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All New – Adobe Reader for iOS7

We recently released the latest version of Adobe Reader on iOS, and this time the Reader has an all-new look with iOS7! In addition, we’ve enhanced and improved many other features. Here’s a quick look at some of these features.

Revamped Home Screen

The home screen of Adobe Reader has been revamped with the new iOS7 look and new color scheme. You now also have easy access to your most recently viewed files directly on the home screen.


In-App Help (Handbook)

Adobe Reader now has an in-built help section that can be accessed at any time to learn more about the features and capabilities of the App. So go ahead and navigate under Help > Handbook to learn more!



Sleek iOS7 UI

You’ll notice the Reader app now has a sleek UI with iOS7 compatible icons and interface elements. The scrubber that is used to navigate between pages is also sleeker and complements the new look of the Reader.



Faster Single File Operations

You can now take multiple actions on a single file directly from the file list view by using the new horizontal swipe gesture (right-to-left) on any row. The available actions show up right on the row for quick access (such as Share, Rename and Delete).


Improved Text Selection

We’ve introduced a “magnifier” view to help with more accurate text selection for highlighting or striking out text. This could be especially useful on iPhones and iPods where the text may not be easily visible in the default zoom state.


And there’s much more! You’re encouraged to update the app from the App Store now and give it a spin! We’re continuously working to improve the product and address issues reported by our customers. Please feel free to report any issues you may find in the Reader by sending an email to our support forums at adobereader-ios at or post a comment on this blog post.

On behalf of the Reader Mobile team

Gaurav Jain
Sr. Engineering Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets