Flash CS4 update now available

Several moths ago I posted a blog about some issues that were being reported with Flash CS4; some of you also posted your own comments and issues. I am happy to say that we have just posted an update to address a good number of the issues that were reported. I know some of you have been waiting for some time, but we wanted to fix as many problems as we could so we took a little more time with this one.

Adobe Flash® CS4 Professional (10.0.2) addresses a number of performance issues. Some key fixes are:

  • Fixed a performance issues when dragging objects on stage, scrubbing the timeline, or entering symbol edit mode in large AS 2.0 and AS 3.0 files.
  • Fixed a performance issues when opening large files or files with many nested symbols.
  • Fixed a performance issues when working in the library such as scrolling, selecting items in the library, dragging item to stage, or editing symbol from library.

It also addresses several crashes involving creating a text fields on stage and opening specific files with corrupted fonts.  The font issue was causing many people to suffer crashes because Flash was not handling inappropriate or corrupted fonts very gracefully.

One fix that was very specific to a request by the community was to put back the JSAPI that allows users to publish FLA files without opening them. You can now use fl.publishDocument( flaURI [, publishProfile] ) to do this. Steven Sacks I hope this helps.

There are a more fixes than that and I have posted the list of them at the bottom of this blog.

I do want to thank everyone that contributed their issues and concerns in my blog, the forums and the email lists. The team worked hard to fix as many issues as we could. If you don’t see your specific issue addressed in the update it doesn’t mean we didn’t pay attention. We just had to prioritize in order to get the update out in a reasonable time. The remaining list is logged and we will continue to try and fix as many more as we can for a future version of Flash.

We made many significant changes to the tool in this cycle and unfortunately this time we ran into a few issues. The changes were necessary to continue to have a framework to work on and make Flash a next gen tool, but you have my commitment that we will do better next time.


Bugs fixed in this release:

