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Upcoming Adobe Reader Update for iOS and Android

We added some great new functionality in our latest update for Adobe Reader on iOS and Android, and we’ve heard a ton of feedback. Most of that feedback has been positive, but we’ve also learned about a few issues that users are having in the wild that we hadn’t seen here at Adobe. It’s great to hear from customers both about what you love, and about the problems that you are having, so we can react quickly to make your day better!

Below is a sample of the customer reported issues that we are addressing in this update (and forum posts about them where relevant). The update is now in final testing by our team prior to submitting to the App Store and Google Play, and should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Form Data Entry or Comments Lost
There was a specific case of PDF formatting that would cause our PDF save code to have an error when writing the changes out, which led to some people losing their changes. Most documents aren’t structured this way, so the vast majority of users were able to use the features successfully.

PDF files opened from SharePlus on iOS are not editable
Some applications, like SharePlus, were sending us files to us with the permissions on the file to make it read only. We were not expecting this, so Reader was honoring those pre-set file permissions, and would not save the file after the user made modifications. Since the file that Reader is opening is actually a copy that is owned by Reader, we are now changing the file permissions to allow us to save your modifications.

Some PDFs corrupted when saving changes
There was a user who sent us a pdf that became corrupted when saving the comments that they added and couldn’t be re-opened. This file was very unique, so we do not think this was widespread, and we are fixing it to prevent anybody else from encountering the issue.

Incorrect date on Sticky Notes on iOS
Some users noted that the date we put into the sticky note to indicate when the comment was made is incorrect. This appears to be caused by a bug in the iOS SDK, but we have worked around it.

Submit button not working in some forms
There were some PDF forms that did not include an optional PDF element that our code was treating as required. Because we were treating this as required, our code would not process the submit for forms structured this way. We are now properly treating this element (the FS key) as optional, and submit is working for these files.

Multiline form fields with auto-text size do not work properly
If an author had created a multiline text entry form field with auto-sizing text, Reader for iOS and Android would not display user entered text correctly.

Linked Field appearances not updated
A Form author can set up their form to have two fields which share a single value, so that entering data in one updates both immediately. We were only updating the field when the user clicked into it until this fix.

User Entered Text displays the wrong direction on rotated pages
For some forms that have landscape pages that appeared to be rotated, Adobe Reader would show the user’s form entry so that it was rotated by 90 degrees.

Localization Issues
There were some errors in the German localization which we missed in the initial release, and which we are now fixing.

Stability and Performance
We also found some ways we could improve pinch zoom performance on iOS, and fixed a couple of stability issues that we discovered under low resource conditions.

Dennis Griffin
Principal Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets


FAQ’s for Adobe Reader on Android

Q) Since the update to 10.4. , I am not able to see any page after first page , I see grey content after the content

A) This is fixed in our latest update , if you are still facing the issue please update Adobe Reader.

Q) How to delete previously viewed PDF files that are no longer needed?

A)  Launch Adobe Reader  -> On the File Browser “Documents” list , locate or “search” the PDF File you wish to delete -> Long press on the PDF file name and you should now see the option to delete.

Q) The app description on market says , Adobe Reader supports App to SDCard  but I cannot move reader to sdcard on my phone. What the heck!!

A) Adobe Reader does support app to sdcard . If you are unable to move it to sdcard , then it is quite possible that Adobe Reader was part of your system application ( or pre-bundled applications) . System applications or their updates cannot be moved to sdcard , this is by android design.

Q) How can I “GoTo” particular page? I don’t want to scroll through hundreds of pages in order to see the 900th page.

A) Once you open any document, touch on the screen of your phone and this should bring up a slider at the bottom of the screen.  This slider can be used to scrub to a particular page. The  image below demonstrates the


Q)  I don’t see a slider on touching the screen.

A)  Slider comes only for documents having more than 5 pages. If your document has more than 5 pages and you still don’t see it, report it to us at

Q) Market description says , your app supports  password protected document , but it does not allow me to enter username / password  to view my pdf.

A) Adobe Reader supports password protected document but not the DRM (Digital Rights management) protected ebooks. Your pdf ebook might be DRM protected and hence cannot be viewed in Adobe Reader.

Q) My query is still unresolved, what should I do?

A) Please write to

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