a subscriber, you can now use your subscription from Adobe Reader on iOS in a seamless and delightful way. Just login with your Adobe ID, and you’ll be able to convert PDFs to Word, Powerpoint, or Excel, or open any convertible document in Reader to turn it into a PDF.  Just tap on the conversion icon in the toolbar!

To learn more about all that Adobe Create PDF and Export PDF have to offer, go to : https:\\ and https:\\

Rahul Bansal,
Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones