If you were wondering…

If I was going to blog again, then I hope this answers the question. Yes, I know. I really should do it more often, and I will. That’s a promise. I don’t like making excuses but its been a bit busy lately. The team has been hard at work getting our latest version of Flash ready and I’ve been on the road a lot talking to the press and attending shows. Speaking of shows, I was at GDC 2007(Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco a  few week ago. We had a small booth and we were showing Flash and Director. A few times I had the the StarWars papervision demo running on my computer , and it was amazing how many people were shocked when they learned it was all done in Flash and especially when I told them it was all code. PaperVision3D you rock!

If you haven’t seen it already definitely check it out. Also check out the ObstacleCourse game John Grden put together using the same idea. Very Cool.

I have to admit that some of the Papervision3D demos are some of the coolest demos I have seen lately. But please, if you know of any other great Flash sites or examples please share!

The last thing I am going to mention is that flying 6 hours cross country between Newark and SanFran on a 737 with a seat that doesn’t recline should be illegal! I’m done with Continental. nuf said.

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