PaperVision3D wins 2008 .Net Magazine award!

Congratulations to the PaperVision 3D team for being awarded "Inovation of the year" by the 2008 .Net Magazine Awards.  It goes without saying that PPV3D has made the web a much more interesting place by adding the missing dimension to many sites.

Congrats PPV3D team you guys rock!

2 Responses to PaperVision3D wins 2008 .Net Magazine award!

  1. CaptainCode says:

    Why is the help panel no more in Flash CS4? It seems to me as the Flash Product Manager, you are in a perfect position to respond to the outcry from the community about this question. It is a bit insane that it was removed. I have to wonder did anyone ever consult a developer in the whole decision process? And I think that the biggest complaint from many of us in the community isn’t that the help is on the web, it is that it IS NOT INTEGRATED IN FLASH DIRECTLY. I could care less personally (so may though, especially in countries that charge by the byte) about whether the data is coming from my hard drive or the web. So having downloadable PDF’s is USELESS. Introducing a 3rd party APP (i.e. a browser) is what is killing all of our workflows. No-longer can we have the help open, and glance at it as we code. Now it’s switching back and forth. If the web content is that critical why not have flash pull it from the web? Also, the interface on the webstuff is clunky and hard, unlike the great usability that was of the previous CS3 help panel. I would really appreciate your thoughts on all of this, and when we can expect Adobe to rectify this mistake and re-integrate the API.

  2. CaptainCode says:

    I’ve written an open letter to Adobe about this. You can read it here: