Welcome Flash CS3 Professional

Ok ladies and gentlemen, here it is at last! . It is a pleasure to officially introduce you to our latest release of Flash. FLASH CS3 Professional


This release has a lot of great new features and I will be covering all of them in some detail in this blog. But to start out I will point of 5 of the biggest.

  1. Photoshop and Illustrator import – you can now import all of your psd and ai files and not loose any fidelity while doing so.
  2. Support for ActionScript 3.0 – AS got faster, stronger, and better than ever.
  3. New UI – if you have a laptop this is a must have.
  4. Copy motion to AS3 – (one of my favs) this lets you take any animation that is on the timeline and convert it to ActionScript 3.0. You can then apply that animation to any symbol as pure code.
  5. New components – these are all new AS3 components that are much easier to skin. Just double click on the component and you have access to all the skin symbols.

So those are some of the major features, but we also added a few small tweaks and fixes to the tool. There is one in particular that I am really happy about, but instead of just telling you about it, lets see if any of you Flash gurus can figure this one out. We changed something in the documents property window (or something you can access from the documents property window)…can someone tell me what it is?


One last thing. Can someone shed some light into who is responsible for www.gettheglass.com  I love this site. Very nice work.

One Response to Welcome Flash CS3 Professional

  1. eyeclipse says:

    Ey, welcomed comments! :)I think the site was made by north kingdom, and follow this link to know how the glass was build:http://www.h4che.com/milk/