  • AS2 Doc Crashes CS4 when buttons not rendered correctly
  • Auto Format beaks the code if encounters ++ or — with an array inside if statement
  • Clicking through movie clip with large preview takes long to select in the Library in AS 3.0 file
  • Scrubbing and pressing Enter to play timeline is not smooth, slower in AS3 documents
  • W and H of instance incorrect after frame 2 if apply tween to instance with filter
  • 3D tools appear incorrectly to a child movie clip when applying skew and rotation to the parent 2d movie clip.
  • Changing W/H for nested 2d>3d movie clip from PI does not work. After scrubbing the hot text, it snaps back to the original size.
  • Dragging from Library to Stage is slow in some files in CS4
  • Selecting items in the library is slow in CS4
  • Scrolling the library (vertical scroll bar) is slow compared to CS3
  • In a FLA with lots of library items, double clicking a symbol "in the edit mode" hangs Flash on Mac.
  • Library contents explode CS4 memory (CS3 sits at 75M)
  • Performance issue with Stagecore (AS 3.0 fla) – scrubbing, moving, altering objects.
  • Object visibility is compromised when created inside empty groups in AS 3.0 fla files.
  • Double clicking symbol or symbol name in library hangs Flash; library contains a lot of items
  • Text with device font disappears when it is selectable
  • Component parameters don’t work for scenes greater than scene 1
  • Selecting frames with textfields is a lot slower if the Components Inspector panel is opened
  • Empty maskee incorrectly renders mask invisible rather than visible
  • Crash when opening a  fla that uses a font symbol whose name was identical to the Postscript name of the underlying font and the font is missing
  • Optimize a section within a shape leaves gaps in the shape
  • Optimize opening and closing FLA files, frame manipulation for FLAs with many frames
  • Win only: Crash on exit when the text field is in edit mode and clicking X button to quit without save
  • Compiler errors when opening "Air Settings" while adl still running.
  • (screens) timeline playhead can’t scrub and jitters when playing anything that spans frames
  • gotoAndPlay("framelabel") compiles differently in CS3 versus CS4
  • Scrubbing the timeline and selecting frames is much slower in CS4 than in CS3
  • Crash when creating a text object on stage when there are corrupted fonts
  • Graphic symbol looping setting changes when apply color effect to instance in PI
  • Files with lots of nested clips suffer from performance issue (file open) in Flash CS4
  • Edit in Place of 2d objects which has 3d movieclips nested inside is not functioning correctly.
  • Edit in place is slow for complex instances in FP10 documents
  • Breaking apart a nested movie clip erases instance name of child movie clip
  • Efficient calculation between keyframes so dragging is faster and generally makes people happier if spans are long and complex.
  • AS3 Components not compiling correctly when using the Component Definition dialog
  • Window Only: Flash crashes when double clicking a fla to open while a current fla is opened with text block selected
  • Can’t interact with Flash because modal dialog is up, but hidden behind the workspace when switching between applications
  • From crash reporter: crash on Mac when double click to enter symbol edit mode (when the black dotted rectangle is drawn)
  • Mac IDE flashes when right-clicking on Library after doing Test Movie
  • Performance is slow after double clicking movie clip to enter edit mode and exit
  • Setting an instance’s width and/or height to 1 makes W and H hot text unusable in the vertical PI.
  • Hot text in the Vertical PI for X, Y, W, H displays only 1 decimal point while edit field displays 2
  • Export image: Dimension values in Export dialog and Vertical PI do not match which is misleading to user.
  • Crash when selecting text field on stage with many fonts on user’s system.
  • Text PI is stuck and some controls on the PI are not drawn with certain fonts on user’s system
  • The JSAPI that allows users to publish FLA files without opening them was inadvertently removed when the Project Panel was deprecated.  fl.publishDocument( flaURI [, publishProfile] ) is added. 
  • "Export classes in frame" behavior is different in CS3 than in CS4
  • Drag and drop large nested symbol from library to stage hangs Flash
  • Dragging from Library to Stage slow on subsequent drag or after scrubbing the timeline
  • Scrubbing and pressing Enter to play timeline is not smooth, slower in AS3 documents
  • W and H of instance incorrect after frame 2 if apply tween to instance with filter
  • Large amounts of text nested in a symbol causes performance problems in non-AS3 documents
  • Playback in authoring is not smooth (playhead skips frames), cannot stop it when hitting enter, eventually hangs and takes long to respond (both AS 2.0 and AS 3.0)
  • Performance Creating Exported Symbol when the classpath contains lots of files and folder
  • Create ease, undo after first edit removes ease
  • Selecting and deselecting raw shape after convert to symbol spikes memory and/or crashes
  • FLA crash on open when fonts loaded
  • Mac only: User input resets to previous setting when attempting to change any value in Vertical PI input area
  • Accessing a Windows SWF after it has been moved or deleted crashes Flash
  • Crashing when re-opening FLA after canceling publish
  • Crash in test movie when running a file with video and filters

72 Responses to Flash CS4 update now available

  1. Ed says:

    Finally it came. Great work!!

  2. Veronique says:

    Congratulations. Back on track now.

  3. Dustin Senos says:

    Thank you for all the hard work! Can’t wait to give this a test run.

  4. Wow, that’s quite a list. Thanks for the fixes!

  5. Brad says:

    “Adobe Flash CS4 10.0.2 – Failed to Install”:(

  6. yossy says:

    Great work!! I’m glad for the performance fixes.Just I tried 10.0.2, but It seems a bug the compiler can’t compile following source (a class contains more than two private classes) wasn’t fixed.http://www.libspark.org/svn/as3/CS4/PrivateClassIssue/I hope it will be fixed in the next update. Thanks.

  7. Dave Gamez says:

    Nice a much expected update thanks for the effort keep up the good work 🙂

  8. Youri says:

    Still no fix for the crappy font rendering in the actions panel on Mac 🙁

  9. Martin says:

    The problem with scrolling in the font list (mac os version), when adding a textfield to the stage was not solved.

  10. chall3ng3r says:

    Much more stable and responsive. Great work guys!My designer used to call CS4 as Flash CraSh 4 (Crashes at least 4 times a day, and it did sometimes). Now I can tell him to call it Flash Creative Suite 4 :)On my way to update beta bits to final release ;)// chall3ng3r //

  11. Let’s hope for the best 😉

  12. Unkulunkulu says:

    The missing fonts crash has been fixed but now I no longer get that dialog window, that suggests replacing the missing fonts. What gives?Oh well, I suppose I can finally get rid of CS3…

  13. Hicham says:

    Hi Richard,a big thanks for you and the team hope it works fine

  14. Almog says:

    I think now I can tell the company that I work for that we should buy CS4…Thanks, great job

  15. A very welcomed update, great job!

  16. 虎子哥 says:


  17. Wow, I really hope this fixes issues when running on XP64.Thanks for your hard work guys!

  18. Joel says:

    As sad (disappointed?) as I am to see this huge list of bugs, especially the four or five bullets that have made Flash CS4 a frustrating experience for me personally. That said, I am VERY encouraged to see that they are all addressed and am very excited to get in and start working with some of my bigger projects in CS4!

