Adobe Reader for Android – Clarifications on paid services

Since our last update of Adobe Reader for Android, some of our users are complaining that Adobe Reader is no longer a free application and you need to buy subscriptions to use Adobe Reader. We would like to clarify that thats not true at all.

Adobe Reader is still “Free” and best reader to view and annotate your PDF files on Android.You only need to purchase a subscription if you want to use our file conversion tools i.e. Word to PDF or vice versa.
Also, some users are complaining that they are stuck at the screen given below :

Now, this screen would have been encountered if you had clicked on a non-PDF file. Wherein, we display the option to enroll into our ‘Convert to PDF’ service and convert the document into a PDF file.




If you selected ‘Create to PDF’ in the above option, then on Adobe Reader version 11.1.1, you will be prompted by the following dialogue :



Wherein, you can proceed to enroll into ‘Convert to PDF’ service and get the document converted to PDF file, or if you wish to enroll later, you can simply choose ‘Switch Apps’, which will bring you back to the previous screen and present you other alternatives to open your document.

Note : If you pressed ‘Always’ in the first screen then you will continue to see the  ‘Convert to PDF’ screen ( on version 11.1.1 ) or Adobe PDF Pack screen (on version 11.1.0 ) whenever you click on similar kind of files.

In order to change that, please follow the following steps :

Go to system settings and select Applications Manager / Apps / Applications

Select Adobe Reader

Click on ‘Clear defaults’

This will reset the association of Adobe Reader with the given file type.

Update :  

A lot of people are commenting that they have performed the above steps (or that there is no defaults set in Adobe Reader), yet whenever they click on a file they see this screen.

We think that you might be trying to open a document for which you don’t have any supporting application installed.

And so when you have Adobe Reader installed, the system only has one app to open the document with, hence you end up with our ‘PDF Pack’ screen.

We request you to please try installing an office application, like ‘QuickOffice by Google’ –

For further queries please reach out to us at :


Adobe Reader Team