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Flash on the Beach

There are a few Flash conferences that I do my best to attend. Two have already past us by; FITC Toronto and FlashBelt. Both conferences, as usual, were great. Both had a fantastic lineup of speakers and the social events were a real treat.

Now, I am waiting for the next conference that I will be attending; FOTB (Flash on the Beach). If you have not been fortunate enough to attend FOTB then you should really consider doing it. First, like the other two conferences, FOTB always has a great lineup of speakers and sessions, this year is no exception. Second,  it is held in the wonderful city of Brighton, UK … if you have not heard of Brighton then look it up, its a great place. Last, but not least, John always throws some great parties..

So, if you are looking to attend a Flash Conference I would suggest you block out Sept 20-23. I know, I know, it may look like there is plenty of time, but Sept. will come around faster than you think.

Hope to see you there!

feature feedback

Ok, so I am once again going out to the community to get some feedback on some possible changes in a future version of Flash.

First I would like to know how you feel about removing screens from Flash; and no I don’t mean SCENES. I am talking about the feature we added in Flash MX2004 to add two new type of documents -"Flash Slide Presentation" and "Flash Form Application". If you still don’t know what I am talking about then I guess you don’t have a problem with this.

Screens only work with AS2 and got very little traction when released. As many of you can tell we have not been making it easy to find them in the tool and we don’t intend on updating them to AS3. We feel there are better solutions to solve the problem they originally intended to solve.

So, if the next version of Flash didn’t have screens, how would that affect you?

the other change I am curious to get feedback on would be in dropping support for PowerPC. That could mean only Intel-based Mac’s might be supported in the future? How would this affect you?


Please let us know.