Flash Player will support H.264

Yes! that’s right Flash Player 9 will now supports H.264 for video playback. The latest update to Flash player 9 which will be available on Adobe Labs will include support for H.264 and AAC in the form or .flv, .mp4 and .mov files. This will allow flash to continue to be the de facto standard of video players.

Here are a few other enhancements that were added to the new update:

Improved performance
• Multi-core support; full screen mode with hardware scaling; multi-threaded video decoding
Flash Player Cache
• Cross-domain Flex Framework caching; reduced application size and faster download times
Works better with Ajax
• Improved JavaScript integration; improved browser integration
Reaching parity on Linux
• Full screen mode now for Linux Flash Player

6 Responses to Flash Player will support H.264

  1. i have a virtual host domain with vox domains http://www.servideo.tv also http://www.thebillyshowallbillyalldayallnight.com i would appreciate embedding various high quality cutting edge multi media players on my site set up like a cnn news room with streaming video and uploaded video plus music etc. i am having technical difficultys with my ftp loader and the design of both websites the simplest way to embed the newv flashplayer on my sight would be much appreciated. i am more much more an artist composer gtr and gtr synth acting digital video etc. then a technician,i.e. (programmer web developer designer etc.}

  2. i-Thom says:

    I have read you improved performance by a multi-core support which i think is a great thing. If it is not already done, when are you going to use 3d card and GPU which are more useful for graphic computing? And do you think Flash or Flex developers shall get a 3D api (as Director have its one)?Thank you.

  3. Rosyna says:

    That’s all very good to hear.On a side note, is there a specific (real) person I could contact about the crashing bugs, performance issues, and memory leaks in Flash when used in a WebKit app (the plugin uses a different codepath if it detects webkit)

  4. Sean Upton says:

    H.264 is great, but please: more interoperability and less lock-in on the streaming server.

  5. Giuseppe Muccioli says:

    Very good news!There is also a debug version? Where I can find it?Thanks.

  6. Joe Baker says:

    If you could include support for the OGG audio and Video codecs you could turn the world upside down.Ogg is not encumbered by patents. Although I think Phillips likes to say it breaks theirs. But if you are already licensing mp3 from them, the OGG should be covered also unless the terms of their licensure of MP3 forbits OGG in which case I would want to know about it to let the EFF.org folks know.Thanks for your consideration.Is there a better forum to mention this on?Sincerely,Joe BakerBurlington, Wisconsin, USA