Adobe Reader for WP 8 – Update on issues in version 10.4

We recently released Adobe Reader 10.4 for WP8 . Some of our users have reported that they are seeing a crash as soon as they launch Adobe Reader (flashing issue as reported by some users).

I want to upfront apologize for the inconvenience caused because of this issue. We are actively working on fixing this issue. Till we are able to find a fix for this issue , I would like to suggest a workaround which might fix this issue on your device. Again this is just a workaround and may not work on your device.

  1. Go to Settings -> language + region in your device settings.
  2. If your “Regional Format” is either Taiwan or Singapore(Chinese (Simplified)), change this to any other region except for “Taiwan” and “Singapore(Chinese (Simplified))”.
  3. Restart your device by tapping on “Restart Phone” in “language + region” in Settings.
  4. Make sure that you have an active internet connection available on this device. You can check that by accessing any website from your web browser (Internet Explorer).
  5. Launch Adobe Reader. It should not crash now.
  6. If you want you can revert your “Regional Format” back to the original value.


Please note this may or may not fix the issue you are facing and we are working actively on providing a proper fix for same. We also need your help in identifying root cause of this crash. If you want to help Adobe Reader team in fixing this issue, please email us at “” .

If you need any other support, please send an email to “”.

Rahul Bansal

Senior Product Manager, Adobe Reader for Mobile devices

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