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Flash and Snow Leopard

So, I take it by now most of you have already read John Nack’s post "Adobe Snow Leopard FAQ" as well as read the official Adobe FAQ. If not, you probably have been reading all kinds of tweets and blogs on the subject. So I won’t repeat what has already been posted. I did however want to update everyone on Flash’s status and maybe divert some flak that John has been receiving.

We have tested Flash CS4 on Snow Leopard and have currently found no issues. If this changes I will update this post.

As for Flash CS3, we did run a few tests. So, for now I can say that it installs, launches and runs fine with common steps i.e, draw rectangle, convert to movie clip, test movie, save and open file, etc. CS3 seems to run fine on Snow Leopard. This doesn’t guarantee that you won’t find any issues, there might be one; we have not run a full test pass on CS3. For the record, to do this, it would have taken our team a month at a minimum. As John mentions, we are not saying that CS3 won’t run on Snow Leopard, just that we are not planning to address any bugs that might be caused by the new OS.

I hope this helps.

feature feedback

Ok, so I am once again going out to the community to get some feedback on some possible changes in a future version of Flash.

First I would like to know how you feel about removing screens from Flash; and no I don’t mean SCENES. I am talking about the feature we added in Flash MX2004 to add two new type of documents -"Flash Slide Presentation" and "Flash Form Application". If you still don’t know what I am talking about then I guess you don’t have a problem with this.

Screens only work with AS2 and got very little traction when released. As many of you can tell we have not been making it easy to find them in the tool and we don’t intend on updating them to AS3. We feel there are better solutions to solve the problem they originally intended to solve.

So, if the next version of Flash didn’t have screens, how would that affect you?

the other change I am curious to get feedback on would be in dropping support for PowerPC. That could mean only Intel-based Mac’s might be supported in the future? How would this affect you?


Please let us know.


A few Flash updates

Ok, so I have a few updates that concern Flash CS4 so I thought I would just list them in one entry.


1)  Its official, the Flash team has been working hard on an update to address a number of performance and stability issues. As soon as we are confident with a schedule I will update this blog with a potential release date. I would like to thank everyone that submitted their issues on this blog and through other forums. I know a number of you reported that you couldn’t submit your entry on this blog. It seems that the blog wasn’t rebuilding the page correctly, but I have received all the entries( in many cases mutilple copies). So consider them submitted. I am looking into a fix .


2)  Grant Skinner has release an update to the new Flash Project Panel. As many of you may know, the new project panel in Flash was originally Grant’s G- Project.
Check out his blog to get more details of this update.


3)  FITC baby! That’s right, its time for FITC Toronto again; April 25th-28th.. Adobe will be in attendance at FITC Toronto and during the Keynote I am looking forward to updating you on all the cool things we are up too. If you have never been to FITC you must definitely check it out. Its a great place to meet other talented Flash users and check out what the Flash Gurus are working on. I will also be delivering a session on the Ins and Outs of Flash CS4, so I hope to see some of you there.


4) Last but not least I just wanted to put out a link to a very cool site that uses Flash.

If you don’t like Spiders don’t click on the link.

Flash CS4 for President!

The day we have all been waiting for is here! Flash CS4 is jumping on the campaign wagon.

Nice use of Flash.

Stay tuned; 5 more days, for more information on Flash CS4.