  19. Ugh. Still no fix for resizing detached panels on a mac. You can’t resize from the top. So if the panel’s length becomes farther than the screen, you have to reset your workspace every time.

  20. DjacK Height says:

    Woohoo! I love you guys! You all deserve a cookie!

  21. lee.0.1 says:

    >>Crash in test movie when running a file with video and filtershaha, that’s what that was!

  22. Thanks for your explanation. I will do link this post in my blog. cheers.

  23. dev says:

    Great updates, hope all issue will be fix in the next update.

  24. yuku says:

    Great! Is the fix for the player component included?e.g. Vector./unshift removes last element instead of shifting the elements to the right.

  25. yuku says:

    Great! Is the fix for the player component included?e.g. Vector./unshift removes last element instead of shifting the elements to the right.

  26. Fonce Falooda says:

    Galvan- Did you guys fix the bug where an armature won’t display anything other than the first frame of a nested symbol with “looping” set to “single frame”?Like if I have a graphic symbol with five hands in it, each on it’s own frame, and I want to display the third hand (in an armature), I change the “looping – single frame” to “3”, but I still see the first frame.It renders out properly, but it doesn’t display on the stage, which makes it almost impossible to work with! Did you guys fix that? Either way, glad progress is being made! Thanks!

  27. chris says:

    Disappointing, The 3 major bugs I encounter every day have not been addressed 🙁

  28. John says:

    ‘The remaining list is logged and we will continue to try and fix as many more as we can for a future version of Flash. ‘For a future flash version? Meaning – you aren’t suppose to fix more bugs on Flash CS4? You are right, there aren’t any more, i guess. Thumbs up! *warning, irony*

  29. match says:

    The update is that I expected, Thank you!10.02 updates are not very important amendments:FLASH CS4 and open the 8.0 version of the document will have the following “unexpected format” error, and selective version Save too small, on a CS3 to open!You can try to open a lower version of the FLAGraphics components to set up the skeleton, and then the graphics component in the Properties panel change the movie clip. Changed after bone layer to select the option in the Properties panel, “creation” to “runtime” software to export the final test will collapse, this is a great BUG.AS3 document, the view – preview mode – “the whole” this option does not work. Documents in AS2 there is no problem.Seven pencil the “straight”, “smooth” “ink” option how little changes, like the effect of the three options.AS3 document, the view – preview mode – “the whole” this option does not work. Documents in AS2 there is no problem.Seven pencil the “straight”, “smooth” “ink” option how little changes, like the effect of the three options.

  30. match says:

    My English is not good, I do not know you can not understand. Thanks!

  31. Awesome update! Many thanks to all involved.

  32. Fumio Nonaka says:

    “W and H of instance incorrect after frame 2 if apply tween to instance with filter” in the list is duplicated.

  33. Edward says:

    I have a particular problem with the UIScrollBar when dragged on top of a TextField, sometimes it doesn’t snap (target) the TF. Might be worth looking into. Thanks for the updates.

  34. Unkulunkulu says:

    This appears to fix the crashes with missing fonts, but now I no longer get the dialog about replacing the missing fonts. What gives?Oh well, now I can maybe finally uninstall cs3.

  35. Tom says:

    Thats the best news I’ve heard in ages!

  36. re: You can now use fl.publishDocument( flaURI [, publishProfile] )Possible to get more info on this? Thanks.

  37. Fonce Falooda says:

    Should I take that as a “no”? ;)Better luck next time, Galv. I guess I’m still stuck using MX 2004.

