My 10:30 Wednesday MAX preso…

So, my first attempt at live coding failed. It turned out it wasn’t the code – it was a silly thing I forgot to do in FlexBuilder in the heat of the moment! I wanted to show how trivial it was to write a dynamically loadable module that used bidirectional communication between the loader and loadee, so I prepared a WidgetShell (like a dumb portal) that would read an XML file containing a list of Widget SWFs to load.

Basically, FB doesn’t present a way for you to create a new ActionScript project where the main class extends a particular base class or implements an interface. You have to hand-add that. However, if you add a class, you get prompted and it will codegen the interface methods for you. Very handy when you’re on stage and can’t remember all the methods you need to implement for that module project.

So the trick I discovered was that you can delete the autogenerated class, and add it back at your leisure. For my preso, I left the (empty) project stub in place (which mostly just contained overrides of the src and bin directories) and planned to add the live-coded widget implementation.

I totally forgot that you then need to mark that new class as the executable application for the project! D’oh! It never even compiled my widget!

Oh well. Perhaps my 4:30 Thursday preso will be a bit more coherent and less coffee-addled. 🙂

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting my demo code as a zip in the next day or so. The copy of the preso in the library doesn’t have the best notes in it, so I’ll post that as well.

7 Responses to My 10:30 Wednesday MAX preso…

  1. Tariq Ahmed says:

    Roger that presentation was easily one of the best I’ve seen there so far. I mentioned to Phil Costa later that that presentation was worth the trip alone! NICE!

  2. Hi Roger,This is very interesting!. I’ll be checking your blog waiting for you sample :).

  3. João Fernandes says:

    I must agree with Tariq, your presentation was one of the best I’ve seen.Looking foward for the update.

  4. jeremy says:

    hey Roger,Thanks for the best presentation of the entire Max, you rules !I’m the one that asked about the error messages after the session 🙂

  5. Jason Peace says:

    Hey no worries. I agree with Tariq, it was one of the best presentations I attended.

  6. Tim Ong says:

    Jumping on the bandwagon here…awesome presentation. Should’ve been longer. And nice bounce back from the live coding snafu.Looking forward to the demo code.

  7. Erki Esken says:

    Hi Roger,Any word on that presentation zip? We, who couln’t go to MAX, are anxiously waiting 🙂