A few Flash updates

Ok, so I have a few updates that concern Flash CS4 so I thought I would just list them in one entry.


1)  Its official, the Flash team has been working hard on an update to address a number of performance and stability issues. As soon as we are confident with a schedule I will update this blog with a potential release date. I would like to thank everyone that submitted their issues on this blog and through other forums. I know a number of you reported that you couldn’t submit your entry on this blog. It seems that the blog wasn’t rebuilding the page correctly, but I have received all the entries( in many cases mutilple copies). So consider them submitted. I am looking into a fix .


2)  Grant Skinner has release an update to the new Flash Project Panel. As many of you may know, the new project panel in Flash was originally Grant’s G- Project.
Check out his blog to get more details of this update. http://www.gskinner.com/blog/archives/2009/03/free_update_to.html


3)  FITC baby! That’s right, its time for FITC Toronto again; April 25th-28th.. Adobe will be in attendance at FITC Toronto and during the Keynote I am looking forward to updating you on all the cool things we are up too. If you have never been to FITC you must definitely check it out. Its a great place to meet other talented Flash users and check out what the Flash Gurus are working on. I will also be delivering a session on the Ins and Outs of Flash CS4, so I hope to see some of you there.


4) Last but not least I just wanted to put out a link to a very cool site that uses Flash.


If you don’t like Spiders don’t click on the link.

3 Responses to A few Flash updates

  1. Jacob C says:

    It’s good to hear something is being worked on, but is there any idea when we can get at least a minor patch for things like the grouping bug and others that are causing me to lose work time? It’s been a few months since the issues have been discussed here and after that time the announcement is that the CS4 team is “officially” doing something; which is good, but not much. I’m concerned that it will be another 3-5 months before I can get things patched that are detrimentally affecting my work flow. I’ve been using Flash since around version 3, going through every IDE and AS version and this is the first time I’ve had to avoid the IDE in order not to lose work.Again, I appreciate the clue in, but for professionals that use Flash every day, each of those days we don’t get even the minor stuff fixed is another day we have to load up CS3, Flex, FlashDevelop etc and ignore what is supposed to be the latest and greatest and pray that the update manager will give us a sign.

  2. hicham says:

    WOOOOOOOOW !the website is really coolgreat animationdo you have the source code or an tutorial for it ?please psot it if it’s possible.

  3. Rich Morey says:

    I am searching for some sort of comprehensive JSFL documentation, specifically for Flash CS3. Can you provide any links to where I might find this?