  38. jaredrawk says:

    I was hopeful that after applying this patch it would have solved two issues.I. Every time I open my library, [CTRL] + [L] 4 copies open in different states. This is up from 2 then 3 and shows no sign over time of stopping. Will I soon have 10 or 20 libraries opening?II. The ability to resize a window height from the top line. Windows like Output, or Actions. This is so standard as to be nearly unforgivable. Close, change to weird collapse mode, click to open window in weird collaps mode, resize from top in that mode, (why only that mode????), then reopen as a stable window that doesn’t auto collapse everytime you jitter your mouse. This doesn’t cut it. Not being able to resize a window from the top makes it easy trap information, like trace actions, below the bottom of the screen. This must be fixed.– lates– jrawk

  39. Bembe says:

    thanks… but you still did not fix the problem of inability to rename the layer just by double clickin’ within custom workspaces (bug occures not only on PC but on Mac too). Post about it: http://forums.adobe.com/message/994337#994337 Please, fix this in future updates.

  40. Great news, I’ve been looking forward to this! Thus far it’s perfect! Quicker, smoother and the sound sync delay problem seems to be fixed too (didn’t see it in the list, so I was expecting the worst on that particular one). So overall well done!Only one problem I have is that flash and device central are the only updates installing the following say fail which has never happend before?-Extension Manager cs4 2.1-Output Module-Services UpdateAnd that was even after a restart?

  41. Steven Sacks says:

    “You can now use fl.publishDocument( flaURI [, publishProfile] ) to do this. Steven Sacks I hope this helps.”You betcha it does! Thanks a ton!

  42. YL says:

    Hi. Nice work in the update.Things I’m glad:- “break apart function removes instance name” problem is now gone- Much smoother playback of FLA file under high FPS and loads of 3D effectsThings I would like to see improvement on:- Flash does not start with a maximized window (don’t know if it’s my own computer’s problem)- Main and Controller toolbars have nowhere to dock at- The timeline acts funnily. See http://www.deviantart.com/download/117779816/Whines_on_Flash_CS4_by_YoungLink19.swf(I can finally post after days of 404!)

  43. Brad says:

    Lot of great improvements with this update, but there’s still an infuriating issue with the Library:If I try to drag an asset from one location to another in the library, or simply drag from the library to the stage, Flash just sits there pondering the operation for a good 30 – 40 seconds (sometimes longer).It’s gotten to the point where if I want to use something, I select the item in my library, ctrl-c, and then ctrl-v on the stage.Likewise, I use the “move” command in the library to reorganize my assetsIt really is annoying to say the least. 🙁

  44. match says:

    The update is a very good and hard luck to you. But the problem has arisen, the 10.0.2 upgrade, “the appearance of drawing paper,” there is a problem in AS3.0 and not before the upgrade is still good, and now in trouble to do animation. Repair again, thank you. A very serious problem.

  45. Kenny Bunch says:

    You guys broke the compile to frame option for Actionscript. No matter what you set it at it now publishes only to frame 1. I opened the same file in CS3 and it publishes to the correct frame. This is a major FAIL, can you please fix this or how do we revert back to the old version.

  46. Upgraded to CS4, installed all updates (including the one discussed above (10.0.2)) and gotoAndPlay still behaving like gotoAndStop when applied to a nested clip in a mask… whilst all the AS3/AIR development is great, it seems the timeline functionality is on your back burner… please can issues like this be sorted for your next update. gotoAndStop and gotoAndPlay are my most frequently used methods when animating and can be used deep within nested clips.Best regardsTim

  47. Manuel says:

    with flash update 10.0.2 … flash works better BUT …. now when you click on a written text flash freezes for a long time and then you can edit the text or wathever!! I´ve tested it on mnay PCs … even in recently formatted pcs…..Flash CS4 .. when will it be usable????

  48. lab9 says:

    been using the update version since one week and it crashes more than ever, like every fifteen minutes. Very annoying…there’s also a new bug with the color palette still picking colors when you’re trying to modify alpha or color code.Does It happen to someone else?

  49. Brad says:

    Sweet, thank you!!!

  50. cysam says:

    Major FAIL. Exports are still woefully BUGGY. Export image to AI file does not open at all in Illustrator. PNG exports do not contain transparency for text. It is totally ridiculous that the workflow from Flash -> Illustrator means I have to export as WMF from Flash, Load the WMF into COREL DRAW – then Save AI file from Corel Draw, and then finally open it from Illustrator. And the vector geometry is still not perfect that way. Totally stupid you need another app and a non Adobe format to make it work when both Flash and Illustrator ship on the SAME CS4 dvd set. Get with it Adobe, make your products work together or sell them to someone who can.

