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AIR update Beta 2 for Flash CS3

AIR update Beta 2 for Flash CS3 is now availble at Adobe Labs. The new update now includes support for AIR Beta 2. One of the new feautres of the update is  signing using digital certificates.In fact you must sign the AIR app in order to be able to publish it. Dont forget that.

MSN Video is all Flash.

In case anyone hasn’t been to MSN Video lately I just wanted to point out that MSN Video is now all served up using Video for Flash (FLVideo). Considering all the hype around SilverLight and its supposedly killer video capabilities its interesting to see all the support we are getting from Microsoft :). I will not make any conclusions based on this, but you are free to make your own…

Flash Team and Flash Forward

The Flash Product Managemnet team will be at Flash Forward in Boston. So if you are attending please stop by the booth and sey hello. Also, if you like, drop me a comment if you are going to be there, I will make a note to look out for you.

We are looking forward to talking with as many Flash users as possible. Also, make sure not to miss the Keynote. Kevin Lynch will be presenting and it’s going to be a vey good session.

See you there.