Flash Player Archive

I have had many people ask me for older Flash players to test against. It seems that its not easy to find the archive on the Adobe we page. So here it is:

Flash Player archives


You will find Flash players from the current player all the way back to Flash Player 2.

Have fun testing.

3 Responses to Flash Player Archive

  1. John Dowdell says:

    Thanks for the reminder. For what it’s worth, the following Google term still works, too: “site:adobe.com player archive”.

  2. Dhaval says:

    do you know where i can get non-english version of the archived players? or what to pass to the installer so, it would install on a german os?

  3. Pat Berger says:

    I Was running9,0,124,0for drop down windows on aol. then upgraded to9,0151,0. now the drop down windows don’t work in aol mail etc, Then I went to play poppit in pogo & it flashes that I need flash player plug in to play the game. I already have one, but when pofo goes to a comurcial it don’t come back.I need to find the one that worked before was 9,0,124,0 Appreciate your help