  51. Darren Beason says:

    Am I the only one? The letter ‘B’ on the keyboard has been disabled for many of my shortcuts. I’ve created several of my own shortcuts and use existing ones with the letter ‘B’. None work now.

  52. Too bad CS4 Flash is a horrible, bloated peice of !@#.Adobe took an amazing tool made for animation, and f!@# the code up so badly, it doesn’t even run or resemble the fine bit of code that was once Splash.Adobe, you’ve ignored the needs of animators for too many years, and hired a bunch of fat, retarded .net programmers to just hastily bolt code onto an already leviathan program. Remember Photoshop 5.5? I think it was under 100 mb to install, and it KILLS CS4 in terms of speed.Well, I suppose the business model is serve the needs of the web programmers out there. Keep introducing great “features” that lead the masses to upgrade to the next awesome version. Too bad the latest version is always a huge bloatware piece of s!@#!I have been an Adobe customer for years, and now, I’m done. I will likely never purchase another Adobe product again, unless there is a serious effort to make the software both lightweight, and efficient. See: Anime Studio, TVPaint, even.. gasp.. The Gimp!To the board of directors at Adobe. Get f!@#! I will spend every waking moment of my life telling people to never buy Adobe! Go with a smart, small company that innovates, rather than a company that just buys up great software and transforms it into pure garbage.Sticking with an old copy of Photoshop 5.5, and Flash version 6. Go f!@# yourselves.Sorry to Galvan for my language. I don’t expect this to be posted, rather passed on.. possibly printed out and passed around Adobe’s campus.. perhaps placed on the desks of programmers who ought to be fired.Slim it down! Go back to the light weight version 6, and modernize it without adding bloat!! Get rid of that AWFUL new interface that overrides the basic windows interface.. it’s terrible and slows things down.**End of rant**

  53. mobono says:

    So it doesn’t look like this one was fixed with this update .setting a classpath in Edit>Preferences>ActionscriptThere are instances (Selecting Publish Project from the Project tab) where the classpath gets corrupted and backspaces are removed or a ASCII character is inserted, thus breaking the path.My eyeballs would appreciate this bug disappearing as i claw them out each time =)

  54. jdehaan says:

    @Bembe:In that forums thread, the issue is resolved if you change your workspace. Since this problem is specific to the workspace layout, there are many possibilities of what that might be.If you/anyone sees it again, please take a screenshot of your layout (all monitors) and note your resolutions (can attach this to that thread or send it to jdh [at] adobe). It is probably very specific to that and there are so many possibilities as such (ie: the Timeline is on the secondary layout and docked with the Output panel while the Stage is on the primary monitor — and the bug will only occur if this is true… that kind of thing). Such information will greatly help resolve this issue, which we can only fix if we can reproduce it interally.Thanks,Jen.

  55. dwayne says:

    Still needed fixes:1. No zooming with scroll wheel on Mac OS X (works great on Windows)2. Really slow performance when testing movie in Flash. Opening SWF outside of Flash works fine.

  56. Jeff Bernstein says:

    While we are all talking about font issues, how about an API for font managers such as Font Agent Pro, so that it can handle auto-activation and manually enabling and disabling of fonts while Flash is open without blowing it up. Would prefer to see this before CS6.

  57. Martin says:

    Hello,thnx for the update but i’ve still encountering alot of small issues with the ide.The first and biggest: There’s no Flash IDE project in the public bug database and though theres no central place for the community to track/post bugs. It would be very nice if you ‘fix’ this one.before i forget about them i’d also like to post the ide bugs which i discovered today (cs4 10.0.2 windows vista x64):-the bounding box of groups or drawing objects don’t match the underlying shape (discovered with a shape imported from .ai, not sure bout others)-round corners of primitive rectangles are rendered incorrectly-masking is buggy when primitive rectangles are used in the mask layer-and a very annoying one already discovered in cs3:if a mask layer has keyframes and classic tweens (didnt test new tweens) all masked movieclips are destroyed and instantiated again on every keyframe existing in the ide-the last one i think is by design but since i didnt find any documentation on this i’ll also post it:if a movieclip is f.e. tweened in the timeline and a visual property of that mc is changed by actionscript, after that moment all timeline tweens concerning this mc are completely ignored

  58. YL says:

    Hi. I found some new issues again.Anything drawn with R0, G0, B0, A0 as the color will disappear.Hope this helps. With all that’s going on now, I’m seeing that I’ll get all hyped up about Flash 10.0.3 or perhaps Flash 11!

