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A few Flash updates

Ok, so I have a few updates that concern Flash CS4 so I thought I would just list them in one entry.


1)  Its official, the Flash team has been working hard on an update to address a number of performance and stability issues. As soon as we are confident with a schedule I will update this blog with a potential release date. I would like to thank everyone that submitted their issues on this blog and through other forums. I know a number of you reported that you couldn’t submit your entry on this blog. It seems that the blog wasn’t rebuilding the page correctly, but I have received all the entries( in many cases mutilple copies). So consider them submitted. I am looking into a fix .


2)  Grant Skinner has release an update to the new Flash Project Panel. As many of you may know, the new project panel in Flash was originally Grant’s G- Project.
Check out his blog to get more details of this update.


3)  FITC baby! That’s right, its time for FITC Toronto again; April 25th-28th.. Adobe will be in attendance at FITC Toronto and during the Keynote I am looking forward to updating you on all the cool things we are up too. If you have never been to FITC you must definitely check it out. Its a great place to meet other talented Flash users and check out what the Flash Gurus are working on. I will also be delivering a session on the Ins and Outs of Flash CS4, so I hope to see some of you there.


4) Last but not least I just wanted to put out a link to a very cool site that uses Flash.

If you don’t like Spiders don’t click on the link.