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Concerns and issues with Flash CS4

For several weeks we have received reports and emails concerning issues with Flash CS4, so  I would like to address some of these comments directly.


Let’s start with performance and stability.


The team is currently investigating and working on four key issues :


  • problems scrubbing the timeline while working on a very large project or with complex projects with a large number of nested symbols.
  • difficulty opening large CS3 files with CS4.
  • crashing when a corrupt font is inadvertently used.
  • general performance issues and other reported crashes that are still being isolated.


As soon as we have more information on how we plan to address them, I will update this post.


In the meantime if you feel that there are other performance issues or crashes that are not covered in the above list and you have a reproducible example, please let us know.


Next topic: Flash Help.


We have received a lot of feedback regarding the changes made to Help. These changes resulted from an internal initiative to make Flash Help consistent with the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite products. These changes also allow the group responsible for developing Help documentation to produce better and more current content. The Help team also wanted to tie in community-based resources and the ability to search, which means that search now returns help results  not only from Adobe, but from other relevant sources on the web.


We are aware that there are severe workflow issues with the current solution –most of which Adobe is working on.  Some of the concerns we have heard are:


  • it’s available only when you are online.
  • Help now opens in a browser and not in the IDE.
  • it opens a different browser window every time you hit F1.


The Help team has assured us that they are working on these issues and on improving the Help experience for the Flash user’s needs.


Please let us know what other issue you encounter with Help. Additionally, if you have any feedback on improving Help to make help better, we are all ears.


Last Topic for now: Stage Rendering with Flash Player.


I have received several emails from users concerned about the fact that we now have an instance of the Flash Player running on the stage in the IDE. This is not a bug or an oversight, this is a change we made to StageCore to allow the Flash IDE to render content exactly the same way that the Flash Player would.


Up to now there have always been discrepancies between how content looks like on stage and how it play in Flash Player (e.g., pixel shifting, inaccurate rounded corners and text that looked different.) The reason for this was that the content you see on stage was not really Flash, making it hard to achieve complete fidelity.


With our new architecture we now have accurate representation of Flash content on the Stage. This  also  allows us to represent features that you would not see on the Stage otherwise. For example, the reason we have 3D on the stage is that Flash is rendering it in real time. You can notice one of the benefits by zooming into any symbol that has a filter applied to it.  In CS3 once you reached +800%, you would notice pixilation.  In CS4, you don’t. In the future this will allow us to render all the great features that will be available in the Flash player.


In short, we are working on addressing these issues, and are actively looking for any good reproducible examples and sample files that can help us isolate and test our improvements.


As a final note, I just want to add that the Flash team doesn’t just develop Flash but we are heavy users as well, we appreciate the support and passion of our community to improve Flash and we are committed to it.