  59. We just launched a new project(http://www.mechduels.com/) that was animated using the new IK system in CS4. We wouldn’t have been able to animate this as well and as quickly with out the new Flash. The downside is that the IK was pretty buggy and I had to create a lot of work-arounds to get it done.I just wanted you to be aware of a couple more bugs related to the IK system.1.Nudging symbols in an Armature causes all the Symbols to move. This doesn’t happen if you use the Free Transform Tool but nudging is neccesary sometimes.2.If you select all the Symbols in an Armature they shift position dramaticaly. If you try to add a filter like Adjust Color/Hue. This doesn’t happen if you select one Symbol at a time.3.In general, Keeping symbols registered when using the IK system is a big problem. It seems the more you animate an Armature the more corrupt it becomes.Here are a couple of sugesstions.When rigging;1.Lock down the pivot points. They should stay exactly where I put them unless I want to move them. Right now they move every time you do anything to the puppet.2. Have the Armature snap to the pivot points without moving the position of the Symbols on the stage. I am bringing in registered pieces. So it would be great if they didn’t shift when rigging.Thanks!

  60. This is a very good update, and a great proof that you guys are adhering to the concerns of your community.I am still quite frustrated why CS4 takes an average of 60% longer to compile benchmarked with CS3. Doesn’t seem to be any reasons for it and it’s a bit annoying.

  61. personman says:

    I’m having a serious problem with the Project Panel. In short, it won’t make a project. It just displays “No project selected” and says in the output panel:”The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list”When I try to add a file, it says it can’t find the root path, and when I browse for the folder and select it, it doesn’t seem to register. Please help me.

  62. chris says:

    When do the Adobe-Noobs fix the issue that this update is not available trough Adobe-Updater?And when does this damn bug with image-compression get fixed!!!CS3 is also bugeous but by far not as terrible like CS4 still is.

  63. rob l says:

    sorryworst release yet.i try to do a group selection or even click on an object on stage and it selects some other object on stage. it also mysteriously duplicates symbols when dragging them.

  64. Ensonse says:

    Hi, Does the 10.0.2 update contain the earlier updates also? for example do I need to get the security release from 02/24/2009 or are they all rolled up into the latest update?Thanks

  65. Just another bug I found. When exporting an 30fps, 80 frame uncompressed quicktime file only 75 frames export. This doesn’t work as I am trying to export a cycle but it doesn’t loop with the missing frames.

  66. sherrymerry says:

    hi,i have problems with images that have rotationX/Y/Z or z,the images are blurred even text also.Will there be a fix to it very soon i saw on keith peter blog is that the images or text are turned to bitmap with setMatrix in 3d space in cs4!!!in Mac,if i have a flash that have the built in rotationX/Y that rotates a movieClip as mouseMove,if there is a program on top of the flash that have the rotation and i click something on the program above the rotation will go crazy,spin like crazy.is that a bug of the flash player?

  67. björn says:

    just save the fla in cs4 as a cs3-file and open it in again. that should resolve your problems.cheers, björn

  68. Frank Hilton says:

    What about adding the missing components from AS2 into AS3? You know.. datefield, datechooser, menu, accordian, tree etc…

  69. Kelley says:

    Here’s a great idea: HOW ABOUT ACTUALLY PROVIDING THE FIX FOR WINDOWS? THE LINK GOES TO THE “MAC” FIX, SO WHAT ABOUT WINDOWS? THE LINK ONLY GOES TO A LIST OF FIXES, AND THE ONLY “10.0.2” LISTED IS FOR MAC. I cannot find the words to describe just how frustrating and hateful it is to work in Flash now that Adobe has destroyed the program. I dread any project that requires Flash.

    • Richard Galvan says:

      we do have the windows update posted. You are probably looking at the Hotfix for the Mac; this patch was released to address a mac specific issue. if you look down the list you will see the Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Update (10.0.2) – this has links for mac and windows.